Snow Day!


Of course I wasn’t excited over the fact I would get to go over to Joe’s house to hang out as much as I was excited to see his most unbelievably hot sister named Renee. She was only 18 years old, but was hotter and more developed than most girls of her age. It had been a year since I last saw her. Oh, I could just picture her right then. Her absolutely gorgeous flowing brown hair as it glistened in the light, and of course her very athletic looking form. She has great expectations for eventually being the best volleyball player in the state when she gets to high school. Her breasts are probably about a “B” cup size. Her ass is about as perfect as it gets. How badly I just wanted to fuck her. She was making me just so horny, I decided to go up to my room and jack off thinking of her. I had just got my 6 and a half inch cock out and started to think of her, when my mom came home and wanted to go out for lunch with my brothers and I. So I quickly put my dick back in my boxers and then zipped my pants back up. I ran downstairs trying to hide the bulge in my pants and got in the car. We went to Wendy’s and then I went straight to Joe’s house from there. Still horny thinking of his sister, I thought about when I might get the chance to go jack off somewhere. We decided to watch The Matrix Reloaded in which I hadn’t seen yet and was quite excited to see.

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   It took my mind off Renee for the time being, well until the sex scene anyway as soon as that part came my mind completely went back to thinking about her. Then I thought where the hell is she, I haven’t see here yet. Well, It wasn’t long until she came down and sat next to me on the coach and watched the rest of the movie with us. Oh God, I thought now she is going to see the bulge in my pants from how horny I was to see her. All of a sudden, her hand came over and landed right next to my now fully erected cock. At this time I finally looked over at her and realized she wasn’t wearing a bra under her tight shirt. She was nipping out a ton and that just really got me going. At that time her hand had slid completely over and met my total hard on. I went a complete shade of red and I couldn’t take it anymore, so I turned my head and without hardly thinking pushed my tongue into her mouth. To my surprise she started kissing back and then all of a sudden it ceased. We broke away and I looked at her slightly confused and she said quietly to me “follow me. ” So, I did as she said and we went up to her room where she pulled my down on top of her and started to make out with me again. All I could think at the moment was “I am in 7th heaven. ” This kissing session probably lasted about 18 minutes longer than she started pulling off her shirt, so I followed by pulling off mine. I then saw what I had been waiting to see for so long those beautifully shaped breasts.

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   I quickly took one nipple into my mouth as she moaned at the pleasure of having her nipple played with. I continued to play with her breasts as she unzipped my pants and pulled down my boxers to expose my fully erect cock. She slowly pulled away and said to me, “I’ve been waiting to do this for along time. ” And then took my cock into her mouth, but quickly than gagged from taking in more than she could handle. She than took it a little slower, and I put my hands on her beautifully shining hair and just thought I had to be dreaming. Then I knew I was about ready to blow my load in her mouth so I warned her and she pulled away and said “No…I’m not ready for that. ” So I then unbuttoned her jeans, which she still was wearing, and noticed her red satin thong that she was wearing, was soaking in her juices. I slide the thong off and placed the head of my penis right at the opening of her most beautiful vagina, which she had shaved, and looked at her for guidance. She gulped and gave me a nod just as her mom walked in, and yelled at the top of her lungs, “What the fuck do you think your doing!” This scared the shit out me, causing me to shove my cock into Renee’s tight pussy. This made Renee scream in pain of having my cock shoved further in than she could handle for her first time. I really would have never guessed she had never fucked anyone before. I was quite surprised how tight her pussy was.
    I think her mom was getting turned on by the fact of seeing her daughter’s virginity taken, because she quickly said, “OK, Renee let me show you how a pro fucks!” and she pulled me off Renee’s now startled body and told me to lay on the ground. She then pulled her skirt up, revealing that she wasn’t wearing any panties. At that moment, I saw the most hairy pussy; I think I have ever seen.

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       It was only seconds and she had mounted my cock and was riding it like a jockey rides a horse in the Kentucky Derby. Although, I was somewhat sickened by the fact of my friends mom fucking me, she was sure right, she was a pro and was giving me the fucking of my life. Minutes later, I exploded my sperm deep inside her. She finally got off me and said “OK, recover and then slip this condom on and fuck Renee like she’s a slut. ” So, 18 minutes later, I was ready to go again and did as Renee and Joe’s mom told me, I slipped the condom on and once again pushed my meat back into Renee. This time pushing it all in at once, making her scream louder than ever. It wasn’t long before, she started thrusting back, grabbing my ass and pushing in towards her. We were both having the time of our lives and the experience of our life. Her mom stood there and watched while pleasuring herself. Then, I was ready to blow again, so I grabbed her ass hard and shoved harder and harder as I came closer to climax. Then I blew it in her, breaking the condom open and thinking, “Oh shit, she better not get pregnant. ” I then pulled out her and made a quick comment over to Mrs. Slut, Renee’s mom, “What kind of fucking cheap condoms do you buy. ” With that I turned back to Renee, and said “You were great. ” We then kissed and got dressed and went back down stairs.

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       Yes that’s how my wondrous day occurred and I look forward to many days like it to come. .