Summer Pool Sex


It was summer and I invited my Neighbour roun to go n my pool. She was a fine looking girl. She came round in her shorts and t-shirt and said could we go in the pool. I said sure and with that she removed her clothes and stood there in a pink bikini waiting to go in.
She was great she had a nice ass and really sexy tits. I could feel my cock getting bigger in my shorts, but had to hide it. We got in the pool and she went straight under te water, soaking herself completely.
We started to play around in the water I was getting more and more erect seeing her swim around. She would dive under and make her ass float on the surace of the water.

She kept smiling at me and soon started to  come over and sit on my lap.
 "Wha's that lump she said, eeling around my groin. She noticed my huge cock (i have a 8 incher). She smiled and took a breath of air and went under. I felt my shorts go down and her mouth go around my cock. She sucked it so nicely, I almost came, but maganged to control it.
 She came up for air and took her top off.

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   Seeing her tits float in the water turned me onm so much. She went back down to my cock and sucked me off until I couldnt hold it anymore. I squeezed her tits and came a full load into her mouth.
She came up again and smiled. She still had my load in her mouth. She gargled it then swallowed it all.
"Now your turn she said" She sat up in the pool edge and removed her bikini bottom. Her pussy as so pink and sexy I just could stop myself. I dived in licking her clit and fingering her. SHe moaned gracefully and kept telling me to go harder and not to stop.
"Ohhh. . . . Yeh.

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  . . right there don't stop, Oh my god. . . . yes. . . . yes. . . . Oh I'm cumming" and with that she burst out her loadest moan and came on my face.

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That was fantastic she said i want you more now then ever. I had got hard again so decided to fuck her hard. We fucked around 5 times that afternoon and at the end she said she would be back tommorrow for more. Wow i couldn't stop thinking about her for the rest of that night.