"I wouldn't scream if I were you. " the man growled into Lucy's ear,"Give me your money. " Lucy was terriffied. She had spent all of her money that evening. What would he do if she couldn't give her anything? He let her pull out her wallet. She took too long, so he just grabbed her purse. "Hey G-Dog!" the man yelled, "Get yo ass ova here!". Another man came twards them. Lucy tried to scream but itwas muffled my the man's hand. "Shut up bitch!" the man yelled. "What yo want Cripp?" the guy called G-dog asked the man holding Lucy. "Hold this bitch while I get her money, don't let her scream!" Cripp ordered. G-Dog wrappped an arm around Lucy's face, and held her tight. She couldn't move. "Damn it!" Cripp swore, "This little white bitch aint got nomoney! We is gonna have to punish her for that. " Cripp said between clenched teeth.

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   He walked up to Lucy and spit in her face. "Bitch I want you to say your sorry. " He yelled Lucy couldn't reply since G-dog had his arm around her. "O so you aint gonna talk?" Cripp laughed, "Well, we'll see about that. G-Dog take your arm away. " Cripp ordered. Once Lucy was free of his gripp, Cripp slapped her hard on the face. "That's what you get for not respecting me bitch. " he yelled at Lucy. Lucy was about to scream for help, when Cripp kissed her hard on the mouth. " You like that bitch?" He asked. Lucy spit at his feet, and Cripp slapped her again. "I said, did you like that bitch?" He asked. "Y-yes. " Lucy lied.

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   Crip kisssed her agi shiving his tongue down her throat. While he was kissing her he ripped Lucy's shirt off, snappign several of the buttons. Lucy whimpered. "Stop it. Please stop!" she cried. "You is a virgin aint you?" Cripp asked smiling, has you ever sucked cock?". Lucy had. "You has never sucked a black cock though, have ya?" "N-noo. " Lucy whimpered. "Just what I thought, we have us a little snobby bitch here, G-Dog. We is gonna have to teach her a lesson. " Cripp laughed. "Yea Cripp I think we gotta. " G-Dog answered,"She got a nice pair of tits there. " Cripp unsnapped Lucy's bra and hungrily sucked on her firm soft tits.

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   Lucy couldnt help but moan. G-Dog pulled off his pants in the middle of the street, and his boxers too. Lucy gasped. She had never seen such a huge cock. It's 10' in of thick black meat stood strait out. "Get down on your knees bitch. " G-Dog ordered. Lucy did as she was told. Cripp pulled her hair making her open her mouth. G-Dog shoved his cock down her throat, and Lucy began to suck. Cripp ran a finger down Lucy's spine and rubbed her ass. "Good bitch. " he said. He got behind her and pushed her skirt over her hips, and felt her panties. They were soaked.

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   "Oh so you like his black cock don't ya bitch. " he slapped her ass. "Y-yes I d-do. " Lucy stamered. Cripp pushed G-Dog out of the way and pulled out his cock. It was bigger and fatter that G-Dog's. A good 13' in. He shoved it down her throat like G-Dog had done. She started to suck it,when she saw more people come. Those people called their friends and pretty soon a whole bunch of people were watching, as Crip and G-Dog treated Lucy like a bitch. Lucy was so embarressed. She felt G-dog pull down her panties and run a finger over her swollen gooey cunt. He slid a finger in her cunt hole and it made a squishing noise.
    Lucy moaned. Some of the other black men standing around laughed at her.

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       G-Dogs finger felt like a miniature cock in Lucy's virgin pussy. She continued to suck Cripp. Suddenly she felt a sharp paine in her ass hole. She realised that G-Dog was driving his cock up her ass. She yelled. "Nooo! Please no! Your hurting me stop it!" Lucy cried, making many of the audience laugh again. Cripp pulled his cock out of Lucy. G-Dog picked her up shoving some more cock into her ass. Lucy was crying. Her legs were wrapped around G-Dog, his cock in her ass. Cripp rubbed his cock up and down on Lucy's pussy. "Nooo! Noooo stop it don't!" Lucy yelled. She didn't want to loose her virginity to him. It didn't stop him though. Cripp pushed his head into Lucy's cunt hole.

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       Lucy screamed. The men around her laughed harshly. Cripp had reached a barrier in her pussy. With one good shove he popped her cherry. Lucy screamed in agony, and G-Dog shoved more cock into her ass. Cripp bgan to pump her slowly, getting faster. Lucy was being held up by G-Dogs cock, which had begun to go in and out too. Lucy was dubble penetrated. Cripp was ramming his cock into her hot steamy cunt. Lucy screamed, but not in pain. She was screaming with pleasure. She could feel Cripp's cock throbbing, and he shot a load up her pussy, just then G-Dog shot a load up her ass, and Lucy creamed all over Cripps cock. Cripp pulled out his cock and so did G-Dog. She could vaguely feel some of the other guys taking their turn, pumping her ass hole and pussy. Sucking her cunt and tits, and cum being shot all over her.

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       She was knocked out, with cum everywhere. The last thing she remembers is Cripp saying that he hoped he had knocked her up good. The End.


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