School For Girls Part 1


I work at Victoria Owens' School For Girls, and I love my job. It's not because of the pay, it's not because of the work, it's because of the perks. When I first interviewed for the job, I met the principal. She is only about 30 years old, and she started the school when she was 20. It's named after her. I walked into her office, an 18 year old fresh out of college- I had always been smart, really smart, so I graduated high school early and went straight to college. But I'd always wanted to teach at an all-girls school. Being such a young high schooler, I had never been mature enough to appreciate the beautiful girls around me, and by the time I got to college, all the girls were out of my league. But this school was perfect. It was only for juniors and seniors, so the girls were all 18 to 18 years old.

Victoria herself was gorgeous. A tan, skinny woman with curvy hips, curly hair and a winning smile, I immediately took a liking to her. When I first met her, she was wearing a shirt that had "I wear the pants around here" scrawled across her C-cup breasts. But ironically, she was wearing a short skirt that exposed her long, shiny legs. She smoked, but not a lot. I had always hated smoking before I met her.

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   She made it look classy.

I had already been hired when I got there- the school favored young teachers, and I was both young and educated. But I still went into her office. She offered me a cigarette, which I declined, but she lit one for herself. She kept them in a little silver case, a little touch of class, and lit it with a match. She puffed gently at the smoke instead of dragging it in. She really did look sophisticated.

She led me across the campus, where I couldn't help but stare at the beautiful students. They had schoolgirl uniforms all right, but they were different. They wore white button down blouses that seemed just a bit too small, their breasts were visible as every girl wore her shirt with most of the top buttons open. Their skirts were different too- they were green and black, but they hugged their hips and didn't go much past the thigh. And from the way the skirts waved, I could tell that most of the girls weren't wearing underwear.

"I see you've noticed our uniforms" Victoria said.

"Yes indeed" I said, impressed.

"I designed them myself.

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  " she said. "I feel like womens clothing should exude both femininity and confidence. That's why I wear this shirt with my skirt" she pointed at her shirt. "Being feminine doesn't have to mean you're some sort of victim of sexism. It just means you're proud to be a woman. That's what I teach my girls here- to show off their womanly assets. "

She flicked some ashes off her cigarette and continued talking.

"During class hours, the girls have to wear their uniforms. However, during free time they can wear whatever they want. They are encouraged, however, to wear something that, in someway, emphasizes the fact that they are a woman. They are also discouraged from wearing underwear. "

We had reached a large, fancy building.

"This is our main dormatory and rec center. The top floors house students, while the bottom floors house facilities for the students to use. We have all the standard athletic equipment, but we also have some unique things as well.

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  " she gestured to her left "That is our student salon- it does facials, manicures, pedicures, the works, and it also does waxing. That's where I always go when I get my pussy waxed" she said with a wink.

"To your left is our clothing optional spa. We have both saunas and hot tubs there that are open 24 hours a day. Ah, and here is our contraceptive center. This is an all girls school because we tailor our education towards girls, but we still encourage them to experiment sexually. There's a boys school a few miles away, and we have hourly shuttles over to there. Needless to say, the girls bring back a lot of boys. "

Then, we went upstairs and to the dormatory.

"The dorms are large, 3 beds per room, and the showers are communal. But we also have two private rooms per floor. They are available to all students when they need 'private time'. The sheets are changed by our staff after each use, and they're monitored by security camera, primarily to prevent autoerotic asphyxiation, but you can look over the tapes any time that you want to" she gave me a wink and then took another puff on her cigarette.

We then came to a beautiful common area. There were sofas and a large TV, but they were on a glass enclosed deck that looked out over the rest of the campus.

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   There were 5 girls there, relaxing.

"OK Bill" she said to me. Here's the final test. If you're comfortable with this, you should be comfortable with the rest of the program.

She faced the girls and said loudly "Inspection"

All 6 of the girls stood up and got in a single file line. The first one was a shy looking, red-headed girl. She was the shorted of the bunch, and she, like all of them, was gorgeous. Although she looked shy at a glance, her eyes burned with passion. She was wearing a standard uniform, which she removed. Her B-cup breasts were perky and bouncy, with small areolas. Her body was thin and slender, and it wound its way down to her pussy. There was a firey red strip of pubic hair, but the rest was perfectly bald and neatly arranged.

"You're looking good Arya. I like the strip" Victoria said.

The second girl was a haughty looking brunette.

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   She was a striking beauty, tall, with wavy dark brunette hair that ran down to her shoulders. Her eyes were a smouldering blue. She wore a plain, sleeveless white T-shirt and a ragged jean skirt that exposed most of her thighs. She too removed her clothes. Her breasts were a small B-cup, but they fit her nicely and they were perky. Her pussy looked tight, but it was covered with a thick layer of stubble.

"Tsk-tsk Sophie" Victoria scorned, "you haven't been shaving often enough. You know the rule, no hair on the lips. What you do with the hair up top is up to you, but hair right by your vagina is unsanitary and unladylike. Go to the waxing salon"

Sophie complied, and as she walked off I watched her tight ass saunter away. By the time I looked back, the next girl was already undressed. She was a curly haired brunette, but her hair was lighter than Sophie's. She had some freckles, and innocent brown eyes. She had pert C-cup breasts, and her pussy was even more stubbly then Sophies, and she had a large patch of hair up top.

"Now this will never do" Victoria said in a cute, baby talk voice.

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   "You're gonna get infections on your little pussy if you don't get rid of that hair" then she changed her tone, and wryly said "and the guys aren't gonna want to eat you out if you don't keep it clean. Now go get a wax"

"I don't like the wax" the girl complained, "it hurts. "

"Well, the razor doesn't seem to agree with you either, Lisa" Victoria put in. "Oh, I know just the thing. " She walked to the closet across the way and came out with a razor and some shaving cream and a bowl of water. She massaged the shaving cream into Lisa's pussy, and then, to my surprise, handed me the razor.

"I don't understand" I said. I was still sorta shocked from all the naked girls around me.

"Oh come now" she said. "You shave, don't ya Bill"

I hesitated, I was still kinda stunned.

"Not feeling talkative eh" she said, teasingly. "Well, let's find out. "

Without warning she lunged and pulled my pants down.

"I'm disappointed in you Bill" she said, noticing my thick patch of brown pubic hair. Her eyes lit up, however, at the thought of the impending fun.

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"Arya left for her room, and Sophie's getting her cunt waxed, soooo, how about this. We have a race. "

She looked at the other two girls who still hadn't been inspected. I noticed they were quite gorgeous. The first had coal black hair that contrasted beautifully with her pale skin, blue eyes, and moist white lips. The second was a blonde, thin and sexy, an all-American beauty. Victoria had them undress. They both had landing strips.

"OK, here's how it's gonna work. Lisa, you go up on Bill's chest and put your pussy by his face. Bill will shave you. I will shave Bill. Bill, once you finish shaving Lisa, I want you to eat her out. Once I finish shaving you, I will give you a blowjob. The first one to cum gets to pick someone in this room to fuck.

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   The second one gets second pick, and so on. Now, Mary and Lynn, she said to the other girls. You will shave each other, and eat each other out. That way you're in the race too. Now, let me just get these clothes off.

She took off her skirt and her shirt, revealing her perky C-cup breasts, which were tanned to the tone of her body, and her pussy, which was waxed clean and shiny and tan. She was a beauty to behold.

"Ready? Go!"

I felt her razor swiping down my pubic mound, she was remarkably fast, and clearly an expert. I was at a bit of an awkward angle, but I did my best and soon had Lisa's cunt bare. Her inner lips were a bit bigger than the other girls, who barely had any at all, so I had a bit more to suck on. I licked and sucked at her cunt and as she began to moan I felt Victoria's tongue on my dick. I tried to hold in my cum, as, as hot as the other girls were, I really wanted to sample Mary's pussy. From across the room I heard Mary and Lynn moaning as they ate each other out. Lisa began to moan louder and thrust her pussy against my mouth. I pushed my tongue deeper and deeper until she came.

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"One down" I heard Victoria call, and she gave redoubled attention to my dick head, twisting all over it. I could barely hold it in until I heard Mary and Lynn cum simultaneously. Letting go, I shot a long jet of cum into her mouth. She swallowed it like water.

"Something just occurred to me" I said. "No one was eating you out. "

"That's OK" she said. "You're going to have sex with me anyway, I need to make sure you're good before I let the students have you. But, I'm an honest woman, so I'll let you pick a girl to fuck.

I looked at Mary and without a word she came over to me. She kissed me and looked me right in the eye.

"Welcome to the school" she said.

Then she straddled me and put my dick inside her 18 year-old pussy. It was unbelievably tight, and she thrust me deep into her. My shaft felt the softness of her freshly shaved lips while my cockhead explored her warm depths.

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   She kept on riding and riding, moaning loudly and rubbing her clit. After a solid 18 minutes of riding, I came, but she was still holding on. "Finish me off" she said, and she thrust her pussy up to my face. I licked her clit and in less than a minute she came. Then she reached down to my deflating dick and put it back in her mouth, alternately sucking it and pumping it till it was hard again.

"All ready for you" she said to Victoria when it was rock hard.

The principal walked over to the couch and lay down, with her legs spread apart. "Let's see how you fuck, new guy" she said playfully to me. I mounted her and began to thrust, deep and hard. Her breasts bounced around as I pounded deeper and deeper into her.

"Slow down cowboy" she said. "I'm the only one who hasn't gotten oral yet. "

I went down to her freshly waxed pussy and began eating her out. She began to moan and after a few minutes she pulled me up onto her chest. Pushing her breasts together, she began to titfuck me.


   Craning her neck downwards, she began to suck me off as I titty fucked her, catching my head each time it pushed through her breasts. Then she pushed me back down to her pussy, where I re-inserted my dick and started thrusting again. As we each reached climax, she looked at me, dead serious and said "so, you want the teaching job"