Swimming Lessons


She stood there, gazing at the assembled boys in their tight speedos, aware of the figure she was cutting in her tight black togs, silhouetted against the afternoon sun. She knew that the togs were a size smaller than she needed to cover her voluptuous figure, and that they accentuated her ass, showed off her pussy and hugged her generous breasts.
"Wait until they saw what they looked like wet" she thought as she dived into the pool, aware that some of the boys were fidgeting and hoping to hide their growing excitement at their swim teacher`s appearance.
Rubbing her hair with her towel, she strolled into the changing rooms to make sure all was tidy, ready for the cleaners later in the evening.

It had been a long day, and she was ready for home. The thought of curling up on the couch in front of the TV, or surfing her favourite internet sites in search of male nudes, bought a smile to her face and a bounce to her step.
Walking around the corner she stopped, as if hitting an invisible wall. There, in front of an open locker, she saw Robert, naked, erect, oblivious to all as he stroked his penis. Eyes closed, hips moving to the beat of his internal drum, he had obviously thought he was alone and could wait no more for the relief that he desired after seeing his teacher parading, almost flaunting herself in the swimming lesson.
She could feel the warmth in her groin as she gazed on the writhing teenager, stuck in his own erotic world. She reached down and gently touched the front of her damp swimsuit, feeling the fire burning and the blood rushing to her head. Gently pushing the leg of her swimsuit aside, she brushed her finger against her engorged lips, delighting in the feeling of the cool air blowing on her shaved lips, fanning her desire.
Licking her lips she advanced quietly towards her student, nipples erect with the feelings running through her head as she carefully sat on the bench, her head now at a level with his male hardness, able to view his juices seeping from his thrusting member. Lying back on the bench she too closed her eyes, and began to finger herself, touching, probing, enjoying the feeling of the other hand pinching, stroking her nipples.
Even when she heard him gasp as he opened his eyes and saw her there, she kept her eyes closed, willing him not to run, not to desert her, not to leave her like this. She breathed a sigh of release when she felt his hand touch her thigh, electric, convulsing, raising the hairs on her body with the strength of his desire and the longing in his fingers.

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"Quickly" she murmered. "Now" she ordered, feeling herself giving in to the moment and keen for him to finish what he had caused her to start. Opening her eyes, she saw him standing there, still fisting his erect penis, a look of stunned belief on his face as her stroked her thigh, fixated on her fingers strumming her clit, stroking her lips, her wetness dripping from her hand. Urgency overcame her as she sat up, turned around and kneeled on the bench, presenting herself to him whilest spreading her treasures, teasing him, taunting him, infecting him with the same desires that were rapidly overcoming her.
She almost swooned as she felt him press his hard cock against her pussy lips, felt him stroke up and down, gathering wetness on his uncircumcised head as her readied for the final advance. He buried himself inside her in one easy stroke, she was so wet. Holding her hips he began to steadily move in and out. She felt herself responding as she continued to stroke her clit, hastening the end in her desire to achieve relief. She could feel his movements speeding up as he began to lose his rythem as he too moved closer to his zenith.
Panting, she shook her hair and almost growled as she felt herself losing control, running to the light at the end of the tunnel. Her whole being was concentrated in her groin as she marvelled at the feeling of him thrusting harder and harder, deeper, almost to her soul as he too moved closer to the point of no return. He groaned, a gutteral sound, his thighs trembled, and she knew he was close. That was enough to send her over the edge, and she felt her legs spasm as she started to orgasm. He too had reached his peak, and she felt him stiffen as he shot his load deep inside her. They climaxed together, lost in their own world as the feelings enveloped them and took them to nirvana.

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But too soon reality overcome them as she felt his grip on her relax, and felt his penis soften and wilt as he came down from his wild heights of passion. She turned and smiled, proud of the look on his face, grateful for the feelings he had caused inside her and conscious that the flames that he had awakened would no longer stay dormant. . . . . . . .