Reading Is Fun!


Was this a sign, 1(the book was popular ?or 2( possibly this chick wanted me to know she liked girls to? Either way I continued to look threw it, and stumbled upon a rather detailed description of how to give a girl a g-spot orgasm. This was good…make that great material, why is it only for women, I think guys ought to take some lessons from this book as well. Just over the top of the book I saw the girl lick her lips, open and close her legs really fast and take a deep breath. Was this cutie getting off reading this book? I thought about it, and I actually started to get turned on. She was wearing a micro mini skirt with plaid on it, (and how so cute, she had a matching back pack), a white tank top and black leather knee high boots. She had long wavy brown hair and blue eyes with I’d have to say medium sized tits…. . very cute. She looked in her late teens/early 20’s, I wonder how old she thought I was, could she ever guess I was only 16? I decided to put the book in my left hand and set my right hand in my lap. I kept the book up on the left arm of the chair so she could see what I was doing. I slowly ran my right hand up my right thigh and around my inner thigh then back quickly. That got a glance outta her. I opened my lips a little bit, licked my top lip, looked up and smiled at her. I was loosing it, I couldn’t sit there all night and make passes at her, I had to find out now. I put the book down on the table in between us and broke the ice with a little conversation. “How long have you been bi-sexual? Quickly catching myself, I added “Or, Lesbian?”“Oh, well, I think I really realized it when I was about 18 when I couldn’t stop checking out my female friends’ asses.

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  ” Then she let out a little giggle. “You have a really cute laugh,” was all I could manage to say. She looked at me and then looked at the empty space on the love seat next to her. I picked up my book and took a seat next to her. I asked if she had found anything interesting in the book yet, she told me she was basically scanning threw the pages, wondering if there was anything good in it. I told there was, then admitted to wanting to try some of it out…. . just as soon as I got a girlfriend. She turned to me and smiled, saying she had the same intentions. It was getting late and the place was starting to close, everybody was leaving, but we wanted to continue out conversation. I asked her if she’d be interested in going across the street with me and grabbing some coffee at Starbucks. She said she’d love to so we went with our books to the registers. We each bought our own book, (and we did get quiet the look from the guys at the registers. Just to get them thinking we looked at one another and she licked her lips, and I licked mine back, smiled and winked. I bet I know what the guys were thinking about when we left.

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   I asked her who’s car we should take, and she told me she lived near by and walked there……. . my car it is. So we both climbed in my Escalade and I drove across the street. At Starbucks I paid for the both of us and we sat down on a couch that was in a dim part of the building. We talked about our previous experiences with girls, and for that matter what we’d like to do. Soon I was leaning on the arm of the couch and she was pressed up against my side. I slid my arm around her waist, and up her thigh. I was propped up on my elbow and she slid her arm around my back and started rubbing the side of my breast. I looked over at her and kissed her on the forehead. Then we both leaned in and shared a kiss on the lips. It was kind of long, but we broke it off when we noticed people started looking at us. I slid my hand up her skirt and started rubbing her upper thigh and playing with her thong strap. She had her head resting on my chest, I really felt comfortable with her being almost on top of me. Her skin was so soft, her hair smelled so great.

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   I looked down and got a quick sight of her perfect round tits. So cute. She leaned into me more, and I moved my hand around her inner thigh. I gently felt her pussy threw he thong. I was very pleased to find it soaking wet…. . I wondered what she was thinking about. She looked up at me and smiled. Slowly getting up she told me it was time for her to go home. She got up to throw her empty cup away. I was really disappointed, I wanted to spend so much more time with her, we were really starting to bond. She left her back pack on the floor next to my foot, and I quickly put my book in there. We went back out to my SUV and I asked where she wanted me to take her. I started the car and got ready to shift it out of park when she turned it off and pulled the keys out of the ignition, tossing them on the back floor. I looked at her like “what the hell was that for.


  ” She leaned into me, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me really hard. It felt great leaning into her chest, her breasts were so firm. She told me she just wanted to get outta there, she wanted more privacy. I pulled her close to me, and kissed her on the neck. She tasted perfect, I could never imagine any sweeter taste, I couldn’t wait to explore her body more. I slid my hand up her side and rubbed her tit threw he shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were really hard. I pulled the neck of her top down and kissed her breasts. I took her top off and she took mine off. She had the perfect body. She wrapped her arms around my neck, I wrapped an arm around her back, and played with her tits with my other hand. We kissed a lot, I loved that, there was something really sexy about the way she teased me when she held back a little. After she pulled away a bit, she’d lean really close to me, and suck on my lip a bit when we kissed, then she stuck her tongue in my mouth and ran her hands threw my long brown hair. I ran my hand down her side and over her leg to her wet little shaved pussy. We held onto one another, and I looked deep into her eyes as I began fingering her.

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   She was so wet and tight, it felt so great to be in her. We took our shirts and propped them up against the door as a backrest for her. She leaned up against the door, and spread her legs really wide for me. I leaned in between them and took my first lick of her sweet pussy. All of the wetness tasted so sweet. My tongue slid all over her slit. I ran it up her clit and flicked it fast, her hips bucked a little, I could tell she was already close to orgasm…. . hmm too bad. I stuck my tongue in her pussy and licked around the inside in circles. I parted her lips wider as I tried to get my tongue in even further. I rubbed her clit gently in circles while still drilling my tongue into her. She was moaning, and it sounded so great. I was getting wetter just listening to her moan. I put my hand up and beautiful round tits for a few seconds then put it right back on her clit.

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   I started rubbing her clit faster and she started moaning louder, and shaking more, it was so damn amazing. I licked her clit a bit, and sucked on it. I started sucking soft, and then I got a bit rougher. Watching her tits bounce around, and her sexy body move, her pussy glistening with cum. I moved on top of her. I was holding myself above her, kinda like in a push-up position, but I was resting on my knees. I had my left hand still in between her thighs rubbing her clit. We started kissing again, I slipped my tongue in her mouth and ground my chest into hers. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me even closer into her chest. She started trying to raise herself off the seat, but all she wound up doing was pushing herself more into me. I started rubbing faster and occasionally slipped my finger into her pussy to get it wetter, then I’d go back to rubbing her clit. She started pushing her pussy up, grinding my finger over her clit even harder. She then swayed her hips in a circular motion, and I picked it up, so I rubbed in a circular motion. She started gasping for air, and moaning even louder. She pushed her head up against my chest as she shook and moaned, her muscles tightened and I even begged her to push into me harder.

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   After she was done, I took my fingers and slipped them into her pussy, then ran them up her body and into her mouth. She sucked and licked them clean, then I kissed her again, this time she slid her tongue into my mouth. I ran my tongue down her body to like up the little cum trail and then I kissed her again. She wrapped an arm around me and then stuck her other hand down my pants. I was very shocked, I didn’t think she’d do anything to me, well, I wasn’t expecting anything. I leaned into her and kissed her. She was rubbing my clit really fast. I sat up and unbuttoned and unzipped them, pulling them and my panties down to my thighs. She slipped a finger into my pussy and it felt so good, I was so damn wet, by far the wettest I’d ever been. I would never have guessed another girl could get me that aroused. She made me feel better than any guy I’d ever been with. She pulled her hand back a little and continued rubbing my clit. I begged her to do it harder, and she did, she rubbed her finger into my clit even harder. I started moaning and I moved my head down and licked her neck, up to her mouth, and soon we were kissing rough again. I felt it coming on, it would be the strongest orgasm I’d ever had with another girl.

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   I started moaning, and slowly moving my hips back and forth, letting her finger slide over my clit, rubbing very sensitive places that she hadn’t touched yet. I almost immediately started shaking and moaning louder. She bit gently on my left nipple and it felt so great. I jerked my head back and moaned even louder. I let out one last scream as the shaking stopped and the orgasm faded. It felt so great. She still felt so great to be there with. I leaned into her and she wrapped her arms around me. I kissed her again, and laid my head on her chest. We laid there together in one another’s arms for a little while longer. We told one another how great it felt, kissed and talked. After we calmed down and kissed for the last time we got dressed, and I asked her where she lived. I took her home, and got one last great kiss and a hug out of her. And promised to see her again. After she shut the car door, and made it inside her house, I knew I’d see her again.

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   I’d see her again really soon, maybe tomorrow morning……after all, I “accidentally” forgot to take my book out of her bag. .