Sex & enemas with room-mate


Other category's include enemas, impregnation, cum swallowing, & anal

People in this story Me & my room-mate Ashley

Location: My Apartment in Orlando FL

Ashley Described- Long red hair,sexy body, 34DD tits, full lips(great for kissing & sucking), pretty blue eyes, in shape, sexy voice

Ashley had moved in with me a week ago. during that week, we talked alot about sex. the fallowing Sunday we had sex.

We started by kissing lip to lip & tongue to tongue slowly. we kissed for about 18 minutes. we removed our clothes, i started to play with her tits, squeezing them hard, and sucking her sexy nipples and licking. . as i sucked & licked her tits my penis got harder & harder

Laying on my back on the couch ashley got down on her knees and slowly sucked my penis,after 18 mins of her sucking my penis I stood up she was still on her knees, I slowly slide my penis all the way in her mouth deep-throating her really good. Holding my penis all the way in her mouth for about 20 mins.

taking my penis out of her mouth, she layed on the couch, on her back making eye to eye contact with her, I slowly slide my long, thick penis into her vagina, fucking her slowly at first, fucking her Harder & harder & faster, I kept fucking her as i was about to cum I pulled her closer, putting her legs over my shoulder,pushing my penis in deeper, I came deep inside her. . after I came in her I held my penis in her for about 30 mins,

Pulling out of her vagina, we walked to the bathroom, I had her get on her back on the bathroom floor, I got the enema bag out of the cabinet, filled it full with warm water & enema soap, attaching a big, long & thick nozzle, hanging the bag on the towel rack, getting down on my knees and ramming the nozzle hard into her butt, pushing it in deep, made her take the whole bag, had her hold it for 20 mins, gave her 3 more enemas after that

she did the same for me she gave me 4 enemas

moving into my bedroom, she got on my bed in the doggie style position, coming up behind her still rock hard i rammed my penis into her butt fucked her butt good & hard.

fucked her till i came deep inside her butt
fucked her butt for about half an hour

after that Pulling out cuddling next to her sliding my penis into her vagina again and just holding it there, relaxing and kissing her lip to lip, after about an hour & a half I fucked her again, as i was about to cum I quickly pulled out had her get on her knees on the floor slide my cock all the way in her mouth and came inside her mouth deep-throating her good,

after that she got up came close to me, hugged me tight I higged her back, her big sexy tits pressing into my body felt great. i got behind her kissing her on her neck, holding my hands on her tits as I played with them again,

that was it, the sex with her was wonderful. . .

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she is a really hott & sexy roomie. . .