Sixteen Feet Under The Stars


Topic: Sixteen Feet Under The StarsThis is a story about 2 teenagers named Jack and Chole, how they  met and feel in love.
Jack had just moved into town from far away as there mother and father had to move due to work it was Jacks 1st day in his  new school and he was very nervous.
Jack was 18 years old ,5"7 dark brown hair, a slim 6 pack body and was a very nice and out going guy.  
His mum had given him a lift to his new school he got out of the car and said goodbye to his mum as she drove off, he looked up at his new school as it looked like a skyscraper he could feel his palms starting to sweat as he walked into the hall way he took out the map he had of the school and found his way to his class room and found his seat as he started his work he felt a tap on his shoulder, he looked over and saw a boy he passed him a note he took it and opend it up with out the teacher seeing and it said "So You Must Be The New Kid, You Can Hang With Us At Luch". It put a smile on my face knowing that already im in a group so to speak.
The lunch bell rang and i got up and left the classroom and waited outside the door for the boy who gave me the note and he walked up to me and introduced himself his name was Melvyn, he asked him if he wanted to meet the rest of the gang and jack more the happily agreed, so they walked to the outside field and melvyn introduced jack to the other boys "This is james,danny and the funny retard of the group daved and he told melvyn to fuck off which made jack laugh and they all say hello.
Jack looked around and his eyes were glued to a girl she had brown hair was about 5"6 she was so beautifull jack was almost looking into space only thinking about this girl, then suddenly jack snapped back into earth and melvyn said "Jack you want advice stay away from that girl shes nothing but a 18 year old slut" Jack stood there and thought to himself is that really true or is it just one of those bully things.
I got back into class and at the end of the day i was on my way home walking threw a field that was just across from my house and i saw the girl again that i saw in school she was sitting on a patch of grass with another girl, i thought of walking over and saying hello but i was a bit scade as to how the girls would react to me. The girl looked at me and smiled and she waved me over and i walked over to her and she spoke "Hi names Chole and this is my friend megan" Megan looked at me in the most evil way. If looks could kill she might aswell be stabbing him in the back, jack looked at megan and Chole said "Please dont mind her we saw you in melvyn's gang and they always bully us calling us sluts and slags stuff like that and reason megan is giving you evils is because we saw you in the gang with them but i saw you looking right at me and you kinda made me blush babes" Jack went bright red and chole just laughed.
Megan got up and said goodbye to chole and left to go home, Jack and chole walked threw the field together and they found out that they lived near eachother chole looked up at jack and said "il see you tomorrow at school" and kissed jack on the cheek and he was in heaven as he watch chole walked off to her house and he turned round and walked off in the other direction to his house. When morning came jack jumped up out of bed with a massive smile on his face he had his shower and got dressed and left for school as he got into his classroom waiting for the lunch  bell to see chole again and so the bell rang and he walked out into the field feeling over the moon and he waited and waited looked everywhere and couldnt find chole so he was down about it .
After school on his way home crossing the field he saw chole sitting on a patch od grass wearing blue jeans and a pink hoddie, jack walked over to her  and said "Hey chole i didnt see you at school today" she looked at jack and said "Nah i didnt feel like going in". Jack sat next to chole and they began to talk about there pasts like what there child hood was like and what they liked and hated and surprising they had alot of the same likeings and it started to get dark without keeping track of time, chole had told jack that it was getting late, So they both got up and jack looked up in the sky and saw that it was a bright clear moon sky and he could see all the stars and said to chole "Hey chole wonna just watch the stars for a bit my mum and dad dont mind that i stay out" and she thought about it and agree'd to it. So they both sat and layed on there  backs with there arms behind there heads watching the sky.  
"Jack, have you wanted to kiss me? because i dont know why but i seem to like you alot" Jack was in shock at what he just herd and he nodded his head as he knew that he wanted to aswell.

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   Jack moved in moving his face closer to chole's and his closed his eyes as did chole and his lips touched hers, for those 5 seconds it was like jack was frozen in time and hoped it would be that way for ever they pulled away and chole looked into jacks eyes and they began kissing again, chole placed both of her hands on jacks face and jack began to run his fingers threw chole's hair as they  passionately kissed and started to use they  tongues swirling together as one.
Then chole started to run her hands down jacks body and unbuttoned his school shirt and she said "Wow uv got a great body" and jack smiled while she run her hands back and forth up and down jacks body while there lips were still locked, jack pulled off her pink hoddie and noticed that all she was wearing was just a pink hoddie no shirt just a bra and from the looks of her bra it was a 34C jack was starting to get really turned on from just looking at her boobs threw her bra and he unhooked her bra and tossed it too one side and saw her beautifull breast with her tiny  pink nipples poking out as if wanting attention jack moved his mouth away from hers and moved down gently kissing her neck moving down till his mouth reached her nipples and gently gave one of her nipples a lick and chole moaned quitly and he placed his mouth over her nipple and began to lick with his warm wet tongue and sucked on her already hard nipple at this point.
Chole was moaning asking for more so jack used his thumb and 1st finger and started to gently rub the other nipple her body was melting in jacks hands and jack moved his other hand and unzipped her jeans and pulled them down and she was wearing pink playboy underware with very thin straps this gave jack a hard boner just by looking at them he pulled them off and moved his face down licking her body bit by bit till finaly he reached her teen hood he moved his face in closer and start to lick the edge of her vagina licking always making sure his has wet and warm saliva to spread on her hot now soaking lips since it was a 1st for jack he thought might aswell go for it and he shoved his tongue in her hot soaking vagina she tryed to scream with so much pleasure but she knew she couldnt as someone might hear and she bit her lips as hard as she could she placed both of her hands on jacks head pushing down as hard as she could. Jack just carried on licking and drinking her warm juices.  
Chole couldnt take anymore as she had orgasm after orgasm she layed there with her legs shaking like a leaf and gasping for breath "Oh my god jack that was so good" They both layed there looking up at the stars and chole looked up at jack and said are you ready for my little treat babes?" She moved down and unhooked and unzipped his school trousers and pulled them off and chole could clearly see the boner as it was just straining to be let out and played with she pulled down his boxers and out flung his 7 inch cock bright red and hard as a plank of wood she wrapped one hand around his cock and put the head of his cock into her mouth he knew then that  couldnt hold on for long and she started to bob her head up and down so jack place his hands on her hand and started to force his cock down her mouth and as she was bobbing up and down while tossing him off he knew he was gonna blow a blow load and he wanted her to swallow every last drop just as he was cumming he grabbed her by the hair and forced his cock into her throat while he was shotting strings of cum after cum all he could hear was chole gagging and choking from swallowong so much cum from jacks cock as he moves his hands away from chole's head she gasped for breath and sees that her face is bright red he lays flat from such an experince and chole moves up and lays in his arms looking up into the bright stary night as they both lay there they kiss eachother gently and softly and chole moves her head and whispers into his ear "jack babes, despit what the gang might say im still a virgin and i love you", Jack looked deep into her eyes and knew that it was both what they wanted.
This Story Was An Idea Given To Me By a Friend I May Do Another Part To This Depending On The Comments, Sorry About Cutting It Short At The End I Was To Tired To Go Into Detail 
You Can Email Me At Melvynmelster@hotmail. co. uk



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