Samantha fucks Hannah


Hannah woke up feeling extremely horny. Deciding against masturbating (she would smell heavily of pussy), she decided to wear extremely slutty clothes, in hopes she could seduce some stupid boy at school into fucking her in a bathroom.
Forsaking her bra and panties, she stepped out of the house wearing just a very short, black miniskirt and a skintight white tube top. Break and lunch went by, and no boy seemed to want to fuck Hannah. Sure, they stared her down in a daze, but none of them acted on sexual impulse.
In the last class of the day, Hannah noticed that there was a girl on the other side of the room, staring in between her legs at her clean shaven pussy. Desperate for some form of fucking before school's end, Hannah sized up the girl, whose name she remembered to be Samantha.
Samantha had emerald green eyes and dark black hair. Her tits were massive, probably 36D if not bigger. Hannah noticed that the girl had her left hand buried in her shorts, massaging her pussy while staring at Hannah's snatch. Hannah decided that this girl was good enough.
Hannah mouthed the words "go to the girl's bathroom" to Samantha, hoping that she would understand, and go as soon as possible.
Hannah then raised her hand, and said in a sick-sounding voice, "Miss Becky? I feel like I'm going to throw up. May I go see the nurse?" The teacher excused her, and out she went.
Hannah stripped off her skimpy clothes as soon as she got into the bathroom door, and waited. Sure enough, a few minutes later, Samantha burst through the door, pulled Hannah to the floor, and crammed her tongue into her mouth.

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   Hannah returned the favor, grabbed the ends of Sam's shirt, and tore it off of her. Sam reached down and slid off her shorts, revealing that she, too, had been wearing no panties. Samantha grinned sexily.
Hannah commanded Sam to eat her out until she had orgasmed at least twice. Samantha quickly complied, burying her face into Hannah's crotch and sliding her tongue in and out of her vagina as fast as she could.
Hannah could tell immediately from the intense pleasure that she was receiving that this girl had done this many, many times before. She began moaning loudly, which stimulated Sam. Bored of tongue-fucking the girl, Sam removed her tongue, placed her rosy-red lips on the edges of Hannah's pussy, and began sucking vigorously. Hannah screamed, and her juices sprayed into Samantha's mouth and trickled down her throat.
"That's one," Sam said, raising her head to smile proudly, before Hannah pushed Samantha's head back into her pussy.
Sam pulled Hannah's pussy lips apart with her hand, and spat deep into it. She then forced her tongue back in, and began mixing the saliva around inside of Hannah. The pleasure overwhelmed the girl. Hannah's eyes rolled upward, and her mouth fell open as she had her second orgasm, squirting all over Samantha's beautiful face.
"Now eat MY pussy, you fucking whore!" Samantha yelled, as she forced Hannah's face down, as Hannah had done to her.

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Hannah had other plans. Her tongue went below Sam's soaking wet clit, and forced itself into her anus. Sam gave a very loud, involuntary moan of shock and pleasure. Hannah slid her upper lip onto Samantha's pussy, and began massaging it while her tongue was flying in and out of Samantha's tight little ass. Sam came immediately, half of her juices flowing into Hannah's mouth, the other half splashing onto her face.
Hannah didn't even stop to acknowledge the fact that Samantha had just had an orgasm, and continued with her very intricate oral act. Soon enough, Samantha screamed, and her cum squirted all over Hannah's hair.
The two girls assumed the 69 position, and got to work. After about 18 more minutes of eating each other simultaneously, they both orgasmed for the final time.
As they rose to their feet, they heard clapping. Both girls whipped around to see that they had had a spectating crowd of 6 other girls, all of whom had been masturbating to the sight of them fucking.
They simultaneously flushed, but the girls reassured them by swearing that they wouldn't mention the event to anyone, ever, and told them that they were all jealous of their great fucking prowess.
After all the girls redressed (3 of the spectators had removed their clothing so they wouldn't have a damp mark on the crotch of their pants), they walked outside and noticed a couple of boys smiling knowingly at them. Hannah immediately remembered that the boy's bathroom was directly next to the girls, and the walls were very thin. She whispered to Samantha her findings, and she turned bright red.

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   All 8 of the girls were forever on known in the school as the lesbian whores.



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