I sighed and wiped away the tears on my cheek. I'm nothing but the school loser. I have shaggy long hair, and a skinny, dangly body. Easy pickings for macho jerks. "Oh my god. Are you OK?" A female asked behind me. I turned around slowly to face her. "Yeah. . . . I guess. As good as one can be by getting the usual ass kicking infront of the whole school. " I said, forcing a smile. I stared at her for a minute. She was a very pretty girl.

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   Standing a couple inches below me, at 5'5". I think she was about 112 lbs, also. The thing that most caught my attenion, that under her long black hair, was these piercing green eyes. They seemed to stare deep into my soul. She put a hand into mine and lead me to a bench. She stared at the ground and said, "I hate all those fucking jocks. Thinking they're so tough by picking on people who have no chance. "I gave a small laugh "Um, thanks". She looked over quickly. "No, I didn't mean any harm. Just saying I hate all those macho guys. . . " She looked more hurt then me now. I smiled and looked down "Its perfectly okay.

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   Probably better to be a macho guy, then get beat up day in and day out". She gave me a nudge on my arm. "Well I don't care what they think. I think you are a good person. My name is Rory, I just transfered here. " She held out her hand to me. I shook her hand and looked into her beautiful eyes again. "I'm Kyle. Nice to meet you. " She gave me a warm smile. "Very nice to meet you too, Kyle". I sighed and got to my feet. "Well I should be going, Mom would be pissed if I'm late for supper. Have a good day, Rory. " I said.

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   I didn't want to leave her. She seemed too perfect. But me. I must of been some sight to see. Dry blood under my nose and cuts on my lips. Bruised face for all I know. How could she even stand to look at me?"Wait!"I turned and looked at her. "Yes?""Well. . . . I'm new here. And I was wondering, if maybe you could come over tonight. . .

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  and show me around?"I laughed and tried to study her eyes. "You're kidding right?""Why would I be kidding?""No one ever wants to be seen with me. It's like socail suicide. ""I'm not like other people. I'm a great judge of character and I can tell you're a great person. " She smiled when she said this. How could I say no. So we made plans to go out and I was off running home. Trying desperatly to get the blood off my face. I came into the house and ran to the table. Sitting down and trying to look like nothing bad happened today. Something bad happens to me everyday. My father looked at me with anger. "Were you fighting again? What the hell did I tell you about fighting? You little son of a bitch can't even take a punch. " He yelled at the top of his voice box.

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  I looked down, ashamed. "I'm sorry. He came up to me and starting picking on me. And before I knew it. . . " I didn't get to finish. My dad was on his feet. "You got your ass kicked. Am I right?" He towered over me as he said this. "Yes sir. "He brought down a hard back hand across my cheek. "Don't you 'Yes sir' me. You're nothing but a little pussy", he screamed. "Honey, honey.

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   Calm down, please. "That got them yelling. I snuck out and went to the bathroom. I cleaned myself up, stopping to wince at the pain. I tried to fight back tears as I heard Dad yell at my mother. I couldn't take this anymore, I crept out the backdoor and out to Rory's house. When I got there and rang the doorbell, she answered quickly. A smile quickly covered her face. "Hey Kyle!" God she looked so good. She changed into a black tank top, and a very short black mini-skirt. I couldn't tell, but by the way her nipples were standing at attenion, she wasn't wearing a bra. She looked to be about a 36 c bra size. And boy, did he want to touch them. I brought her over the small town. Accept to the places where the tough jocks hang out.

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   One beating is enough for today. We ended up at the movies, seeing the midnight showing of "Friday the 13th". Hey it was old, but good. I noticed that Rory clinged to me on the "scary" parts. Digging her head into my shoulder, or holding tightly to my arm. It was all new to me. I've never touched a girl. I'm nothing but a 18 year old senior, who never kissed or did anything with a girl. And here I am, in a theater with this very attractive girl on my arm. About three quaters through the movie, I jumped as I felt a hand touch my inner thigh. It rested there, and slowly moved up towards the growing bluge in my pants. Before I knew it, she leaned over and started kissing me. I had no idea what to do, so I followed her lead. I opened my mouth and let her tounge play around with mine. I sometimes bit down on her lower lip gently, and sucked on her tounge.

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   I felt her hand move inside my jeans, pulling the front down, with my boxers. She grabbed onto my hard cock and started jerking hard, while kissing me. Needless to say, I got alot worse at kissing, really fast. I tried to concentrate, but it felt so good. Her little hand was pumping my cock, up and down. Before I knew it, I was moaning into the kiss. She gave it one last hard tug, and my cum shot up. It covered her whole hand and my balls. She broke the kiss and brought her hand to her mouth, licking it clean. I pulled up my jeans and boxers and started kissing her again, not caring I could taste myself. She took my hand and placed it on her thighs. Slowly she brought it up her skirt and to her panties. I pushed the materail to the side and started to rub her wet mound. She was breathing hard, and grinding her pussy into my hand. I found her hole and pushed in a finger.

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   I moved it in and out, in time with her moans. Soon she was moving her body into my pushes, taking in all my finger. "M. . . . m. . . . more" She whispered into my ear. I pushed in a second finger. She was pretty tight, but I managed to get it in. I pushed them in harder and faster. She was breathing very hard and fast.

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   I moved my thumb around her pussy until I felt her clit, and started rubbing that, too. Not long after that, I felt her bite into my shoulder and her juices flooded my hand. "Let's go. " She said softly, pulling her panties back and place. I followed her outside. She took my hand and led me behind the building. It was deserted. She reached into her small purse and took out a condom. I stared at it in disbelief. She broke that stare by kissing me hard. Her tounge flapped around my mouth, and massaged mine. She unzipped and pulled down my pants. She then pulled down my boxers and started to pull my half hard cock, to get it at full erection. It felt so good, because of the cum before was still on it, made an excellent lube. Finally my cock stood at 7 and half inches.


   She broke this kiss and knelt down infront of me. She opened the package and slid the condome over my cock, carefully. She was breathing heavy. I kissed her again, as she stood back up. I reached under skirt and pulled down her panties. She stepped out of them and turned away, her back against the wall. I got the hint and picked her up, as she wrapped her legs around my waist. "Oh god, I'm so horny! Please, stick it in. . "I pushed my cock into her very wet pussy. It slid in, and then I knew she wasn't a virgin. I didn't care. I moaned loudly and started pulling out and pushing in. Faster and harder. Rory gave little yelps and moans as she closed her eyes and rested her head on the wall.

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   I pushed in harder and faster, getting my whole cock in. After five mintues, Rory gripped my shoulders hard and screamed as she came. This instantly sent me off and I came too. I felt it fill the condome. I stared into her beautiful eyes. Rory smiled to me and kissed me again. "I think I love you, Kyle. "I laughed lowly "You're in love with the school loser? That can't be good for your social life". She frowned and kissed me again. "I don't care what people think. I want you and only you. "It hit me. This beautiful girl loved me, and I loved her. Nothing else mattered. Once love has entered filled your life, everything else doesn't seem as important.

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  My beatings seemed to stop. They saw I just didn't care anymore. All I cared about was Rory. But a revelation hit me, if I didn't get the shit kicked out of me, she never would of paid attenion to me. Life has an odd way of throwing you a good thing, even when you're down and bloody. .



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