Paul's Camera


“Shit. If only I had a microphone over there!” Paul cursed himself. He sat and watched as the silhouette of the guy who’d let himself in to Veronica’s house appeared in her bedroom door. The 18-year-old had obviously been expecting her visitor. When he appeared she dropped the book she’d been reading to the floor, stood up and walked over to the stranger. Paul’s mouth fell open as Veronica dropped to her knees, yanked the guys pants open and stuffed his cock into her mouth. This was beyond belief. Veronica was the perfect young lady, the apple in her parent’s eye. Paul zoomed in as much as possible and watched as Veronica had her face fucked, the cock sliding in and out of the luscious lips Paul had so recently imagined wrapped around his own hard cock. She was trying to give him a blowjob, sucking and licking at the spongy tip, but the guy had grabbed the sides of her head and was thrusting his cock into her throat. After a few more minutes of this the guy stepped back, pulling his cock from Veronica’s mouth, and motioned towards the bed. Paul panned the camera view back out a little as Veronica turned towards the bed. Before she got there though the guy wrapped his arms around her from behind and ripped open her blouse, pulling it from her body. His arms moved behind her back and her bra slid down her arms to the floor. Paul swallowed in disbelief as he was greeted with a full frontal view of Veronica’s gorgeous, full, firm-looking breasts. The guy next yanked her panties down around her ankles, leaving her short school skirt around her waist and pushed her onto all fours on her bed, facing out the window.

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   Paul’s now fully-erect cock almost spat out its load of cum when Veronica’s face screwed up and her titties swayed as she got a decent sized cock shoved into her pussy from behind. Paul zoomed in and watched Veronica’s breasts sway back and forth with the rhythm of her fucking as her mouth screwed up and sprang open with her groans. Shortly the cock was pulled from Veronica’s cunt and she was flipped over onto her back. Grabbing her ankles, the guy pulled the nubile high school students legs over his shoulders and thrust his throbbing cock deep into her pussy. Paul actually heard Veronica scream out as the dick plunged home into her hole. He could still hear her from time to time as he watched the guy ram his cock into Veronica, shaking her body with each thrust. The sight of Veronica’s tits being mauled by the guys hands was what finally brought Paul off, shooting cum all over the carpet. Paul continued to watch as the guy thrust harder and harder into Veronica, before pulling out and shooting his cum all over her stomach and breasts. The guy stood up and pulled his pants back on. Reaching into a pocket he pulled out a little baggie and threw it onto the bed before leaving the house. Paul watched in disbelief as Veronica, that pillar of the student community, still covered in her dealers cum, stuck a needle in her arm and shot up. Waiting for her to move, Paul quickly made a copy of the tape and then when he saw Veronica’s naked form walk into her ensuite, he dashed outside and let himself in through the unlocked front door of her house. Moving quickly Paul shoved the tape into the VCR in the living room of Veronica’s house, grabbed the remote and then hid himself out of sight of both the TV and the phone. When Paul heard the shower turn off and then footsteps across the floor above him, he hit dial on his mobile and Veronica’s house phone began to ring. His cock began to get hard as he heard Veronica run down the stairs towards the phone.

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   As soon as she picked up and said “hello” Paul hung up and simultaneously pressed play on the VCR remote. Before hiding he’d turned the TV’s volume up enough that it was sure to grab her attention. Paul knew his plan had succeeded when Veronica’s towel clad form appeared in the living room, her back to him as she watched the TV. Paul’s cock grew completely hard as he looked at what her towel revealed - her smooth shoulders, her long, shapely legs- and, covered up, her firm, pert ass. Pressing stop on the remote, Paul stepped out of his hiding place and cleared his throat. Veronica spun around, confusion painted clearly on her beautiful, stoned as fuck features. Paul’s mouth went dry at the sight of her full, firm breasts pressing against her tightly wrapped towel. “Would you like to see the rest? I taped everything. ” Paul said. “What…I don’t understand…what’s going on?” Veronica was obviously trying to focus on Paul but her eyes were wandering around the room. Paul stepped up to her, emboldened by her confused state, and pulled at the edge of towel she had tucked under her arm. The towel slipped off her honey-coloured body, revealing, up close, her gorgeous, breasts and neatly shaved mound. Veronica’s eyes focussed a bit more when she realised she was now naked, her towel at her feet. “What the fuck?” she stammered. “I want some of what you gave your dealer.

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   And if you don’t give it to me I will post that video on every website I can. Including the school site. ” Veronica’s chest heaved as she breathed deeply and a slight flush rose in her cheeks as she stood looking at Paul. “Do you know why I fuck that guy for drugs? I can afford to pay the cash. ”Paul looked at her for a moment. “Because you’re a little slut who likes to get used, to get fucked. ” He smiled at her to show it was a joke. “Correct. ” Paul stared at the naked beauty in shock. Her next words brought his cock to full attention. “I can’t let that video get out. It would be the end of me here. I’d have to move. And it would kill my parents. So I guess I’m yours until you delete the video.

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  ”Paul’s mouth was dry and his cock was throbbing almost painfully in his trousers. “On your knees. ” As Paul watched Veronica kneel on the ground, her breasts bouncing ever so slightly, he undid his trousers and let them and his boxers fall to the ground. Without Paul’s needing to prompt her, Veronica shuffled forward on her knees and engulfed Paul’s already hard cock with her mouth. Paul stared down, barely able to believe his eyes, as the lips he’d fantasised about and then seen sucking cock now wrapped themselves around his own turgid shaft of meat. Veronica’s tongue swirled around Paul’s shaft, massaging the underside while one of her hands cupped and gently fondled his balls. Her other hand was wrapped around the base of his cock, sliding up and down, as she sucked as much of his meat into her mouth as she could. Veronica’s lips hollowed as she applied more and more suction to the nice, hard cock filling her mouth. Her hand moved up and down on Paul’s shaft faster and faster as he lost control a little and thrust the head of his rod too deeply, slipping it into Veronica’s throat. Without missing a beat she began deepthroating Paul, burying her nose in his pubic hair. Paul, groaning in ecstasy, grabbed Veronica by the sides of her head, burying his hands in her glossy black hair. Veronica continued fondling Paul’s balls while he fucked her mouth, dropping her other hand down to her pussy. She gently cupped her warm mound in her hand before splitting her lips apart and sinking her middle finger into her rapidly moistening pussy. Paul heard Veronica groan around his cock and looked down to see her fingering her pussy, her fingers glistening with her juices. The sight of Veronica masturbating while she sucked on his cock sent Paul over the edge, his knees buckling as he let out a groan and then grunted, before pressing Veronica’s nose into his pubic hair once more.

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   Paul groaned each time that his dick throbbed, flooding Veronica’s mouth with his warm, salty cum. The amount of cum the horny young lad was shooting into his sexy neighbour’s mouth overwhelmed Veronica and sperm began dribbling down her chin, dropping onto her breasts.
    Paul’s orgasm finally subsided and Veronica let his cock drop from her lips. She stood up, swallowing the cum left in her mouth and using her towel to wipe her chin and breasts clean. “Well what next? I assume you want more than just a blowjob. Even one as good as that eh?” “Damn straight. Why don’t we go up to your room? We’ll be more comfortable up there. ” Paul took Veronica by the arm and led her up the stairs to her room. He sat her down on her bed and then took his top off. “Suck me bitch. ” he said, clicking his fingers at his cock. “Again?” By way of answer, Paul yanked her off the bed and to the ground, shoving his cock in her face. “You do what I say, remember?” The flush rose in Veronica’s cheeks again and she slurped up his cock. Paul grunted and groaned for five minutes or so until his cock was properly hard and then pulled her back up to her feet, pushing her onto her back on the bed. “Are you wet? Are you ready for my cock? Veronica reached down, spreading her thighs and separating her pussy lips, revealing the moisture within.

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       Paul climbed onto the bed between her thighs, forcing her legs even wider. Overruling the voice of his cock, Paul took a few moments to fondle and squeeze Veronica’s magnificent pair of breasts, kneading the firm flesh, rubbing his palms across her nipples until the stood out as stiff and hard as his own cock. Unable to help himself, Paul leant down and began licking her breasts, running his tongue over and around the large, firm mounds of flesh, running his rough tongue across her sensitive nipples, eliciting groans of pleasure from the gorgeous, Eurasian slut. Paul’s cock, bobbing against Veronica’s pubic region, soon regained his attention and he straightened up from her magnificent bust. Holding his hard cock with one hand, Paul spread Veronica’s pussy lips with the other and began running his cock up and down her dripping slit. Veronica began groaning in frustration, pressing down with her pussy to try and catch his cock. Soon enough Paul grew bored of this game. He wanted to feel this hot bitch impaled on his cock. And so he did just that. With one thrust Paul buried his eight-inch monster deep in Veronica’s tight, warm pussy. “Oh god. You feel incredible. Your pussy is so tight. Oooohhhh…” Paul trailed off as he began to fuck Veronica, pulling his cock out until only the head was lodged inside and then sinking the entire thing back into her. Veronica groaned and screamed with each mighty hammering, thrusting her hips towards Paul in an effort to get him even deeper.


       “Aahhh. Fuck my pussy. Fuck my nice tight cunt. Fuck me hard. Oh yes…so good…” Paul knew he was going to be able to fuck Veronica any way he wanted for the foreseeable future but after what he’d seen through her window that afternoon Paul knew that he had to have her doggystyle then and there. Veronica frowned when Paul slowed down and pulled his cock out of her cunt but he didn’t give her any time to voice her complaints. Instead he rolled her over onto her stomach and gave her ass a slap. “On your hands and knees slut. ” Veronica complied and Paul climbed up behind her, pulling her ass cheeks apart and sinking his glisteningly wet cock back into her hole with a sigh. This was the stuff of fantasies and Paul was living it. He looked down and watched his cock slide between Veronica’s ass cheeks, ramming it home into her cunt. Emboldened by the fact that the little slut seemed to be enjoying the fucking, Paul gave her a gentle slap on the ass. Veronica’s reaction shocked Paul. As he smacked her she let out a deep groan and pushed her hips back onto his cock, driving it deep into her cunt. A second, slightly harder slap brought another, similar response so Paul began slapping Veronica’s firm, tight ass cheeks each time he rammed his prick into her.

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       Paul’s thrusts began speeding up, his orgasm close, so he stopped slapping Veronica’s now reddish ass and instead leant down on her back, cupping her freely swinging breasts in his hands. When he came, Paul yelled out loud, really stuffing his cock into Veronica and clenching his hands on her wonderful breasts almost painfully. They stayed in that position, both of them groaning, until Paul had finished filling her cunt with his spunk and withdrew, falling to the bed. After having Veronica suck his cock clean, Paul returned home. As soon as he was in the door he rushed up to his room and, more importantly, his video camera. Rewinding the tape and playing it, Paul was delighted to discover that his entire encounter with Veronica in her bedroom had been recorded. More to come. In future installments Paul will use Veronica for his sexual pleasure in every way that he can imagine. He will use the tape for his father’s pleasure too. And he will get himself another woman or two, including his slut mother. Any suggestions, ideas or requests can be sent to eon6969@hotmail. com.