I didn’t like my new step-father at first, but that changed about a month after he married my mother.
Mum had to work back at her job and I’d gone to bed early just so I wouldn’t have to sit near my step-father.
About half an hour after I’d gone to bed, I heard my bedroom door open and someone came into the room and closed the door behind them.
I wasn’t too sure if it was mum or my new step-father who’d come in.
Though mum would not have sneaked into my bedroom like this, so I figured it must be my step-father Brian.
“Are you awake little one?” he whispered close by and I knew he was standing beside the bed.
I thought that if I didn’t answer him, he’d think I was asleep and would leave.
Beside, I wasn’t what you’d call a little one, I was nearly 18 years old, how dare he?
I lay there listening to his deep breathing beside me and wondered why he was still standing there in the dark beside my bed.
The next thing I knew, he had his hand on the blanket covering me and he slowly pulled it down the bed, uncovering me.
Because it’d been so warm lately, I’d taken to wearing only a pair of panties to bed.
So there I was, lying on my bed nearly fully naked in front of him.
I was just glad that there wasn’t enough light for him to see me like this.
I was about to ask him what did he think he was doing, when all of a sudden, I felt his hot hand touch my bare stomach.
How I didn’t scream out in shock, I’ll never know.
He was running his fingertips around in small circles on my flat stomach.
It actually felt quite nice, plus the fact I wanted to see just what he was up too.

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That is the reason I pretended to still be fast asleep.
He ran his fingertips around in circles, gradually making the circles bigger and bigger.
Suddenly I felt his fingers brush up against the bottom part of my breasts.
They stopped making circles and rested just below my breasts.
My insides were quivering with fear and anticipation as I waited to see what he’d do next.
I knew that I should let him know that I was awake and demand that he leave my bedroom at once, but strangely enough I wanted to find out just how far he was prepared to go.
“I can always stop him anytime I want him too. ” I thought to myself
I felt his fingers gently cup themselves around my smallish right breast and gently started to massage his fingers into my soft skin.
I’d never had anyone else’s hands touch my body except my own and found this to be both exciting plus scary.
Tiny shivers of pleasure shot through my body as he slowly played with my breast.
He then changed breasts and he did the same to my left breast as he’d done to my right one.
He gently tweaked my nipple and I felt myself becoming quite moist down below as a reaction to what he was doing to me.
I knew what he was doing was wrong, but I also knew that I was just as wrong for letting him get this far.
I was about to tell him to stop and leave me alone, when all of a sudden, I felt his warm, wet mouth close around my nipple.
“Oh God.

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  ” I silently screamed out to myself as I felt his wet tongue begin to tease my nipple inside his mouth.
I knew he was trying to sexually stimulate me and to be quite honest; I didn’t want him to stop.
The feelings his tongue was causing on my nipple had to be felt to be believed.
He was gently squeezing my other nipple with his fingertips while his tongue worked its magic on my left nipple.
My cunt was quite wet by this time and I’d never been this wet before except when I used mum’s vibrator on my clitoris.
I was still very much a virgin as I’d not been with any boys as yet.
I’d always found boys my age group to be too childish, and the older boys scared me because all they’d try to do was to either shove their fingers inside my panties, or try to get me to suck them off.
Many of the older boys had tried to do both with me.
Not one of them had ever bothered taking their time to sexually stimulate me before wanting to have sex.
I won’t say love, as boys never relate fucking with love.
Yet here was a fully grown man, slowly taking his time to stimulate me and I found it refreshing to say the least, not to mention highly arousing as well.
He took his mouth away from my breasts and I felt the tip of his tongue start to run a line down the middle of my stomach and knew he was heading towards my very moist cunt.
One part of me wanted him to stop before it went too far, but a bigger part of me screamed for him to continue.
Maybe tonight I was about to become a woman.
It’s strange how young teenagers tend to think that once you’ve had sex, then you’re no longer a little girl, but instead are a fully grown woman.

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My thinking was no different.
My stomach was quivering with anticipation as I wondered what it’d be like to have a fully grown man eat me out.
The only reason I knew that men ate women’s cunts out was because I’d stolen one of mum’s porno films and watched it.
I’d been totally shocked when I watched it, but like most young girls my age, that was the only way you learnt about sex,
You did one of three things, you either heard about it from one of your friends or you saw it on film like I had, or thirdly, you finished up having sex yourself.
I felt his tongue stop just on my panty line.
I wondered if he was about to slip my panties off me and run his tongue all over my cunt and then shove it inside my wet cunt.
But to my surprise, he did nothing.
I wondered why he’d stopped.
I could hear him breathing heavily near my crotch.
Then I felt his hand touch mine and he gently lifted it from the bed and I felt him moving closer to where I was lying.
He then lowered my hand downwards and to my shock I felt his huge naked cock beneath my fingertips.
He must have come into my bedroom totally naked.
Brian slowly wrapped my fingers around his shaft and squeezed them around his cock.
“Oh my little one, you don’t know just how long I’ve waited to feel your fingers around my cock. ” He whispered.

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He then held my fingers around his cock and slowly began to use my hand to pull himself off with.
After a minute or so, I heard him grunt and then felt something wet and warm cover my fingers and knew he’d just cum.
I felt him remove my hand from around the shaft of his cock and I felt cum dripping from my fingers.
I’d never before felt a man’s cum and the only time I’d seen it was on the movie I’d stolen from mum.
It was very slippery in my fingers and I rubbed my fingers in it.
Just then, he gently took hold of my hand he used something to clean his mess from my hand and fingers.
Then he covered me back up with the blanket and left the bedroom.
I was surprised and somewhat disappointed that he’d not tried to eat me out, nor try to actually fuck me.
I wasn’t sure if I would have let him go that far, but now I’d never know.
It was then that I felt something wet in the webbing between my index and middle fingers.
I knew straight away that he’d miss a bit when he’d cleaned my hand.
Slowly I lifted my hand to my nose and sniffed it, there didn’t appear to be any noticeable smell to it.
I don’t know what made me do what I did next, but I poked out the tip of my tongue and licked at the small spot of cum in between my fingers.
It seemed to taste a little bit salty, but other than that, there was no real taste.
“So that’s what cum tastes like, eh?” I said to myself as I licked my fingers clean.

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I couldn’t go to sleep as I was still very much sexually aroused, so I had to use my fingers to masturbate with, as I’d replaced mum’s vibrator back in her bedside drawer.
It took only a minute or so before I reach my orgasm.
Lying there sexually satisfied for now at least, I thought about what Brian had done to me tonight.
Half of me wanted to let mum know what’d happened and the other half wanted him to come back and finish the job he’d started.
At long last, my brain stopped being so overactive and I fell into an uneasy sort of sleep.
In the morning, Brian had a bit of trouble looking me in the eyes.
I wasn’t surprised as he’d sexually molestered me last night.
But I could feel his hot glaze on my body every time I had my back to him.
I wondered if he’d try to molest me again.
It was a full week before he once again got the chance to have another go at me, because mum had to work back again that night.
Once again, it was about half an hour after I’d gone to bed that he sneaked into my bedroom.
To be honest, I’d been expecting him to try once he knew mum was working back.
“Are you asleep sweetheart?” he asked in a whisper.
At least he didn’t call me “little one” I thought to myself as I grinned into the darkness.
I laid there pretending to be fast asleep, wondering if he’d get me to pull him off again, or would he in fact go even further this time.

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This time, because I knew he’d come into my bedroom when he thought I’d be fast asleep, I’d taken everything off.
When he pulled my blanket down off me, I was totally naked.
Because the room was in darkness, I knew he couldn’t see that I was totally nude.
But I also knew that if he did the same as he did last week, he’d soon find out.
I felt his fingers touch my left breast and he started to gently massage his finger in and around it, it wasn’t long before his warm mouth covered my right breast and I thought that he was going to repeat last weeks actions.
He sucked on both breast as he’d done last week and when he started to run the tip of his tongue down the centre of my stomach I could barely control myself.
It’s a wonder he didn’t hear my heart beating wildly inside my chest.
This time, when his tongue reached where my panty line would have normally been, his tongue found hair instead of the material of my panties.
He stopped and I thought he was going to place my hand on his cock again.
While it’d been nice having him do that to me last week, I wanted much more this week; hence that was why I’d taken off my panties.
But to my pleasant surprise, he continued to move his tongue downwards until he reached the moist groove between my lips.
Having someone’s tongue touch you down there for the very first time, can be a bit of a shock to the system.
It gently probed at my outer lips and would then dart just in between them for a second or two as if to tease me, (which was exactly what was happening to me)
I wanted to grip his hair in my fists and hold his tongue hard up against my moist cunt so that the only place it could go was inside me, deep inside me.
The tip of his hot tongue explored the whole of my cunt on the outside, only occasionally darting back inside between my lips.
It was so frustrating not having his tongue plunge deep inside me as I’d expected him to do.

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I was on the verge of telling him to either put his tongue deep inside me or leave me the hell alone, when all of a sudden; I felt his thick wet tongue start pushing its way up inside of me.
I barely managed to stop the moan of passion that was trying to escape my lips, but I was supposed to be asleep wasn’t I.
His tongue gently explored as much as it could inside me and while this was happening, all I could think about, was wishing his tongue was bigger and much longer.
While I’d managed to stop the groan of pleasure from escaping my lips when he first plunged his tongue fully into me, there was no way I could stop the groan of pleasure as I orgasmed onto his probing tongue.
“Oh God. ” I cried out as wave after wave of pure pleasure shot through my entire body.
I’d orgasmed before when I used mum’s vibrator, but it was nothing compared to what I was now feeling.
I felt drained when I finally came down from the high of my orgasm.
“Did you enjoy that?” Brian asked me softly.
Even in the darkness, I knew he was grinning to himself.
I knew that I couldn’t very well still try to be asleep, not after expressing myself in the way I had.
“Yes. ” I replied.
His fingers were slowly rubbing themselves just inside my wet cunt, sending tingling sensations right through me.
I didn’t want him to stop.

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Not now, not ever.
He leaned forward and found my lips and lightly kissed them.
As we kissed, he pushed his tongue against my teeth and I knew he wanted to put his tongue inside my mouth.
I opened my mouth and let him in.
As his tongue explored my mouth, He reached down and grabbed my hand and placed it on his raging erection.
Without being told to, I slowly closed my fist around his shaft and started to stroke him.
His breathing quickened and I thought he was just going to cum on my hand again, but he reached down and stopped me.
Then, he got up onto the bed with me and I knew without a doubt that this time, he was actually going to fuck me.
A finger of panic shot through me.
I wasn’t sure if I was ready for this yet.
However he didn’t give me much time to utter a protest.
I felt him get in between my thighs and felt the head of his thick cock touch my wet lips.
Without any sort of warning, he started to push his way up inside of me.
I felt the walls of my cunt parting before his invading cock.
As he shoved himself through my hymen, I felt a sharp stab of pain deep inside my cunt, but it didn’t last long.

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I could tell that he was trying to be as gentle as he could be, but his hormones had taken over.
As soon as he was passed my busted hymen, he plunged himself deep inside of me.
It felt like I had a pole rammed deep inside of me.
He was grunting each time he’d ram his cock as deep inside me as it’d go.
At first it was unpleasant having his thick cock inside me, but after a few minutes, something clicked inside my brain and I began to respond to his thrusting cock.
I found that the more I got involved in this, the better it felt for me.
Soon, the only sounds in the bedroom were his loud grunts everytime he rammed himself into me and the slapping sounds as our bodies met.
My cunt was again very wet by this time and the movements of his thick cock inside me became even more smooth.
Soon it was me that was groaning as I neared my 2nd orgasm of the evening.
I’d place both heels against his small backside and was now pulling him inside me each time he thrust forward with his cock.
Suddenly I felt my orgasm overtake me.
Waves of pleasure flowed through me as I climaxed around his cock.
That seemed to trigger his own orgasm and I felt a sudden wetness flood my abused cunt.
The feelings of having him shooting his hot cum inside me were fantastic.
As we lay there trying to get our breaths back, I felt his cock start to soften inside me.

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It popped out of me and I felt our mixed juices dribble down to my backside and soak the sheet under me.
I figured next time wouldn’t be so sore for me and I wondered when mum was going to be working back late again.