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Sex Ed
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Growing up in Orange County, California, in the late sixties was quite the adventure. We had Huntington Beach as well as Newport Beach within five miles of home. There were also places like Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm, within two miles of home. With the almost constant sunshine came dark tanned girls in little minnie-skirts, tiny shorts, or low riding jeans. They also wore those little tub tops, halter tops and even bikini tops at times and all the guys loved them. The boys almost all of them, played outdoor sports like baseball, football, basketball, water polo or even tennis (hah).
I was in junior high, the eighth grade and played almost all the sports. Football is wear I made my name first. As the team captain and quarterback, I made all the calls. We had a great team and won the championship for our league. Then there was baseball and track. I was strong and fast. Just what the coaches asked for, and I was having fun all the time.
Then in my last semester before high school, I had to take a class in sex education. The actual name of the class was “Family Life and Sex Education”. On the first day we all met our new teacher.

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   Her name was Miss Smith. Miss Smith was a new intern with the school. She couldn’t be more than twenty two years old by her looks. And all the guys were looking at her with lust in their eyes. She had long beach blond hair and green eyes to look back at us with. I figured she must be a surfer with the hair and a tan like that. Her smile was beautiful with her full set of lips and that pink gloss didn’t hurt either.
The class only lasted nine weeks to the end of the school year. Miss Smith was very friendly with all of us and we even learned a thing or two about sex and stuff like that. When the last day of school and my last day of sex class came, Miss Smith asked me to help her carry out some boxes to her car at the end of the day. With a chance to help such a good looking babe, I readily accepted. She told me to come back after my last class of the day.
We were on half day schedule so after my last class was over; I walked down the hall to Miss Smith’s room. I stepped inside and was greeted by the sight of her long legs leading to the top of a latter. From my position on the ground, I was looking right up between her legs.

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   Miss Smith was wearing a mid thigh pleated summer dress. As looked up, I saw her white panties as they came oh so close to that place between her legs that every boy wants to see but just then, I saw her luscious butt cheeks from under her flowing dress. They were rounded and dark tanned. Then Miss Smith looked down at me catching my stare and asked if I wouldn’t mind climbing up and getting the last boxes for her because they were out of her reach. I held the ladder as she climbed down with a box in her arms. Miss Smith cautioned me to hold it still so she wouldn’t fall. I held on and as she came down the steps, her skirt opened up and came down over my head. Unable to move aside for fear that she could fall or drop her box; I held on and looked up. I looked up as her long legs moved closer to me with each step. As she slowly took steps toward me I was able to see that which is usually hidden from sight. Her white sheer panties turned out to be the thong bottom panties of my dreams. They had ridden up the crack of her ass. And what an ass she had. A dark brown tan covered all the flesh I saw and I saw a lot of her. Closer and closer they were coming.

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   As Miss Smith neared the bottom step, my nose made contact with her left butt cheek and I got a wiff of something special. Not ass trash but a real woman scent. Miss Smith stopped immediately when she felt the contact between us. I watched closely as she swung her hips to the side causing the hem of her skirt to swing to the side and with the help of a knee swing the hem went over my head and I was free as she held on tight to the box.
As she reached the bottom step I reached over her and took the box from her. In this position I was as close as I’d ever been to hugging a grown woman. Miss Smith thanked me and I climbed up to retrieve the last box. Miss Smith held the ladder as I reached out to get the boxes. Holding one over my head as I climbed down, Miss Smith put one of her hands on my ankle and led my foot to the next rung. As I made my way down her hand slid up my leg and eventually neared my privates. I reached the ground before anything really happened. Then she smiled at me and asked me if I’d like to help her out to her car. I quickly agreed. I took two boxes and she took one. That way we could do it with one trip.

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   I put my boxes in her trunk next to the box she had. When our eyes met I asked just what’s in the boxes. She said in a low whisper that she had brought some outside information for the class but the principle didn’t think it was appropriate for teens so she wasn’t able to use the material. Then Miss Smith turned to me and asked if I wouldn’t mind going to her home with her and help carry then up her stares. I was happy to help her. Besides, it was only mid day as we were let out early on our last day.
At her place we carried the boxes up the steps to her home. It was a very well kept place in a walled community. She sat her box down as she fumbled for her keys. Once inside we put the boxes in the corner. I was about to walk out and go home when Miss Smith stopped me. Why don’t we have a cold drink before I take you home? Do you have time, she asked. It was only twelve thirty now so I said a cold drink sounded great. Miss Smith had me sit on the couch and she went to the kitchen.
I sat and fidgeted while she got the drinks.

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   Soon she joined me on the couch with two cold cokes. We both drank them down as it was a very hot day outside. When we had finished them I thanked Miss Smith for the drink. She put her hand on my thigh and said please don’t call me Miss Smith while you are in my house. My name is Sam, its short for Samantha but only my Mom calls me that. So I called her Sam from then on.
 I was hot and sweaty and so was Sam who got up and turned on the air conditioner. Then Sam asked if I’d help her out of her dress as it was wet with sweat and in need of a good cleaning. I was surprised to hear this from her. Then she told me she wanted to get into something cooler and more comfortable than her work clothes. Sam was standing before me so I stood up. She turned around and untied and whipped her long blonde hair out of the way. Slowly, I reached out and took hold of the zipper tang. I was holding the top of her dress with one hand and pulling down with the other. When I came to the middle of her back I saw her bra strap.

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   It was real small, almost a string. Delightfully surprised, I asked how far I should pull it down. She answered me matter of factly by saying pull it all the way down of course. So down I pulled. All the way to her panties that didn’t quite cover all of her cute little ass crack. The top of her butt crack was right there at my finger tips when Sam gave her ass the sexiest wiggle and her dress slipped over her shoulders and down to her waste.
At this point Sam asked me if she could show me some of the stuff she wasn’t supposed to show us in school. I figured that since school was officially out for the summer that it would be OK. So Sam turned and faced me as she gave her hips another of those wiggles and let her dress fall to the floor. She stepped back and out of the pile as I bent over to pick it up off of the floor. Sam said it was OK to leave it on the floor but I disagreed. I looked up at her opaque pink bra covered breasts and sighed. If I had ever seen D-cup boobs, I was sure Sam had them. Sam took the dress from me and smiled at me as she slowly turned away and took the dress to her bedroom.
As she walked away, I looked on as her bare hips swayed from side to side in the way only a woman can do.

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   Sam went through the bedroom door but didn’t close it. I couldn’t see her from where I sat, so I moved over. There was a Mirror on the dresser and I could see as she unhooked her bra and threw it on the bed. Her breasts were the firmest I’d ever seen; even without the bra there was no sag at all. Her nipples swelled up and stuck out like oversized pencil erasers poking out almost half an inch from there areole on top of her boobs. I watched as she smiled to herself as she gave her nipples a little touch of her fingers. Her eyes closed for just a second, and then she moved her hands to her waist and slipped off her panties. I could only see her most perfect butt as she turned a little as she pulled down her panties. What an incredible butt she had. Her ass cheeks were full, firm and rounded. And they were tan all over; I mean she had no tan lines at all. And she had a very dark tan on her butt. And it went up all the way to her shoulders and all the way down to her feet. There were no tan lines anywhere. Then Sam ducked away out of my sight.

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I figure she would find a sundress or a light top and shorts, but she returned in a white dress shirt, the kind and size my Dad wears, and that’s all. It hung down just enough to conceal her private spot. However, it did flow in the breeze as she walked toward me. I think I may have seen something underneath but it was just a flash. Sam sat across from me and crossed her long sexy legs. I looked up as she smiled a wicked smile at me. The top few buttons of her shirt had been left undone and I had a close up view of her more than ample cleavage.
Then Sam told me she wanted to show me some of the stuff that she wasn’t allowed to show the class. She got up and went back to her room. Then she called for me to join her. I went to the doorway and stopped. Sam was pulling items of clothing from a lower drawer. As she was bent over I saw her left breast completely exposed. Her nipple still poking out and her flesh was that delightful tan color with no white marks at all.
Sam showed me several of her bras and put them on a dress maker’s manikin that she brought from the corner.

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   I was told to remove the first one. It was a white lace bra that cupped the dummies breasts but did not cover them over. I could only imagine what her boobs would look like in such a bra. Would they bulge over the top or would the bra contain them? I shook my head and reached around the back of the dummy and with both hands, I unhooked the bra. Sam grabbed the bra and said I did it wrong and that I could only use one hand to unhook it. She replaced the bra on the dummy and had me try again. I reached back and fumbled with the hook. After several tries, I finally got it off. But once again, Sam took the bra from me put it back on the dummy telling me to do it this time while facing the mannequin’s front. I stepped up again and reached around back and out of my site. I found the hook by feel and fumbled around till I got it undone. Sam told me that was the way to do it. She had me do it till I could do it first time every time and quickly with no fumbling. When I was sufficiently able to accomplish the task, Sam had me try all her bras. Some had multiple hooks, others had only on big one.

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   Then one had a little tiny hook. I did them all.
When I was proficient enough, Sam showed me her collection of panties. It looked like she had at leased one of every kind. She held up each in succession and told how it was to be removed. (Thumbs under the waste band or fingers inside for a tickle) Some panties were brightly colored, some were white, and some were almost see through in pink or blue or green even. Some covered a lot most very little. One even was crotch less. There was no way to put them on the dummy so I just watched and listened.
When the training session was over, Sam put all the bras and panties away. Again I got to look down her shirt at her beautiful boobs. Sam pulled out another panty but it was different. She laid it on the bed and said it was her new bikini and asked if I thought it was sexy. The bikini was leather, soft leather from the look I had. It was also very small, maybe two inches wide at most and tapering down to nothing.


   The rest was just leather straps. And there was no top. I told her that I liked it but could only imagine what it was like when she was wearing it. That’s when Sam told me there was a problem. In order to wear such a bikini, she said quietly, the lady must be almost clean shaven. She sat on the edge of the bed in front of me. Then she asked you shave don’t you? I told her that I shaved about twice a week, more if I wanted to look good for somebody like on a date or something. Then Sam explained that she hadn’t shaved that close in a while. Sam got real close to me and put my hand on her upper leg telling me she needed to be as smooth as all that only higher. I stroked her thigh continuously and as she talked, I was looking her in the eyes the whole time. Then I looked down where I was stroking her thigh. Sam moved her other leg just enough so I could see part of her muff. It was blonde like her head. There was some stubble and some long and curlies. It was amazing.

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Sam got up and beckoned me to follow her to the bathroom. Inside she started to run some warm water in the sink. The basin filled and she looked me in the eye as she unbuttoned her shirt from the top down. When she got to the last button she pulled it open and saw for the first time, her full frontal nudity. All tan and all smooth and all soft as it could be. I was looking and thinking to myself that she could be a Playmate with a body like that. Sam took some soap in her hand and whipped it into lather and she mixed it into her pubes. There was a makeup table and chair next to the sink. Sam set her ass on the table and took a razor from the counter. With one foot on the chair and the other spread wide, she explained that she would shave the first half and that I would shave the second.
Sam started down low near her puckering asshole. With tiny strokes of the razor I watched as the stubble hairs disappeared. When she worked her way up to thicker hair she explained how I had to be extra careful, no nicks or cuts at all would be acceptable. She got to the top and tapered the hair above her pussy to a little point or rather a half of a point. Then Sam handed me the razor.

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   I started at the bottom as she had. The stubble disappeared again. I was working in the thick stuff when she stopped me and told me to only take short strokes away from her pink. I complied with her wishes. When I got to the top, I tapered the remaining hair to match the other half of her point. Looking at our work I was at ahh with her pretty pink pussy lips and tanned flesh. That’s when I asked why she left a point of blonde hair at the top. She smiled told me there were two reasons. One was when that some guys put their fingers in a girl’s pants, but they don’t always know what they are looking for. The little point of hair lets them know they are close and are going in the right direction. The second reason is that I have blonde pubes and that proves that I am a real blonde. Some guys need the proof and I’m glad to give it.
Sam giggled as she pumped some lotion into my hand and told me to rub it into the freshly shaved areas to sooth the skin. I did this with pleasure. I rubbed the smooth skin and the soft pink lips of her pussy.

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   All around it was slick with the lotion. My fingers slipped between her lips to her inside and she moaned softly. I continued and she got very slick inside. She wiggled a little on her but and moaned again. Then I looked up and she had her yes closed and her head tipped back. She was delicately pinching her nipples at the same time.
That’s when I heard her in a whisper say lick me, lick me deep. I got my face down close to her pussy and licked it. In a whispered she pled with me to go slow, go high and go deep. I was licking and sucking her pink parts and she was dripping fluid on me from her pussy. He moans of pleasure were more pronounced and louder now. Sam squeezed my head between her thighs and let out a muffled scream. The fluid was flowing down my face now. Sam pled with me again, don’t stop, and don’t stop. I licked her and sucked her pink putting my tongue deep inside.

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   When I pulled my tongue out, I made it a licking motion and went all the way up to the nub at the top of her pussy opening. This set her off for the grand finale. I sucked her clit between my lips and she bucked uncontrolled on the counter top while hissing and screaming out loud.
After what seemed like an hour, Sam pushed me away and got up from the counter top. She pushed her shirt back off her shoulders and walked with wobbling legs to the bed. Breathing deeply she told me come to her and remove all my clothes. I did this instantly. Standing at the edge of her bed, she rolled toward me and took my hard cock in her mouth. With one hand gripping my cock and one gently squeezing my balls, she sucked me like a vacuum cleaner. I held back but it was no use. I started squirting my seed. Sam sucked it all up and swallowed it. She kept sucking and I shot it again. Three times, I think before I fell onto the bed with weak knees.
Sam held me and stroked me and I stayed hard in her hands.

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   She looked up at me and commanded me to fuck her and fuck hard and fuck her often. I rolled on top of her and she positioned the tip of my cock in between her pussy lips. I slid in with little effort. She was slick as snot inside. I started taking long deep strokes and was cumming in no time. I thrust deep and shot a load. I pulled back and thrust again and tried to squirt but I couldn’t. I was bottomed out and stretching her pussy so tight over the tip of my cock that I could not cum. Then I realized that she was screaming in my ear as she orgasmed again and again. I let up just a little and all my spunk fluid poured out into her pussy. There was so much spunk in her pussy that it overflowed onto my balls and dripped down my legs. I got up on my hands with arms extended and gazed upon her. This was true beauty, a young woman impaled by a young man and both in the middle of orgasm. Sam’s tits heaved up and down; her nipples extended almost a full inch from her areole as she sucked in for all she had to get a breath of fresh air. I too was breathing deep and hard, but the air in this room smelled of sex and body contact.

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   I suck it all in as I thrust into her. When I could do it no more, I rolled to one side of Sam and lay there taking in air, Sam was panting as well. When I felt up to it, I sucked on her nipples. They felt incredible between my lips as I flicked my tongue across the tips. Sam wiggled and moaned as I did this to her tits.
It was dark when I awoke with my head on her chest and Sam sleeping beneath me. I got off of her and sat up. Sam opened her eyes and gave me that smile. She looked at me and asked if I’d like to take a shower before going home. I readily agreed. My folks don’t want to smell our escapades when I get home. Sam got up and went to the bathroom with me close behind. She set the water temperature to very warm in the shower and hopped in. I was right behind her. It was a full size shower with plenty of room for both of us.

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   She proceeded to soap me up and I in turn washed her. At one point when we were about to get out, Sam dropped the soap and bent over to pick it up. I took the opportunity and stuck it to her one more time. We enjoyed another orgasm and got out.
I was putting on my clothes but Sam refused to get dressed telling how she would be dripping my sperm for hours. She was sitting on the edge of the bed as I got my pants and shoes on. Sam said in a low tone that if I ate pussy like that with every female I met then the world of girls and woman could not ever say no to me. I went home, had dinner and went to bed.



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