Kieth was sitting in his chair at work. He worked for his father in a medium sized construction company. Keith was actually very lucky for he was only 21 and second in command to his fathers company. His job was good apart from the knockout secretary who teased him all the time. She came to work in tight mini shirts and made it an extra point to shake her ass at Keith every chance she got. She was engaged to another so Keith knew he could not have her. The thought of going to work every day was complete torture to him. With time he grew able to be around her without pitching a tent as soon as she entered the room.
            Things were back to work as normal for the next few months. When one Friday Keith’s secretary Shelly brought her little sister of 18 to work with her. “It was career shadow day at her school so I hope you don’t mind that I brought her to work” Said Shelly.
“No it’s no problem Keith said while still in his office, im busy now so I will meet her later” murmured Keith.
            “He sounds hot Shelly, is he?” asked sam
“He is hot, He thinks I am sexy too so I always tease him wiggling my ass at him and such. I think like the whole first month I kept him hard 8 hours a day. ”
“You tease you teased him the whole time with him knowing he couldn’t have you, you are so bad. ”
            About that time Keith walked out of his office.

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   He glanced up at Sam and was glad he wore restrictive pants to day because if not it would have been a rather embarrassing moment. ”This is my little sister Sam, Sam this is my boss Keith. ”
“Boss huh aren’t you a little young to be a boss there Keith. ” said Sam
“I’m 21 maybe a little young but I am good at what I do. ” The conversation went on and Keith got to know a little of Sam, and why she shadowed her sister. Keith looked up at the clock and said “well ladies I must leave you now because there is still much I have to do. ”
            It was about noon now and Keith had bee working hard in his office to get his things done. This way he could go and talk to Sam and Shelly again. As Keith was about to finish Shelly opened his office door popped her head in and said “hey can I talk at you for a second. ”
“Sure come in, what’s on your mind Shelly. ”
“Nothing just my attorney just called and I have to go to a deliberation all afternoon. ”
“So your asking for the rest of the day off, I suppose that would be fine. ” shrugged Keith
“Well that and I can’t take Sam with me. Can she stay here with you and you can drop her off at my house after work and I will run her home, please. ”
Keith let out a deep sigh “I suppose, so I will see you tomorrow, good luck.

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            Shelly left to get to her appointment. By this time Keith was finished with all of his work. Sam wondered into his office, making a little noise so Keith would know she was there. Keith looked up to see that she had taken her sweater off. She had on a brown tank top that hugged her sensuous curves and outlined her perky semi hard nipples. Keith could not help to continue his study down to her tight low cut blue denim jeans. They were cut so low; Keith knew she had to shave to wear them. He looked her up and down, taking her beauty in slowly.
“I guess you like what you see huh Kieth. ”
“Well um . . yes I do you are a beautiful girl. ”
“You think my sister is hot too don’t you, she told me how she got you worked up and then just kept teasing. ”
“Don’t tell me you are going to do the same thing I can’t handle that to day. ”
“No that’s where I differ from my sister, see I Think your hot your self Keith.

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   That’s why I am going to do things to you that will have you screaming my name. ”
“ Whoa slow down girl, your only 18 and as hot as you are no pussy is worth jail time when your sister finds out. ” Exclaimed Keith
“I can keep my mouth shut if you can besides she gone all day and you have a message machine. ” Sam said
“No way do I want to risk it because ….
            His refusal was interrupted by Sam forcing her hand down Keith’s pants, she began to stroke his shaft. Her soft hands felt so good on His shaft the passion took him over and thoughts of wrong doing left his head. Sam unbuttoned his pants his half effect rod flopped out hitting Sam in the face. She wasted no time putting the head I her mouth, with one swift stroke she swallowed his penis to the base. She paused there, she could feel his rod growing in her thought. She began to get wet from the feeling. She started bobing up and down, base to head.
“Fuck me girl 15, I can’t believe this shit the best head ever and your only uhhhhh 15. ”
Sam continued until Keith was so hard she thought his penis was going to explode.
            Sam got up looking Keith in the eyes and said “Wow, that’s quite a monster you got there you know how to use it?”
“oh girl I handle my 9” monster well I just got to know you like it hard and vicious or slow and deep. ”
“I am no virgin but, with that better start slow when I get used to it hard and deep.

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                Keith pulled Sam over to him, all but forgotten was the fact that she was no consenting adult. Keith drew her in for a Kiss, when their lips meet he almost lost it, he had to have her. He pulled of her clothes almost ripping them at the seams. His clothes shortly came thereafter. Keith leaned down picked Sam up with his forearms under her hamstrings and gently backed her to the wall. He felt her warm clit rubbing the tip of his rod, he glided down its length. Sam got a rush with this she wanted it she screamed” Just get it in me please. ” She wriggled this way ant that on the end of his rod tiring to find that sweet spot. Keith was turned on to see this 18 yo girl going cock crazed at the end of his shaft. He had to rub the length of her labia and clit one last time. This gave Sam the chills she was going wild with anticipation.
                With one well placed hop on Sams part Keith’ rod was buried to the base of his shaft. Sam screamed “ouch. . .

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      mmmmm” her pain turned to an intense burning pleasure. She continued” fuck me hard im going to cummmm. ”
    Keith was more than obliged to fulfill her request. With long hard strokes he began slamming his rod in and out of Sam. She was so tight he could feel every muscle contraction. ” Fuck me you are so tight Sam, I don’t ever want to be out of this beautiful pussy. ” With this little bit of encouragement Sam was pushed over the top.
    “ Im cummingg holy shit ahhhh mmm”
    Keith could feel her cunt muscles squeezing his rod, then her juices squeeze out and run down his balls.
                All of the sudden Kieths Rod squeezed out of her with a plop. Kieth was already in mid stroke, his rod was planted directly on her chocolate rosebud. Her juices were running so well Kieth slipped in all the way to the base of his penis.
    “Sam yelped”
    “Im sorry I didn’t mean to I will pull out”
    But what kieth didn’t know was when he sank into her analy . Sam was rocked by another orgasm. She responded with ”No, just fuck it im still cumming. ”Kieth proceeded to fuck this beautiful girl analy.

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       Sam was being rocked by the first multiple orgasm she had ever received . Keith felt his balls begin to tighten. He knew he could not last much longer. With the combo of the tightest whole he had ever fucked plus the look of pure sexual satisfaction on the face of the beauty his sausage was in he was ready. “Where do want this load baby girl” Keith moaned.
    “Cum in my ass I wanna feel it fill me up. ” With a few last powerful strokes he buried his shaft so deep he could not tell where he stopped and she began. He blew what must have been a few ounces of cum deep into Sam Anus. Sam was rocked by one final orgasm when she felt him explode. It felt like he splattered every inch of her insides with his hot sticky cum.
                Sam jumped down to the floor cumm dripping from her ass. “Fuck me I guess you know how to use that thing bravo. That was so amazing I think I need an encore. ”
    Kieth and Sam spent the rest of the afternoon fucking and sucking.

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