Sex & enemas with adopted sister #2


as with the story I posted"sex with adopted sisters" (with Breanna & Natalie)

this story is with Breanna only

I just can't resist her, shes amazingly sexy & hott. . nice sexy curvy body, 34D tits, full lips, tight pussy. . during the summer she wears lower cut tank tops, that show nice cleavage. she loves it when I cum deep in her pussy she is on birth control. .

Its summer time I travel every year. . this year my adopted sister breanna Tagged along. side the sex with her I do enjoy her company, shes alot of fun to hang with, talk to, and so on

traveling on the road with her. , it was getting late night, we stopped at an RV park for the night, around 10pm CST. we had not eaten dinner yet, so made I made us something to eat later dinner. Breanna didnt eat much last night. that was not normal for her

finishing up my dinner, and putting hers away for left overs later on.

I asked her you ok, cause you didnt eat much tonight.

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  she replied no she had a bit of a tummy ache, it had been 5 days since i gave her an enema, I asked her nicely to get undressed totally. I went to the cabinet in the back got out her blue enema bag. got the enema soap out as well

going into the bathroom I filled her bag with like warm water & mixed in some enema soap,going bacck to the couch she was sitting on I hung the enema bag on a hook above the couch, put some towels down on the floor of the motor home. asked to to get on the floor with her elbows up on the couch

I kneel down, and slowly insert the nozzle into her butt in a downward angel used a long hard nozzle pushing the top part of the nozzle against her coxxyx (tailbone) the nozzle only went half way, she was blocked up again, was again a very solid big blockage

I held the nozzle there against it for a good long while, she softly asked, why i was holding it against the blockage when no water is gonna go in, I replied "its for you own good my dear sis"45 mins passed and i was still holding the nozzle there. I then started to push it harder against the blockage, the top part of the nozzle still pressed hard against her coxxyx (tailbone)

pulling the nozzle out of her butt after 2 hours of holding, i used the shower shot in her butt, and as always it worked well. back to using the back I slide the long hard nozzle deep & hard into her butt had her take the whole bag, faloowed by a plain water enema

after she came out of the bathroom where there was a bucket lined with 2 trash bags where she let it out, she got down on her knees and slowly sucked on my rock hard penis, , she slowly put her left hand behind me touching my butt cheek. slowly inserting her finger into my butt. that went on for 20 mins

she then got back on the couch, using the slide out on the RV, made it easier for me to get to her, the couched faltned out to a bed like thing. she was laying on her back, i pulled her close putting her legs over my shoulders so i can push my penis in deep, I fucked her very hard & deep30 mins pass as im about to cum I push my penis deep as I can get it, I shot a big lod of warm cum deep inside her pussy

holding my penis in her pussy for a while after I came, I pulled out, she got into the doggie style, I slide my penis deep into her butt fucked in hard& good. after that I pulled out of her butt and laid next to her on the couch, kissing her lip to lip and tounge to tounge. playing with her tits as well.
    sliding my penis into her pussy to hold it there and holding 1 finger in her butt, she did the same she held a finger in mine as we relaxed for an hour and a half

    it was late after midnight now, we fucked one more time she got on top of me and rode me face to face, as a squeezed her butt and fingred it. . she loved it alot

    Like i said I just cant resist her shes so very hott & sexi. and 2nd she loves it when i fuck her she finds it very kinky and super hott.

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