Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 Part II


Topic: Part II of Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 One month later…
I woke up early in the morning so I could get ready for the day. Today was very special. It had been a month since Mr. Lee and I decided to make it official, so I decided I would dress extra special for him. So far, he and I had only done make-out sessions, but today we were going to take it a step further. Going to my closet, I pulled out a white spaghetti strap tank top and a mid-thigh length black pleated skirt. After putting them on, I studied myself in the mirror and smiled. Mr. Lee was sure going to like this. Strapping on my heels, I threw on an over shirt that tied right under my breast line, which happened to accentuate my figure, but at least I wouldn’t get in trouble with school authority.
When I arrived at school, I had some time before first period so I headed to see Mr. Lee. When I walked in he was conversing with another teacher on the book The Clockwork Orange. I listened intently before both teachers noticed I was there.
“Mr. Lee?” I started innocently, “I need a bit of help deciphering one of the passages from yesterday’s homework.

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   Could you help me?”
“Dave, would you mind-?”
“I wouldn’t mind at all, Tim; we can catch up during lunch. ” Dave walked passed me without even glancing at me. I don’t mean to sound conceded or anything, but this surprised me.
As if reading my mind, Mr. Lee spoke up, “Dave isn’t interested in women. ”
“Oh, but I-“
“Believe me, any man interested in women would have stayed a bit longer and stared at you. You look gorgeous. ” Mr. Lee smiled and I melted.
Gorgeous hadn’t been exactly what I was hoping for, but Mr. Lee was a sensitive man and probably felt treating women like sexual objects was crude.   Attempting to get him hot and bothered I walked into the classroom a bit further and sat on one of the desks, crossing my legs. It had the desired effect. Mr. Lee’s eyes went from my face to the large amount of exposed thigh.

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   He swallowed right before the bell rang. Climbing off the desk I walked towards the door, swaying my hips as much as possible, “I’ll see you later, Mr. Lee. ” I gave him the sultriest look I could manage before heading to my first period. All through the day I was thinking of different things I wanted to do to him. By the time 6th period hit, I had made my decision and I was practically dripping through my thong at the thought. Finally the bell rang. After all the students filed out, I sidled up to Mr. Lee’s desk and bent over it, making sure I was showing cleavage.
“Mr. Lee, do you know what today is?”
“Our one month. ” He smiled at me and pulled out a box from inside his desk before standing up and moving to shut the door. I was rather taken aback; my other boyfriends never thought the one month meant anything. Opening the gift, inside was a beautiful necklace that had a Fleur de Lis pendant on it. I gasped in shock; the Fleur de Lis was my favorite flower.

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“Mr. Lee, it’s gorgeous!”
“Here, let me help put it on. ” Mr. Lee came up behind me and grabbed the two ends of the chain; I lifted my hair and he clasped it behind my neck. Instead of moving away, Mr. Lee dropped his hands to my shoulders and then down my arms, finally resting on my stomach. I felt warm breath against my neck as he began kissing it and moving his lips down across my shoulder. It was a tender gesture, but it was driving me crazy. I grabbed Mr. Lee’s hands and moved them up to my breasts. For a moment, I thought he was going to pull away, but surprise caught me when he began gently squeezing them in his hands. He reached a hand into my tank top and cupped my bare breast in it. Moving his fingers he began playing with my nipple while still kissing my neck. The combination of the two nearly sent me over the edge. As painful as it was, I moved away from him and motioned for him to sit in his chair.

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“You gave me a present; I think I owe you one in return. ” Smiling, I slid his belt apart and began to unbutton his pants. Within seconds, I had them off and around his ankles. His dick sprung out from its cage and greeted me with full attention. I bit my lip; Mr. Lee wasn’t a terribly big man, but he wasn’t lacking good length. I would estimate close to six inches long and near to two inches wide. Placing my hands on either side of his dick, I looked up at him as I took him inside my mouth. Mr. Lee let out a gasp as I moved slowly over the tip. I swirled my tongue around it and placed one of my hands on the base and began to move my hand up and down.
“Oh, Ella” Mr. Lee moaned as I continued swirling my tongue on the tip. I began sucking on it softly, occasionally squeezing harder with my mouth. After a few moments, I moved my mouth as far down as I could.

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   I felt him hit the back of my throat, but I held it there while both my hands travelled up his body to play with his nipples. His hips thrust upward and his dick pressed farther into my throat, momentarily catching me off guard. Within another moment, though, I was back on track and began moving my mouth up and down faster. I was beginning to get a great rhythm going. I took my mouth off of him and he opened his eyes and looked at me pleadingly. I shook a finger at him before taking off my top shirt and pulling my tank top down so my breasts were fully exposed to him. In one swift motion, Mr. Lee had lifted me up onto the chair with him and placed my breast in his mouth while massaging the other.
“Ooh, Mr. Lee” I gasped as he began to move his hand down towards my dripping center. I felt his fingers on my clit; rubbing it between his index finger and thumb. The sensation drove me over the edge. I began bucking against his hand wildly and I pressed his mouth closer against my breast as my orgasm hit me in thundering waves. He kept moving his fingers until I was done. Removing his hand from me, he placed it in his mouth and savored the sweet taste.

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   I slid back onto my knees and took him into my mouth again. I started moving up and down fast and he grabbed onto my shoulders for support as I moved him in and out faster and faster and then finally he gasped aloud and I felt him swell before his cum hit the back of my throat. I kept sucking until he was finished and then I swallowed it. I licked my lips and smiled at him before putting my clothes back on.
“How did you like your present, Mr. Lee?” I asked sitting on his desk in front of him. He smiled a weak smile before slowly moving to pull his pants back on. It took him a few tries to sit forward and bend over before he got it. He stood and kissed my forehead before kissing me on the lips.
“That was amazing, Ella. Thank you. ” He kissed me again before embracing me. He was that way and I loved it.
“I wish I could stay longer, but I have to go. One of my teachers assigned a ridiculous homework assignment.

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   I’ll see you later, Mr. Lee. ” With that I grabbed my things and walked out of his classroom. That was the best one-month anniversary I have ever had.
If I get positive comments, I may make a part 3