School Physical - Part IV - Transfer Student 2


Topic: School Physical - Part IV - Transfer Student 2(The Next Day. . . )
As third period approached, Kendra could hardly contain her excitement. Not only was she having fun corrupting Bill's innocence, she couldn't help but want his thick cock inside her this time. A handjob and masturbation was good, but actually receiving the beast would be even better. Also, her mind kept going back to his revelation about his mother. Just thinking about how hot it would be to see Bill and his mother Sara fucking each other was enough to moisten her panties.
With second period drawing to a close, she went through the motions in a thoughtless daze of passing out the medications to the students that came in needing them. It wasn't until the bell rang signifying the end of the period that she noticed she was alone again in the office. Waiting for Bill she couldn't help but let a few lustful ideas cross her mind. Giving Bill a sloppy blowjob, trying to take in as much of his dick as she could. . . giving him the first titty fuck of his young life. .

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  . and of course getting reamed by his magnificent cock. . .
She considered what she had worn that day. . . on top she had her normal nurse uniform on, a long sleeve blouse and a modest skirt. Underneat however she had worn her underwear that drove men wild - her half-cup black bra, which barely covered her nipples and showed plenty of cleavage, and her black lace panties, more of a g-string than an actual panty. The sheer material of the underwear coupled with the fantasies she had been entertaining all day kept her in a state of arousal, a feeling that she loved. Finally the second bell rang which meant third period was starting, and she knew Bill would be there soon.
Heading from her desk back to her exam room, she made a few final preperations. The exam bed itself she lowered, and put the back up so that it would be at an almost 45 degree angle. From a drawer, she removed a couple varieties of lube, and set them on a small table next to the bed. Finally, she pulled a stool over to the exam table.

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   Heading back out towards her desk she heard the door opening, and Bill stepped through.
In a sultry voice she greeted him "welcome back Bill" and ended it with a wink. Although Bill was clearly still embarrassed by the events of the previous day, he was still able to smile at her and say hi. "Head on back and sit down on the table again" she told Bill. With just a little stutter in his step, he walked past her into the back room. As she went forward to lock the door she couldn't help but lick her lips in anticipation.
Walking into the exam room herself, she saw that Bill was already seated on the exam room. "Do you need me to masturbate again Ms. Thompson" he asked her in a hopeful tone. Chuckling, she replied "No, today Bill we are moving on to other matters of sex. " With that statement a bit of a blush returned to his cheeks, a sight she had expected. Stammering slightly, he asked "what other 'matters of sex' did you want to talk about Ms Thompson?"
"You have it all wrong, Bill" Kendra said. "It isn't just talking, today we are going to practice different. . .

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   techniques" she ended with a sly wink. Noticing that he might be about to be too nervous to continue, she took a step in front of him and placed a hand against his chest to keep him in place. "Now, I'd like you to remove all your clothes and sit back down on the table. "
Stepping back from him and allowing him to stand, she stood about a foot away, not giving him much room to disrobe. Slowly he pulled off his shirt and took off his pants, then he looked at her. When Kendra just nodded to him, he slowly and shyly removed boxers. Just site of his penis was enough to start Kendra's heart racing. "Really, Bill" she said "you shouldn't be so embarrased about showing that to women. Girls like a confident man, and a confident man with a penis like yours is even better. " Flustered, he asked her why. Looking into his eyes, she replied "because, Bill, women like big dicks, and you have a very nice dick. "
Taken aback by her response, he sat back down on the edge of the table. "First things first Bill" Kendra said. "To begin with, today we'll start with a blowjob, so just sit back and relax. " She noticed today that he obviously wasn't as nervous as yesterday - already his cock was starting to harden.

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   Taking a small step forward, she knelt in front of Bill. With the bed lowered as far as it could go, his cock was right in front of her face. Looking up at him, she reached forward with her hand and encircled the base of his dick with her hand, slowly stroking it. In just a few moments of her gentle stroking his cock was hard as a rail and at its full length of about 9 inches.
With his cock in front of her like this, she could tell that she wouldn't be able to get much of it in her mouth. From her continued stroking, there was already a small glistening of precum leaking out. Gazing back at Bill, Kendra leaned forward and licked just the end of his cock, licking off the precum and causing Bill's whole body to shudder. Several times she repeated the process of licking the head of his cock, each time causing him to shudder slightly. After a couple more licks she stopped her stroking and moved her hand up to hold the tip of his cock. Slowly, she dragged her tongue along the underside of his penis, and upon reaching the base she felt his short, soft hair gently brushing her chin. As she held his dick, she slowly rubbed his head, and licked back up from shaft to tip.
At this point Bill's eyes were closed and his breathing had begun to speed up. Resuming the stroking of his cock, she opened her mouth wide and placed her moist mouth over the head. Barely able to close her mouth, she loved the feeling of such a giant dick against her tongue. With a slight sucking sound, she pushed forward down the length of his shaft.

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   Try as she might, she couldn't fit anymore than half his dick in her mouth before starting to gag slightly. She pulled her head back, moving her tongue against the underside of his dick as she did so. With just the very end of the head still in her mouth, she once again pushed herself back down the shaft. Again, she sucked as much in as she could, and her pussy juices began to flow, absolutely loving the amount of meat in her mouth.
Still stroking the lower end of his dick, she began to bob her head faster on the top. After just a few seconds of this treatment she felt him tensing beneath her hand, and she knew that he would be cumming, and soon. Determined to swallow it all, she stopped the bobbing motion and instead left most of the head in her mouth, assaulting it with her tongue, while stroking his dick with her hand as fast as she could. Reaching up with her other hand she gently tightened it on his balls, knowing it would make the sensation that much more intense. Hearing him begin to pant loudly, she prepared to drink every last drop. In just a few more seconds her salty reward was given to her, as Bill groaned loudly and a blast of hot cum shot against the back of her throat. Continuing to pump his dick, she frantically swallowed spurt after spurt of cum. After what seemed like minutes but was just 18 seconds, he dribbled the last of his semen into her mouth.
Kendra was still slowly stroking his dick, and had not been able to swallow nearly enough as he had released it into her. Cum had overflowed out of her mouth and started to drip down her chin, and there was a small pool still sitting in her mouth. Not wanting to take it out of her mouth, she slowly removed his dick from her mouth, causing some more cum to drip down her face.

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   Swallowing again, nearly clearing her mouth, she took her hands from his cock and began to clean up the cum dripping down her face and popping it back in her mouth to finish the treat.
"Jesus. . . Ms. Thompson. . . " Bill grunted out "that was amazing. " He looked down at her then, with his cock mere inches from her face, watching her lick her fingers. "You are so hot" he continued, trying to catch his breath. She just winked at him. "Can. . .

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   can you do that again?" he asked.
Kendra was once again amazed that even after that, this monster cock in front of her was still hard and still ready for more.
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Topic: School Physical - Part IV - Transfer Student 2 (page 2)With a mischievous look in her eyes, Kendra stood up in front of Bill. Absently, she began to stroke his cock and said "well Bill, as much as I loved giving you a blowjob, I think its time that you did something for me. " Stopping the slow stroke - to Bill's obvious disappointment - she continued "A minute ago you said I was 'hot', and that was before I even had my clothes off. What do you say I get naked for you" she finished with a wink. Very softly she heard him stammer out that he would like that. SHaking her head she said "Bill you need to be more in control, don't just whisper it to me, tell it to my face. Hearing that from a guy gets a girl even more hot and bothered. "
Clearing his throat, Bill told Kendra "Ms. Thompson, I'd like you to take off your clothes. " Giggling, Kendra began to comply. As she began to unbutton her blouse, she chimed in with one last statement. "You really have to start calling me Kendra, Ms. Thompson makes me feel old.

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  " Smiling at her, he said "Okay, Kendra. "
With her blouse completely unbuttoned, Kendra began to shrug out of it. "If you see anything you like let me know" she told Bill. At that, she let the shirt fall from her shoulders, revealing her lacy black bra, barely containing her perfect breasts. One nipple was already poking out of the bra, hard as a diamond. The other was straining against the fabric, showing that it too was rock hard. Looking at Bill's face she saw his jaw had dropped, and he could do nothing but stare at her boobs. Teasingly she asked him "So, you like what you see?" Almost shouting it out he replied "Kendra your tits are great!" Realizing what he had blurted out his face reddened, to which Kendra just laughed. "They feel even better than they look" she told him.
Stepping forward so that they were just a couple inches apart, she picked up his hands and placed them on her boobs. The feeling of his hands cupping her breasts was enough to start her heart racing and get her panties wet. Without needing further instruction, Bill slowly began to fondle her breasts. Squeezing them gently, he slowly moved his hands around her boobs. With a low moan, she breathed "you're a fast learner, Bill. " When his right hand brushed against her exposed nipple, she shuddered slightly.

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   Noticing this, Bill put his thumb on her tit and slowly rubbed it back and forth, then circled it slowly. Looking at Kendra, he saw her eyes were half closed, and her breathing had quickened. After a few seconds of caressing her nipple with his right hand, he slipped his left inside her bra and began rub that nipple as well.
At this double assault, Kendra let out a loud moan, and reached down into her panties and began to rub herself. Amazed at how wet she already was, she let out a sudden gasp and an even louder moan as she felt him pinch both her nipples at the same time. Breathing heavily, she knew that she would og insane if she didn't get his giant cock in her, and soon. About to reach up and push his hands away, she saw Bill look away from her boobs and up to her face, then suddenly he leaned in and began to lick her tit. With that quick lick she groaned again, and felt him encircle the nipple with his mouth and suck it in. Inside his mouth she felt his tongue licking her tit, circling one way and then the other. With his left hand he pulled her bra down, and switched his attention to her other boob. Again, he sucked her tit into his mouth, except this time he didn't just lick her nipple, he began to tease it ever so lightly with his teeth. As he did this he pinched her other nipple again.
With this going on Kendra began to breathe in short gasps, letting out a little moan with every gasp. Her panties were starting to get soaked, and she could barely stand. As Bill released her nipple from his mouth, she took the chance to take a quick step back, almost collapsing as she did so.

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   Disappointment showed in Bill's eyes so she quickly reassured him "Normally I'd let you continue this Bill, but at this point I need one thing from you. " With a lingering gasp, she told him "Bill I need you to fuck me, and good!" Gulping, he replied "I'm still a virgin. . . I'm not quite sure what I should do if thats what you want. . . " he finished, ashamed. Stepping forward again, she leaned to him and whispered in his ear "don't worry, I'm sure you'll figure it out easily enough. Its really as easy as I'm sure you've heard it is. . . You take your dick, you put it in my pussy and you pound me till I cum. " Taken aback at her direct words he pulled his head back to say something.
    Before he could continue Kendra leaned forward and gave him a kiss, accompanied by low moan from deep in her throat.


       Quickly he began to kiss her back. With a gasp she pulled herself away from the kiss.
    Taking his hand, she pulled him up from the table, and pulled him to stand behind her. Reaching down, she raised the table a couple inches. Turning around, she looked him in the eye, and at his still rock hard dick. At the sight of his penis pointed straight at her, she quickly unhooked her bra and tossed it aside, then removed her skirt and panties and threw them as well. Finally they were both naked, and Kendra could barely contain her excitement. Hopping up onto the table, she sat on the edge of it with her legs spread open. Watching Bill stare at her wet pussy caused her to bring a hand to her stomach, which she slowly slid down. As she approached her pussy she felt the almost completely smooth skin beneath her finger, having shaved totally for this occasion. Lightly, she began to tease her pussy lips, and putting just the tip of her finger inside herself. Motioning Bill forward, he stepped up until his cock was resting against her leg. Breathlessly, Kendra told him "Just slide the head in at first Bill, and give me a second to prepare myself after you do so. "Leaning back so that her back was against the tilted exam table, she reached down with both her hands and spread her lips open. Carefully, Bill grasped his dick behind its head and positioned it directly in front of her hole, then just as instructed, slowly pushed it inside.

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       As he did so he let forth a deep groaning sound, and stopped with his cock just a couple inches inside of her. Kendra was in heaven, the feeling of her vagina being stretched was incredible. Now came the best part. "Bill, I want you to slowly push your cock the rest of the way inside me, until you can't push any further. " Not needing to be told twice, he began to push his dick in, inch by agonizing inch. As more of his dick disappeared inside her, Kendra let out quick whimpers of delight, until finally she felt her pussy stuffed so full the pleasure was almost painful. Finally she felt him stop moving in her, and it felt like her pussy was at its limit. She saw that all but the very base of his cock was in her, and the feeling of being stretched to the breaking point was incredibly intense. Letting out one continuous moan, she was able to say "don't just leave it there, this is the part where you pound me. Start slow but speed it up quick!"
    At that, he began to remove his dick from within her, and as he pulled out the emptiness was maddening. As he pulled his cock out until just the tip was in her, he again sent it back in. Slowly, for a couple strokes, he pumped in and out of her pussy. Before long, however, he began to let his youth show, and it was exactly what she had hoped for. Still leaning back on the table, she lifted her legs up to his shoulders, and instinctively he wrapped his arms around them and held on. As his speed increased, she could already feel the beginnings of an orgasm building within her.

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       Breathing heavily he continued to increase the speed of his assault. At each thrust forward Kendra let out a short squeak, and he let out a slight grunt. Beginning to move even faster, Kendra felt her orgasm approaching. Pounding her as hard as he was began to cause her breasts to sway, and she saw he couldn't take his eyes off them. Reaching up with both hands she began to play with her breasts and nipples.
    Soon the exam room was an almost nonstop sound of squeals and grunts. Almost about to cum, and knowing it would make her orgasm that much more intense, Kendra began to squeeze her nipples tightly. Her eyes, were screwed shut, the tip of her tongue sticking out of her mouth, and her body had begun to sweat. Bill with his continued pounding of her was amazed at the sensation of her pussy barely giving way for his cock as he shoved forward, and almost sucking it back in as he pulled back out. Sweating profusely, the sound of his balls spanking against her ass took on a wet slapping sound.
    Kendra could take no more. Letting out a loud, long, moan, her entire body convulsed violently. Cum exploded out past Bill's cock, and immediately began dripping down her ass, his legs, and the table. Seemingly oblivious to her orgasm, Bill continued his full scale pounding, causing several aftershocks to ripple through her pussy. With each thrust, she let out a soft "oh, fuck.

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       Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. " This was always accomponied from a grunt from Bill. As Kendra came, Bill felt her pussy tighten on his cock more than before, which caused him to renew his pace.
    The amazingly tight feeling of her pussy soon proved to be to much for Bill. With one final push and an even louder grunt, he buried himself as deep as he could in her pussy, and felt himself erupt within her. As he came he gave a few more small thrusts, causing her pussy to fill with his cum. Each small ush forced a little more cum out, and after four or five seconds her pussy could hold no more, and small bits of cum began to leak out past his cock. Slowly, and with a wet sucking sound, he pulled himself out of her. Stumbling back a few steps, he sat down on a stool. As usual, his cock was still rock hard, and was pointed straight back at Kendra. Both his cum and her juices were beginning to slide down his dick, making it glisten. Kendra, meanwhile, was still leaning back on the table, legs spread wide, cum and pussy juice leaking out of pussy, dribbling down her ass crack and onto the table.
    As both of them continued to breathe heavily, she couldn't help butalerady miss the feeling of his monster cock inside of her. Slightly gasping she opened her eyes and looked at Bill, and said to him "You mentioned you thought of your mother while you masturbated.

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       I think I've come up with a way to take it beyond just masturbation. However, it will take several more fuck sessions before you're ready. " Seeing as he had gone very still, she thought that perhaps she had gone over the line. When he looked at her and said alright, she was instantly aroused again. Raising her finger, she beckoned him back over.
    (To Be Continued)