pt1 The crash the found love and the tears


    My senior year of highschool, god i can remember coming into Highschool as a messed up little bitch of a freshman getting kicked around by the upperclassmen. But all that was over I had gratuated and my entire class was going to the hawaiian islands for our last class wide party. god expensive as shit but soooooo worth it. Let me tell you quickly about myself i am 18 years old the name is Steve i was one of those kids that everybody knew but only a few really knew who i was, the outcast of almost every group i hung out with. But i was attractive at best and tall 6'5 234,  so i was pretty big and no i wasn't a football jock and the entire team hated me for it. But i was never popular and college and this trip were the only thing on my mind, oh and of course all of the gorgeous women in my graduating class. The best thing about this trip besides Hawaii was that i would get to watch all these amazingly hot chicks get almost naked for a month (score)!        Two hours into flight towards Hawaii leaving cali. the only problem with planes is that sometimes they crash and i got that feeling in the pit of my stomach the turbulance we had just hit was far from normal amounts. Of course as i have these thoughts the capitan comes on over the loud speaker and tells us all to brace ourselves for a water landing. now for those of you that don't know planes don't float so i knew this was bullshit and that i was going to die just after graduteing from the worst and best four years of my entire 19 year life span *sigh* great. my seatbelt is on my hands are folded across my lap and the ass of the class sam who happens to be sitting next to me wips out a blunt and says "if i'm going to die i am going to do it happy. " I never thoguht it would be me and him who would be the only calm ones on the plane willing to accept our fate for the first time in four years i gave him a smile he did the same thing right back with a blunt in his mouth looking  seren even though we both knew the drug would never reach his system before we crashed and died. sometime later on some island mid pacific ocean Have you had one of those wakeups were you think shit i am dead and an angel is draggiing me to the gates of heaven to be judged, fuck this was that day. my eys and face were to covered in water to realize wtf was going on. all i heard was wave after wave and a voice i recognized saying "hold on almost there.

" it was a vocie i recognized it was familiar to me i had heard it before lots of times actually it was a girls voice and from what i could tell it was Jesse a girl who inexplicably had been in 2 of my classes all the way through highschool.

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   I can tell you Jesse was and always had been amazingly pretty maybe 5'5 with beautiful pert bcup breasts and skin that was a brilliant bronze color perfecxtly suited to her oval face and long brown hair that always made me turn in my seat just to catch a glimpse. Here i was waist deep in water being pulled out to safety by one the smallest girls in my entire class and she was saving me the second largest kid in the school. We both collapsed on the beach my face in the sand her lying right next to me panting like i was. I think i knew then that we might be the only two left of my entire 456 person class i don't know how or why but everyone else was probably dead and their belongings were beggining to pile up on the beach pushed there by the waves. 30 minutes later sitting on the beach with JesseWe were both crying no way we wouldn't be. as far as we knew all of our freinds in the entire world almost had just died in a terrible and unexplained plane accident. her head was on my shoulder and she was balling i wasn't as bad i had lived through stuff like this my entire life, my dad had died when iwas 6 my borther was stabbed in prison when i was 18 my grandma had died when i was 18 my other brother josh got killed in action in iraq on his second tour of duty there. I knew the tune death brought but Jesse was one of the girls like most of the population of my town was shieled form that stuff and wasn't used to being assaulted with so many emotions so quickly. As much as i hated having to be the rock that is what i was i was, the only shoulder she had left to cry on and she did. I lifted her up after a good hour and i hugged her told her it was gonna be ok but that we needed to go through all the stuff we had on us and the stuff in the packs from our now dead friends. As she walked off down the beach to gather supplies and bags for us to go through i noticed how little this goddess was wearing, a ripped thin skirt and a bikini top appeared to be it. I think it was then i realized that no matter how terrible this whole experince was i was alone with a sex crazed, depressed, charming, intelligent , witty, beautiful girl my ow n age who i had always suspected might have a crush on me however slightly. 40 minutesd later same beach lots of piles of stuffso it would seem that a plane full of teens can sneak lots of stuff by the airport security. in a small time we had collected about 100lbs of assorted liqueurs assorted sizes of knives lighters matches a couple diffrent kinds of other assorted things and tons of clothes which neither of us felt like even pretending we were going to wear and promptly we burned them all tearfully. she looked at me i started back at her as we both cried and we both went  for it at the same time i leaned down and she stood taller on her toes and we kissed under a full moon with our many friends assorted things burning near us providing us with the light we needed to see eachother and the warmth that drove away the hurt in us.

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   As we Kissed we went to the ground our lips kept touching back forth as lovers kiss this was not the love of teens this was real we shared our first real kiss of both of our lives in the face of the worst times of our lives. she whispered quitely that she wanted me she wanted me to make love to her right there in front of the fire as she knew we should have long before at school ina bedroom together. Now despite my good lucks and my talll darka nd handsome exterior i was in fact a virgin, this was not to say i didn't know what to do i had three brothers adn through highschool i had an internet hooked up computer in my room so i knew how it worked or so i thought.
    She kissed me again and i kissed her back almost fiercly animalistic in my attempts to please her before we even started our little romp of love. we broke our long kiss adn she stood up and guickly took off her skirt and panties and i got a full vie wof her pefect shaved mound of flesh she then took her top over her head slowly almost with a sort of striptease in mind which ha di not been so enthralled with looking at her nake dbronze figure and perfect breasts would have bothered me to no end but my first time would not be rushed no matter the circumstances. she lay back down next to me and slowly put her hands down my shorts to grab my now fully erect penis whihc measured ina t a fair 6. 5 inches. we both fumbled to remove my shorts and finally did, as soon as they were gone her small lips came down on penis like it was the only thing she would ever suck on again. She made slow deliberate up and downs bobbing her head using her tongue to lick the head whenever she came up a little further than normal of her rhythmic bobbing i never got the chanc eto tell her iwas going to cum i was in to much ecstasy she didn't seem to mind and took all of my cum down her throat like a pronot missing any of it except for the little bit she got on her chin when she took her mouth off my dick. She swallowed what was left in her mouth adn kissed me again as she crawled up my body dragging her small but perfect breasts up my body as she came up. she kissed me again and i guickly put her back to the sand and positioned myself kneeling in front of her pussy. iasked her if she was ready she panted "yes" and i slowly entered her. it was like nothing i had ever felt before it was absolutly amazing she was tight but slick and ready for me. it was amazing going in an out over and over against her holding one breast in each of my hands not roughly pulling or kneeding but slowly caressing and manipulating them ocasionally bending down and sucking on them slowly but with force and love. I felt suddenly the quick contraction of her vagina and knew she was getting ready to cum i was to we both knew it we both wanted it.

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       we came simultaneously it was one of those out of body experinces i felt nothing but joy and happiness that i had never felt before and a physical feeling like none i had ever felt before. as we slowly came back down to earth again i collapsed next to her and we both smiled and kissed again. I told her that this might be the start of something wonderful. and under the fire and the moon on the eve of a terrible crash that destroyed our worlds we got ready to start a new life on a strange place together. PT2 new life, love and rebuilding.