Sex with collage Friend


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in this story Me & a collage friend of mine Sofia

9 years ago at the age of 18 I went to collage. . about 2 weeks into being in collage. in the lunch room I meet Sofia we had alot of the same classes with each other. we became friends fast. we both stayed on campus in dorms, at night we'd go off campus and go see movies, play minigolf, out for nice dinners

The day we both got our diplomas. we both got jobs. after that we didnt see each other for a many years, un-till last night I ran intro her. . I ravel in a motor home every year, arriving in Dallas texas last night I saw her at a wal-mart, we both checked out with each other.

I was so happy to see her after so long, Holding my hand out to her said come sit with me in my motor home we have lots of catching up to do, we talked for a few hours, made a nice dinner for use. . after dinner time we sat on the couch in my RV watching our favorite movie Harry Potter

after the movie was over,she asked me "would you like to have sex with me" I replied for sure Id love to have sex with you,going to the bed in the back of the RV,we both sat on the bed, we started to kiss each other lip to lip slowly running my hands down her back, to her butt where i touched it a bit.

after 18 mins of kissing and cuddling, we both got undressed. . I laid down on the bed on my back, she put her hand around my penis and started to stroke it slowly at first, then she went faster, she then slowly sucked on my penis, ot felt wonderful her full lips sucked on my penis.

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15 mins later I sat up and got off the bed, she laid on the bed on her back, I started to lick her sexy nipples and suck on em too. kissing my way down her body, to her pussy, I kissed her pussy, licked it and then stuck my tounge in wiggling it inside her pussy,as i was holding my tounge in her pussy, i slowly put my index finger into her butt

she was really loving it. after 20 mins of that, I stood up brought her closer to the edge of the bed,I was rock hard i slide my penis slowly into her pussy, fucking her nice & slow for for 30 mins, I had no condom on. after 30 mins I fucked her harder & faster, as i was ready to bust a nut I brought her legs up over my sholder pushing my penis deep into her pussy where I dumped a big load of my hot cum deep inside,she looked me in the eye and sdai

ohh yess yess yess, I feel that, I love that warming felling of the cim doing deep inside me I held my penis in her pussy for another 30 mins I slowly pulled out and told her Now im going to fuck you in the ass but 1st I want to clean you out with a few good enemas, going to the cabinet above the bed in the RV i took out 2 enema bags a blue one for her and a red one for me

I walked into the bathroom filled both bags with nice luke warm water and added enema soap to both, attached the nozzle in the bag part I came back to the bed area and hung both on hooks, I asked her to get on her back and lay on the bed,using the blue bag,and no lube on the nozzle, I shoved the enema nozzle deep & hard into her ass. Opening the clamp, letting the water flow deep in her butt, had he take the whole bag. . told her please hold it in for 20 mins. . she did, we cuddled as she was holding it in, 20 mins up, she went to the bathroom to let it out,

she came back to the bed, I told her please lay on the bed again, Im goona give you one more enema just a plain water one, so once again I went into the bathroom filled it with luke warm water, again I shoved the nozzle into her ass and opened the clmap, she took the whole bag again. . held it for 20 mins again, and let it out

now it was her turn to give me enemas, laying on my back on the bed, her using the red bag on me, she shoved the nozzle in good & deep & hard. as the water was flowing in she moved the nozzle from side to side and up and downshe had me take the whole bag and had me hold it for a good 25 mins,she told me I can go let it out then come back and lay down againso I did that and she gave me my 2nd plain water enema

after the enemas, she got in to the doggie style postion and I came in behind her and rammed my hard penis into her ass, and i fucked her ass very hard. . she said more more, I kept on fucking her in the ass, as i was about to but a nut again i said to her quick, get on your back she did, and I quickly put my penis deep into her pussy and once more gave her a huge load of hot cum

she was tight there in her pussy it felt so wonderfulshe loved having me cum inside her, since the 1st day I meet her ive wanted sex with her but was so shy to ask, night & night I dreamed of her in the dream i came in her alot

was good to finnaly fuck and cum in her.

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       she was super sexy. . nice full lips, great red hair, pretty geen eyes, and some nice big 34DDD tits.

    after all that sex we where tired so we cuddled again, naked of course I played with her big DDD tits squeezing them and kissing her on the neck as we watched more of our favorite movies. come bed time we slept with each other where I held my penis in her pussy all night long and holding a finger in her ass as we slept she too held her finger in my ass all night

    we did q quick one in the morning before I got back on the road to travle so more, i came in her again during the quickie sex. .

    before she left my RV she gave me a kiss and tight hug & said "thanks for the wonderful time and the great meal.