Swimming gets you wet


 Swimming gets you wet

“Hey, want to come over swimming at my house?” says my cousin Brandy. She was my older cousin at 18 but we had always been close as sisters. “Of course, I just got myself a new suit, its so cute, you have to check out” I uttered to her on the phone. What I didn't know was that it ended up being me and her only that afternoon.

I always had thought Brandy was very pretty, with a cute thin body but her breasts were big for her age. The good thing they were full so she had no problems with sag at all. I once had a wet dream about her, mostly us kissing and at first it had confused me and kinda bothered me, since she was family and a girl to boot!

Brandy met me at her front door, she was already in her bathing suit, a 2 piece white and pink polka-dot bikini. She smiled at me and gave me a hug and a quick kiss on my cheek. “Hey girl guess what?Everyone left its just you and I!” “That's cool Bran, can I go change in your room?”. She went to get us over-sized towels and I headed off. In her bedroom, I got undressed and got into my suit. Walking out of her room, Brandy was waiting for me. “Ohhh how cute, cuz, I love how hot you look in that!” My suit was 2 piece as well, chocolate brown with bright multi-color stripes across the fabric. “You know it might sound weird but I think you have gotten a really nice body, Amanda”, she kinda looked down with a slight smile and I think her cheeks reddened a little. “oh, hehehe, thank you” i kinda stuttered back. It made me wonder if Brandy had had any similar thoughts about me at all!

Walking out to her pool, we talked in general terms about life and how we were both glad school was almost over.

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   It was such a hot day, hitting that cool water was relief beyond words. We would swim laps and then float lazily. Both of us ended up leaning against the pool wall, on the shallow side. Brandy swam under me and pulled my leg, yanking me underwater. “hey no fair, thats not nice” I jumped up into her, my arms around her shoulder, trying to drown her. She wrapped her arms around my waist, turning me completely around. The funny thing was in that position she held onto me. I kinda leaned back into her and she slid her arm over, letting her hand and fingers right above my stomach, over my belly button. Brandy said “hey want to get out for awhile and go hang out in my room?” “ok” i replied back.

We began to dry off. Brandy said “ i know we are itchy with chlorine, lets go to my shower and at least rinse in cool water” We got in her room and her private bathroom. “ don't worry you can leave your suit on its cool with me” Brandy adjusted the shower and kinda looked sheepish and said “ Would it be weird if we both got in there together?” I didn't answer right away, but I kinda nodded and you could barely hear my voice “sure that would be cool”.

It was so quite in there at first, both of us standing next to each other, with the water dripping and running off of us. Brandy said “hey turn around ok?” I did and she started brushing out my hair with her fingers. I at first had my arms wrapped around my hips, but i started enjoying her touch, so I dropped them to my sides.

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   Brandy shifted her body and leaned back into the shower wall. We were both facing each other at that point. In a timbre of voice I had never heard from her before she said “ Hey if I did something, would you freak out?” “umm, like what brandy?” “just this Amanda” I saw her move into me, her face inches from mine. Our lips met for a brief, hesitant kiss. Just all lips but oh wow it was so much more exciting and different than any boy I had done that before. “I'm so sorry Amanda, but I dreamt of that before, and i knew i had to try now or i never would” brandy looked kinda so sad, I couldn't be angry or have any feelings against her. “ Noo, I have to be honest, I too have had thoughts of kissing you and more, just always thought you would freak out as well!” With that we both smiled and we could feel this pressure go away between us. Brandy again kissed me, this time tasting my lips, our mouths tasting each other longer. I laid my hands on her hips lightly pulling her against me.

Kissing her was so much more sensual, not like kissing boys at all. Maybe it was that we were being gentle with each other, taking our time, where with boys the kissing was always the foreplay for them to feel us up, to quickly get into our pants. With Brandy, I could feel her savoring our kiss, the way our lips would move and taste against each other. The way our tongues would touch together. I moved my leg between hers, and she held it between her own legs. I moved my arms around her waist, holding tight to her.

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Her hands began to explore my neck, moving down to my chest, to my breasts, running over them both, cupping each over my top. I would arch my back to her touch, feeling my nipples harden on her touch. I responded by sliding my hands over her ass. Holding on and running my fingers over her like that. Brandy slid her hand into my top, squeezing my breast, lightly pinching the nipple “ hmmmm Amanda, you like that huh, your nipple is so hard” She ducked her head to my breast, kissing the fat leading to my nipple. She sucked it into her mouth, the pressure from her mouth making my breath gush out of me like I was running a marathon! “hmmm are you getting turned on?' Brandy coyly ask me “ of course, i didn't know it could be like this” “well lets see” Brandy moved her hand over my stomach, over my groin, on top of my bikini bottom, holding me in her hand there. I opened my legs to her touch, then holding it tight to me. She moved to the band at my hips, sliding fingers inside to my skin. “ooohh my little cousin is soaked wet, did i do that to you?” All I could say was 'uh uh don't stop” she ran her hand up and over my lips, getting me moist from my juices and the water from the shower. I felt her part me at the tip of me and try to grasp my clit. But I was soo wet , it kept slipping out from her touch. It was too much, I would squirm away, the tiny explosions from her touch making my legs quiver, my thighs would spasm with pleasure. Brandy started running her fingers up and down my slit “ hey cuz, i am gonna finger fuck you ok?' I said “ yes, yes i want that so much” she moved her hand and used her middle finger to enter me. I tensed a bit since i was a virgin, but my pussy muscles relaxed enough for her to do that. “oh god Amanda, your soo tight and wet, wow that feels good when you clench like that.

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  ” she first moved slowly in and out, just about halfway down her finger. I was making little noises, expelling my breath harshly. “ohhhhh brandy, oh god yes, oh don't stop, fuck my little pussy with her fingers” I would whisper. That made her move faster to my words, her finger going deeper and faster. “ oh shit brandy, i think i am gonna cum! I felt my orgasm build quickly, then as I held that breath, the release of it was overwhelming, ' oh my god brandy, oh yes, yes, yes, iiiiii. . . . ” i felt my body shake from her fingering me.

I giggled and looked up at Brandy “wow that was soo good and fun!” “now my turn Amanda”. I reached over and started untying Brandy's strap off her suit. Her breasts were big and full, with her nipple much darker than mine. I grasped it between my fingertips, enticing the tip to get small and hard with my touch. I lowered my head to it, slashing it with my tongue tip which made Brandy whisper how hot that was getting her. I suckled on it at first just her hard little nipple, but I would open my mouth wider, drawing as much of her breast into my mouth as I could possibly fill.

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   I then rubbed over her crotch, on top of her mound. I slipped my hand inside her bottoms “oh wow brandy you are shaved, that feels nice, you are so smooth”. Her pussy was soaking wet, with her lips swollen from my touch. I spread her lips open with my fingertips, teasing her with going in and out quickly. “ohhh Amanda, that feels so good, oh oh” I stopped and grabbed her by the shoulders. “here turn around” Brandy now had her back to me with her facing the wall. I tugged down her bottoms. Brandy spread her legs open for me, I put my hand between, them resting it there. She began to grind against my hand, leaving it all wet from her pussy juices. I stiffened my finger, letting it slide up inside her. “use two, i want it so bad Amanda” I put both fingers inside her, and she started riding them. With both fingers she would move up and down. ”oh god Amanda, i love feeling your fingers inside me, your fucking me soooo good!”. I would just hold my fingers up and feel her body going up and down, with my fingers going in and out of her. “oh my god, Amanda, faster, I am going to cum!” “oh oh i'm cumming!.

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  ” I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers holding them in place. She let out a big sigh and moan. “oh Amanda, that was so good thank you!” Brandy turned around and faced me. We kissed again, holding each other like that.

We finally got out of the shower and dried off. We crawled naked into her bed and kissed for awhile, talking about how good it felt. Soon I will tell you how else we played. . . . .

The End



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