Shower Sex on the 3rd Date


Topic: My Girlfriend and My dogI was 18 and I was about to start my senior year in High School.   On the first day of school these girls in my history class started flirting with me.   One of them I found very attractive and her name was Maria.   She had long black hair, tan skin, and the nicest ass ever.   It was not long before i asked her out and she said yes.   Then we decided to go to a local restaurant to eat dinner.   Well it started off good, and by the 3rd date i had her at my house. . . alone.   We were watching a movie and it sucked and we both knew that we were on the verge of just ripping each others clothes off and just fucking the shit out of each other right on that damn sofa.

  Then I looked at her and she looked at me, and we both knew what the other one wanted.   I then asked her if she would come closer, and she rested her head on me.   Well we watched this boring ass movie for another 5 minutes until out of nowhere she looks up at me and i then basically said screw it and went in for a kiss.   We made out for a bit and started touching each other. The next thing she said made me so horny it almost hurt my dick, she said.

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  . . "do what you want, strip me" i then started to take her clothes off until she was butt naked, and then i willingly took mine off as well.   I then was laying on top of her on the couch, but hadnt penetrated her yet.   After this she sat me up and gave me a handjob.   it was so hard for me not to cum and it felt so good but i didnt want to seem like a dick so i held it in lol.   next i boldy asked her if she wanted to 69 and we did that on the sofa for like 18 minutes.
      Her ass smelled so good.   I just went crazy and started eating everything.   by this time we were really horny and all this foreplay bullshit wasnt enough so i carried her up into the bedroom but then she said that we should fuck in the shower.   i turned on the water really hot and poured conditioner into my hand and lubed my fingers.   I then shoved my fingers up her holes and lubed her up. . . what we did next was unspeakable, we had such unbelievably horny sex.

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      . . i cummed in her about 4 times before i even though about stopping.   in the end we were laying down in the shower both exhausted as hell. . . we almost actually fell asleep in the shower, but we ended up falling asleep together in my bed.   We went to school early the next day so my parents wouldnt see her.   We just looked at eachother and laughed that whole day at school.   People musta thought we were crazy. .