Tamara's Wish Granted


Hey, my name is Tamara. I'm black, and everybody tells me it's a black name, but I heard once that it came from something French. . . anyway, I'm 5"6', I have long, flowing black hair and light brown eyes. My breasts have a very spherical quality to them, without being so big they get in the way, and I'm told I have a cute ass (if it's behind me all the time, how am I supposed to see it for myself.
Anyway, I was in 8th grade at the time when this story takes place. I wasn't sexually active, although I fantasized and masturbated a lot. I would hear my friends talking about sex, and I would dream about doing it. Not that I would ever have a problem getting a guy if I had to (I see the way the guys look at me at school). I just wanted to make sure that my first time was a nice good fuck. If I let some guy with a 3 inch cock who can't hold his load for more than 5 minutes, I could be turned off to the entire idea of sex.
Well, my friends and I were talking at school, and one of my best friends, Stephani, "just happened" to mention that she saw her brother masturbating. Now, I'm sure that you're aware that even it these crazy times, it's not a very common thing when your best friend tells you that she watched her brother jerking off. I was surprised, and somewhat aroused at the idea of Stephani's brother, Andy, who was tall, strong, black (like me), and had just turned 18 I never told this to Stephani, but I often thought of how things could be with just me and him, alone together. I never told this to Stephani, but maybe she caught me glancing at him a little too often.

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   Maybe that's why she was bringing this up. . .
"Oh yeah," she said in response to a question I had just asked her. "He's big. It's like nine inches long. And thick too. You would like him, Tamara. "
Okay, now I knew what Stephani was doing. There was no doubt that she was trying to get me together with Andy. Mmm, Andy. . .
"You know, he really likes you. You two should get together, get to know each other.

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  " said Stephani "After all, he's my brother, and the two of us are practically like family. What's mine is yours. "
"Maybe I should meet him" I said. I had an unsure feeling about his, even though I knew exactly what was going to happen. I thought about andy sometimes when I played with myself and, although I thought he was sexy, I was sure it wasn't a one way feeling. I saw the way he looked at me when I went over to Stephani's house, and I noticed his erections that he thought he could hide from me.
"You know" said Stephanie "My parents are going to be out next Thursday, and I'm going to be at Jenny's house. Maybe that would be a good time to meet him. "
We both knew we were talking about something sexual, and we both knew we both knew. There was no point in putting it off any more.
"I'll do it" I said, feeling confident, excited, and aroused.
And so Thursday came, and the house's occupants had left. Andy and I sat together in the living room, both knowing what was on each other's minds, but neither of us willing to say it. We had been talking for around half an hour, but a silence ensued when we realized that neither of us had anything else to say.
"So" said Andy "do you have a lot of boyfriends?"
"No, not really" I said "I can't let boys tie me down.

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   I need to do things on my own. "
"You know," said Andy "there are some things that are a lot more fun with two people"
"Like what?" I asked. Finally we were getting somewhwere.
"Like this" he said, and he leaned over and kissed me.
"I like that" I said, and kissed him back. We kept kissing for a while, and we started to slide over as we made out, so that I was on my back, and he was on top of me. Now, remember, I was only 18 years old, and here I was with Andy's big warm body pressed against mine, the two of us connected by our hot, wet mouths. It was then that I startes to notice something else getting hot and wet. I didn't do a lot of stuff with boys, so, as I'm sure you can imagine, I was excited as hell.
I didn't want to seem too direct, so I reached under his shirt and put my arms around him. I started rubbing his warm, slightly hairy chest, and, seeing my message, took off his shirt.
"You said you didn't want a guy to tie you down" Andy whispered "What if he were to pin you?"
"Soon" I said "Soon"
Andy took off my shirt, and started playing with my breasts. He started rubbing them gently, playing with them. He took his tongue, and ever so lightly licked one of my nipples. My pants started flooding by this time and, since I wasn't wearing inderwear, Andy noticed.

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   He made some remark, I can't remember what, and slowly took off my pants. I thought he was going to fuck me then and there, but instead he started fingering me. He got a rhythm going, and I started gently moaning. I was getting close to orgasm when ge suddenly stopped. I asked him what he was doing. He told me I had to repay the favor.
Andy unbuttoned, and unzipped his jeans. He pulled them off, along with his boxers, revealing a pretty impressive erection. I believed it was nine inches. And so there we were, on the couch (mind you, itt was a pretty big couch) with his big cock pointed straight at me. I hesitated, but then grabbed a hold of it and started jerking him off (I had to get off the couch to do this). His cock grew even more erect, until I could swear it was ten inches long.
It was then that I had an idea. I had always wanted to give a guy a blowjob. I wanted to know what a cock smelled like up close and personal.

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   I wanted to be able to taste his throbbing manhood.
    So I stopped jerking and put my face right in his crotch. I grabbed his warm, steamy cock and started rubbing it on the side of my face, leaving a long white strand of pre-cum on my cheek. Andy saw where I was going with this, and went along. I put his cock head in my mouth, and started to suck on it. After a while, I had a steady rhythm going, and I moved my mouth up and down over the top of his shaft while I licked his cock head with my tongue, using my hand to jerk his lower shaft from side to side, rather than up and down. Andy, meanwhile, was thrusting his pelvis into my face, and was starting to work up a sweat. After a while of this rhythmic blowjob, I could feel his orgasm was about to come. I took my mouth off his cock, and he started jerking it while I sat on my knees, with my face ready in expectation, waiting.
    It hit me like a steamy tidal wave, his first shot landing right under my eyes. I could feel the warm gooey liquid run down my face when he hit me with a second shot, which landed straight on my lips. As I licked the cum on my lips, two more warm, white shots came, right in the center of my face. I put my breasts out, and two hot sperm blasts hit them, with two more gunks shooting into my hair.
    So I sat there , with all this hot sperm running down my face and tits, and I felt that I still needed to get off. We played aroung for a while, fondling eachother until Andy's hard-on came back, just as full as it was bfore, if not harder (I think Andy was getting turned on looking at my sperm covered face).

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       I told him I wanted to have sex, and he told me to get on the floor. So I got down on my back on the plush rug (which had gobs of cum on it), and Andy lifted my legs, exposing my cute little pussy, soaking wet, and I saw his rock hard member ready to penetrate me and give me the fucking of my life.
    Part II coming soon!



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