T.C. and Lex


       Let me explain her to all ya'll:She is about 5'7 and Blond she is 105 lbs. . She has a nice Round ass & 36 C tits and she only 14. I am 18 I weigh 182 lbs. my cock is 7 3/4 in. long (what can I say I'm black and she is white).
         Lex and I were chillin' on the couch and mom comes down stairs and said she had to go out of town. So she gives me the no. 's and 300 dollors for grocery's and stuff cause was gonna have party and she knew it. So she left and my sis had to go to work and when she went to work Katie was gonna go home,but then we got a phone call it was her mom saying she come get her cause it was snowing really hard so said If it ok with my mom she could stay there. So I call my mom and she said it okay.
       Me and her are there alone. We always flirt with each other at school. So pretty much we do that for about an hour and asked if she wanted some pizza she said yeah with only peperoni and cheese. So I order it. And we are watching High School Musical.

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   We are done and so go upstairs were the big T. V. is to finish watchin' it and all of a sudden she kisses me and I'm sittin' there and I kiss her back and we start makin' out. I say well that was a suprise. Now we are both Virgins so was ready boy she saw buldge. So she says stand up and grabs my hand we go down stairs to were the Guest Room and thats were she is staying. She backs me up against the wall and we are makin' out again she then says drop your pants and I damn sho do it. She tease's my cock and then she takes out my boxer's and her first Reaction is "DAMN!!!" so she gets back to sanity and starts jerking me off. Then I come all over face and then she licks all the cum off of my dick. And she starts to take off her cloths and the first thing was those tits my first reaction to suck them but she push's my head back and says "What till Later" So she down to her panties and throw's those across the the room and I saw that ass and I can't resist but to make it clap.  So after that we get on the bed she say's " I want to fulfill all fantisies exept the one you told me about at school. That was is big no,no". I say Ok. Say I say let me go downtown no I got one better let's do 69 standing up. She say "are you shore" I say Hell YEAH.

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   Se we do that I then get back on the bed and and I say get on yo stomic and She ask "Are you gonna do me up the ass?" I say no,not know at least. But I hit dat pussy from the behind. And she moans so loud the neighbors call to see if everything is all right. But I keep goin pumpin' it hard yo and I tryin' to hold on cummin' until she says let the cum go, I'm gettin' tired. So I let it go I come about a half a min. /min. and we lay back down on the bed and she says Ok now the was a suprise.
    We laugh she gets a text from Lindsey Cheeks our very,very,very good friend with a beautiful ass & some big ass tits also about 40 DD. But I tell you about that Later. So she says I'm gonna go take a shower but after I suck you off again. So she sucks about 20 mins. and swollows it all. So she goes to take a shower and then go take one with her and then she says what the. . .

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      Oh what up and I say that was fun. She yeah it was.  We laugh and then I happen to look at that ass and and immeditly  get hard again and she says owww and turns and see and grabs it and says I thought you were lyin' when you said it was that big she lets go and I say bend over and she's why and I say Now I am going to hit it up the ass. She says Finnaly she shoves it in a little to fast and yell's really load and then she says you do it. I say okay i go slow and then when it all the way in I go faster and then she says slow down I say OK I come and we go down stairs after we Shower down and go down stairs. And acts like nonthin happens.