Summer job, intro


12 pm, the sun is blaring through my window and aiming almost directly into my closed eyelids. I lift one eyelid up to acknowledge the sun's rude interruption of my sleep, and make my mind up to finally get out of bed. It's June and I have yet to find a summer job, hence me waking up at 12pm on a Tuesday. Most of the kids from my grade have made it back from college to start working over the summer. I don’t have a job and I blame the job market. . My parents on the other hand aren’t so ready to accept that however. Ever since I got back from school it’s been a constant struggle day and night between me and the people who brought me into this world. "You’re such a disappointment" and "fuck you, I’m going out" have become common place in this little suburban 2 floor house I call home. My parents actually have an apartment in the back of the house, which I always wish I could have lived in. It started out as a big garage. . Then a garage with a small apartment on top. The old tenant however was ready to move out, due to my parents constantly raising the rent on them. I was mildly excited about this, seeing as to maybe I could convince my parents to let me live there for the summer. This fleeting moment of excitement quickly turned to shit the second I found out I would have to pay the fuckers just as much as the old tenant.

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   I've been their only son for nineteen years and they couldn’t cut me a deal? What parents. The day started out as any other would. . Waltzing barefoot in the kitchen with a bottle of orange juice in one hand, as I use the other hand to open up the liquor cabinet to get some Jack Daniels. What? I like my JD. As I pour myself a tall glass of the mix, I assure myself I'm getting my 100% daily dose of vitamin C. . . Yeah, great. I take my sunglasses right before stepping into the unforgiving sun. As I sit on the back porch with my beverage, I begin to light up a cigarette when I see her. . . That beautiful amber skinned godess. .

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  jet black flowing hair strictly harnessed into a ponytail. . Beautifully toned legs. . her ass looking like two pears next to each other, fused to create a pornographic image every time you saw it. Her tits weren't that big but they didn’t need to be, it would ruin the proportions of her body seeing as to how she wasn't tall anyway. Don't get me wrong she wasn't a midget or anything, just a little on the short side. This morning present was wrapped in skin tight light blue running shorts, and what looked like a black sports bra? Or a shirt? Tank top? I don’t fucking know, but it fit so well. . . a little too well if yah know what I mean. Sometimes I wonder what goes through a girls mind right before she steps out the door? "Yes people can see most of my upper body, and the only thing covering my crotch and ass is this tiny spandex piece of cloth, this shouldn’t attract any attention. And if it does, it'll only be the perverts. " You might as well come out completely nude with red spray-paint on your crotch and tits right?
So, as I’m staring at this pretty little thing from my yard I start to notice how hard I’m getting. I then start spacing out thinking of a video game I was up all night playing, when she notices me staring off into space.


   I stare right at her and give her a slight nod of the head and looked at the tree to the far left as if I had more interest in a squirrel than her fucking outrageously fuckable body. See by doing that I put Marlon Brando to shame. Although it looked sexy and cocky, I felt like a fucking moron looking at bark and just hoping she would come over. Alas my acting paid off, after stretching she crossed the hole in the fence and made her way over to me. Oh by the way, I don’t believe I’ve introduced you two have I? Well, this is Sara. . Cute little thing she is, always cheerful and ready to please others almost to the point that it’s a flaw. She's too nice which lead her to have a horrible personality. If you were to compare personalities to flavors she would be water, hahah. Aw but I’m being too harsh on the poor girl, she always has her heart in the right place she’s just boring as hell. Oh and Sara, this is some pervert reading a story description of you, that would like nothing better than to pump every single orifice, god so carefully gave you, full of his sperm. So we're all caught up now? Your friends, how cute.
Sara: Hiya Dan, when did you get back?
(I turn to the right and stare at her feet, slowly making my way up her supple frame. . on the way up I notice a bulging cameltoe.

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  . always a plus in my book)
Me: Hey. . um I got back about a week ago. . and I’ve been lookin for a job
S: Oh that’s fun, how was your first year away?!
(That’s fun? no it isn’t bitch. . not if you knew what the value of a dollar meant)
M: It was good. . classes were kinda boring but I had fun.
S: That’s so good to hear!
(Knowing I would have to steer the conversation from now on. . )
M: So, Sara. . how was your first year?
S: Soo much fun.

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   I actually started drinking more this year, can you believe that? I was always such a little pussy as you know. Heheh
M: Haha yeah you were never much of a drinker were you. (As I look into my cup full of 'orange juice')
S: Yeah haha, so what are you doing today?
M: Lookin for a job I guess? I dunno what about you.
S: Well I’m gonna go running then take a shower. . Probably going to eat something afterwards. Wanna get lunch in a few hours?
M: Uhh. . Ok. What time?
S: Just call me after 2, whenever.
M: Aright, sounds good.
S: okay byee!!
(As Sara runs off I can’t help but notice her pussy cradled so delicately between her huge cantaloupe-like ass cheeks)
Well, that’s over. . What to do for the next couple of hours?. .

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   Shoot something I guess. I bought this BB rifle over winter break thinking I would use it a lot, but like most things in my life I underestimated my lack of interest and it ended up collecting dust in my room. So I go get it. . set up some soda and beer cans on the other side of the lawn and start firing away. An hour goes by and I decide to go back inside, I stopped shooting the damn thing about a half an hour ago anyway I was mostly just spacing out in my porch thinkin about stuff. As I walk through the hall I see a flash of black and blue rush across the neighbors’ lawn. Oh, Sara's back. I go upstairs to my room and begin taking the scope off the rifle when I see her start undressing in her room, conveniently also on the second floor. Just my luck her window curtains happen to be open. Almost as soon as I started to get a good view of her magnificent body, she went out of sight. Fuck. Fuck. FUCK. I almost lost it until I remembered her saying she was going to shower after she ran.

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  . So being the perverted asshole I am I set up my scope on my window sill with the curtains covered around it, patiently waiting for my prey to once again expose her glorious body. She took a while but just as planned she emerged with a towel than quickly found its way to the floor.
Oh Jesus what a sight. . As I was grabbing my crotch I noticed she gained a little bit of weight since I last saw her. Nothing too serious, I mean hey a little meat never hurt anybody. Guess it was all that alcohol she had been drinking this year. I had to have her. . . I HAD to. God, once she got dressed and went downstairs I began to furiously masturbate. After that I called her up immediately for lunch. She wanted to take her car and I wasn’t about to argue.

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   So we ended up going to this little diner, just so I can hear her go on and on about her first year at college. Jesus why do bitches never shut their mouths? My head felt like it was about to start bleeding when a familiar topic came up; sex. She was bragging that she learned how to give really good head this year but she hadn’t had that much sex. I asked her how good she was at giving head, to which she responded "I'm known around school for giving a pretty mean blowjob. " Oh really? I asked her, prove it. At first she was shocked and then with a confused smile she asked "what do you mean?" I said, I don’t believe it, you were never like that in high school, and you’re just lying to make yourself sound cool. "No I’m not!" she said. "I really am good at giving head!" She spoke loud enough for our adjacent tables to hear her. After laughing a bit, and with her turning bright red, I said "prove it, give me a blowjob". "Really?" she said, a little shocked. Yeah, unless there's another way you can prove it. "I guess your right. . but when do you want it?". (Hahaha oh god.

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  . When do you want it?' that’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard come out of a woman’s mouth. ) Right now, we can go to my place. "um. . okay. . but can we finish eating first?". "Yeah sure, take your time. "



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