Our second time


I was upstairs doing my homework when there was a ring at the front door. I went downstairs and when I opened it there was the 18 yo sister of my best friend. I had seduced her two days ago and taken her virginity. I smiled at her and asked what can I do for you.   She said can we do it again. I said you mean fuck you and she said yes. I asked her if she was sure and she said I cant get it out of my mind it was fantastic and I want o do it again because my cunt keeps getting wet and I keep getting the feeling I want to have it inside me again.
I said come on in and fortunately nobody is home so we can do it on my bed. She had her school tunic on and a white blouse and short white socks and black shoes and looked really nice as a school girl. Her hair was pulled back with ared ribbon. When we got to my room she said nothing and immediately got onto the bed and pulled her shoes off and her skirt up. She had no pants on. I was taking my shoes and pants off and said how often do you go without pants, and she said since we did it , I cant stop touching it and slipping my finger into it when nobody is looking. I have masturbated about 6 times since we did it and it is never as good as it was when we did it together. My cock got hard on the way up just thinking of fucking her again. The first time was fantastic and while it wasn’t my first time she really knew how to make it great for both of us.

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She put he hand out and felt my cock and said I love that and it feels lovely. I was looking at her cunt as she had opened her legs waiting for me to penetrate her with my cock. I noticed that she was getting a sort of downy hair around her cunt and I knew from last time we fucked she did not have periods yet but I guess they were not far away. It wasn’t black or anything, just like fair furry hair that was very short. Her cunt was also wet because it was all shinny, she put her fingers down there and spread it open for me and I could see the pink wet wonderful tunnel that lead up inside her.   It looked almost good enough to eat. I said one day I am going to lick all that juice out of you. She giggled and said I bet you don’t, and I said don’t be so sure, you wont be the first girl I have sucked off. She said or the first boy either, as I know you and Eddy, her brother, have sucked each other off too. I said how do you know that, and she said I have watched the two of you masturbating and sucking each other. I said has he got you to suck him and she said no but he asked me one night but I didn’t want to. I will suck yours though if you want me to. I said after - I want to fuck you first.
By now I was on the bed between her legs and she had her legs up waiting for me to put my cock into her. She was watching me and looking at my cock.

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   I put it down near her lips and she said I won’t bleed this time will I? I said no that only happens the first time, how about will it hurt and I said you let me know if it does and I will stop and take it out. By now I had the tip of my cock resting against her lips and just pressing it in a bit, I said hows that and she said lovely, now put it in slowly and I gradually pressed my cock into her and I could feel the tightness of her vagina close around my cock as it slipped in gradually. The sensation was magnificent. I said is it hurting and she said no, but I can feel it in me, it feels good. I went right in as far as I could go then stopped when it could go in no further. She said oh god that feels good, I can feel your cock deep inside me and how tight my cunt is at the opening holding it in. I knew exactly what she was feeling because I could feel the warmth and wetness of her and the firm hold her cunt lips had around the base of my cock.
I started to slowly fuck her and said if it starts to hurt let me know. She smiled and said it feels wonderful. I gradually began to increase the speed I was fucking her with and she said a couple of times I love it, its fantastic, I can feel it all happening inside me. I could see she was really enjoying me fucking her as she often moved her legs or bum to get a better feel of me inside her. A couple of times she put her hand down and rubbed her clitoris and I asked her why she did that and she said it felt good. I asked her to tell me where she liked my cock rubbing her cunt and she guided me into a couple of positions where she said it felt nice when I fucked her. The two of us were really enjoying the time we were locked together and we talked about sex and how good it was.
As I continued to fuck her I said don’t forget you have o tell me when you have a period because the cum I shoot into you could make a baby and that would be a disaster.

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   She said ok I don’t want to get pregnant as my parents would kill me. I said they would kill me if it was me who fucked you and got you pregnant. She said I heard Eddy talking to Jan and he told her he didn’t cum until about a year  ago, when did you start, and I said 2 years ago when I was 12. Then she said when you two suck each other off do you get your cum in your mouths and I said sure. She said doesn’t it taste awful and I said no not really neither of us mind the taste, in fact I quite like it. I said we will have to suck each other and you can see what it tastes like afterwards if you like. She said I am not sure, I will think about it. I said I want to suck on yours one day and watch you have an orgasm. Its mindblowing watching a girl buck when she cums. She said how many girls have you sucked and I said two, Jan and Sue. She said you mean Eddy;s Jan and I said yes and I have fucked her too and Sue as well. Hell she said, does Eddy know. I said of course we all did it together a couple of times. She said you all fucked each other and I said yep, I have fucked both of them a few times. She asked which one is the best and I said if you want a truthful answer, its you!.

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   Go on she said you are just saying that and I said no I really like fucking you the best. She laughed and said I like fucking with you too, you really can fuck well.
We had been fucking about 18 or 18 minutes I suppose and I was getting a bit soft and then she said oh shit I think I am going to cum soon. I said good and I sped up and got my cock hard and then she said keep quick keep fucking me, harder and faster and I knew she was about to cum. Oh shit she said and put her hand down and rubbed her clit hard and fast and then she grunted a few times and moaned and as she tightened the rim of her cunt during her orgasm spasm I started to cum and I said holy shit I am cumming in you oh fuck this is fantastic and I could feel the cum spurting up the tube along my cock and spurting into her wet hot cunt.
    She wrapped her legs around me and pulled herself onto me as hard as she could sort of squeezing every drop of cum out of me into her now flooding cunt. It was coming out as I continued to push into her and running onto my balls.
    The two of us just collapsed in a heap with me on top of her. I rolled off her and my soft cock slipped out of her and it still dribbled a few drops of cum over her leg as I slid off her. She said that was fantastic, I really enjoyed that, I want you to do that with me again, you really know how to fuck don’t you. I said well I cant get Jan to cum but I have made Sue cum a couple of times. She said you can make me cum anytime I love it. Wow she said you must have shot a bucket full of cum up me, I can feel it all running out and down between the cheeks of my ass.   I sat up and looked and said open wide and she did and I could see her now pink lips and my whitish cum dribbling out of her.
    I said that looks great, you have a very pretty cunt.

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       She said is it as pretty as Jan and Sues, and I said prettier, and I couldn’t help myself I just leaned over her and kissed he belly button and slowly kissed my way down to her cunt and I couldn’t believe that I actually got my mouth over her cunt and sucked her now streaming cunt full of my cum. I didn’t say a word and positioned myself over her and got my head between her legs and sucked the firm smooth skin of her lips and ran my tongue up and down her slit and as I did she spread her legs and I put my mouth hard down on her and sucked. The taste of her was great, it was a mixture of cum and her and sweat because we had fucked so long we had both sweated a bit and it all added to the taste. She was laying back arching her pelvis for me to get as much of my mouth over her cunt as I could. She was moaning and squirming as I continued to lick and suck on her. The she said its cumming I am cumming again, and she bucked and bounced about as her orgasm consumed her as I fought to keep my mouth engaged on her cunt. She said stop, please stop, I cant bear it any more I am so sore, your tongue on my clit is like sandpaper after I came. Its so tender.
    I lifted my head and looked down on a smiling face. She looked so serine and happy and I have never seen a girl look so beautiful. She said that was absolutely mind blowing. I said I enjoyed it too. How did it taste she said, and I said you tasted wonderful. Even with all our cum in me she said and I said it was better than ever, much better than when I suck Eddy off.
    After that she got up and went to the bathroom and said I have to have a pee, I am a mess.

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       I followed as I too needed one. As she sat and peed I washed my cock and then when she finished and began to wash herself I peed as well.
    After that she said I have to go home now and I said that’s a pity I wouldn’t mind fucking you again. She said don’t be a glutton tomorrow I will come down and we can do it again, I want to do this every day if I can.
    I said I will be looking forward to it, there is something else I want to do with you and she said save it for tomorrow, and tomorrow I want to taste your cum too. I knew we would be getting along fine in future.
    My further experiences in the next episode.



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