‘Only, Thirteen, And She Knows How To Nasty’ - pt 2 - TONI IN THE MOTEL:


‘Only, Thirteen, And She Knows How To Nasty’ - 2TONI IN THE MOTEL:It was nearly 11am, and there I was parked in my silver Audi TT, close to the entrance of the park where Toni had asked me to meet her.   The morning was clear and bright, with a clear blue sky, but it was cold for early autumn.   Nervously I waited for her to arrive.   Then I noticed a woman in a black hooded coat walking along the path, her legs encased in black opaque tights, with an expensive  black silk scarf around her neck and dark glasses.   As she came near I recognised Toni.   Dressed as such, she looked much older that at school.   She recognised my car and quickly opened the passenger door. Then sitting on the seat, elegantly swung her long slim legs in to the coupe and put her backpack on the floor.   As she closed the door she told me to drive to a coastal town about 18 miles away.   During the journey, she would explain why she had bent herself across my knees yesterday and invited me to spank her.   I started the car and off we set. “About a year ago I was feeling bored, and as my parents were out for the day, I decided to explore their bedroom.   Recently I had started to get strange feelings in my growing breasts, and was getting wet and tingly down in my panties.   This was all new to me and while I had been out with boys, and you know, kissed and played around a bit, I was not really attracted to them; not even the older boys about to leave for uni.   I had though, got those feeling around older men.   I did not understand these feelings, and I thought I was odd.

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    So, that day I sneaked into their bedroom and started to look in the wardrobes.   I found nothing interesting, but then, I found that two of the doors were locked.   I looked around and on the top of them, I found a key.   This opened the doors and I was soon looking at an Aladdin's cave of sexy items - not just sexy, but I suppose some would say perverted. ” “There was allsorts of things in there. Several uniforms - a French Maids outfit, a nurses uniform, a women's Navy uniform, and even a schoolgirls one, exactly the same as mine, only slightly larger, though it would fit me now.   Other clothing items included leather, rubber and PVC dresses, skirts, tops, corsets and basques.   Then I found coils of ropes of various diameters and lengths, even different colours; there were straps and cuffs to fit ankles, wrists  and other parts of the body, and of course handcuffs and blindfolds.   But what really got me all tingly in my knickers and my budding tits, were the various leather and wooden paddles, multi-tailed whips, straps, riding crops, and even more exciting, old fashioned school canes.   I found I had started to rub myself though my panties, which were sodden with juices leaking from my pussy.   This was new to me, but I felt so good, and at the same time ‘naughty’. ”  “I then found a box, and when I opened it, before me I saw various vibrators.   There must have been at least twenty of them - some small, some thick and some thin, but some were enormous and I could not even imagine one of them fitting inside a woman.   I picked them up and felt them, some were soft and some rigid.   Some though still had batteries in them.

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    I tried some of them and found that I had one of the smaller, thinner ones in my hand and that without thinking I had started running it up and down the front of my panties.   It was so good feeling this little electric device causing such new feelings in my developing body.   I then found that I was taken over and a shudder ran though me and I knew that I had encountered some magical moment.   I did not know then what it was, but it was an orgasm - my first.   I hoped that with so many, my mother would not notice it was missing, as I just had to have one of my own and use it to experience that wonderful felling over and over again.   I have also raided the veg rack too, those carrots and cucumbers can be so much fun. ”“I had sat on the floor once these feelings had started, and now, sort of coming back to reality, and still a little shocked, stunned and confused, I saw a pile of magazines.   Some were of people dressed up in ‘fetish’ clothing and being tied up or beaten. But there was also a pile of magazines called ‘Janus’.   I leafed though them and found pictures and stories of schoolgirls, employees, errant wives and girlfriends, but most important they were about being spanked, paddled and caned.   That tingly feeling had started again, but even stronger and I realised that the reason I found older men exciting as opposed to boys was the dominance they instilled in me.   Reading some of the stories and letters I realised that I was a ’submissive’ and that I needed to experience the feeling of being told what to do and the pain of a spanking and caning.   I knew I would initially hate it,  but that would change to a feeling of excitement and pleasure.   I also now knew that from reading some of the letters from older women that they too had had these feeling from a similar age as me, but I would not wait till I was old to experience these desires.   So I was not so strange as I had thought I was - feelings of wanting older men and of having my bottom spanked.

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    I suppose it was not that strange seeing what I had found in those wardrobes; it must run in the genes.   I was looking more and more like my mother, though I was already as tall as her and would soon be a similar size in the titty department, so it wouldn’t be so unusual for me to have the same ‘kinks’ too?  I was already borrowing some of Mum’s clothes - though I doubted that she would be offering some of the items from the ‘perv’ cupboard.   It had got me excited and interested in the feel of the leather, rubber and PVC, too.   I also knew that I would experiment with some of the items when Mum and Dad were out of the house. ”“I already had a crop, as I had been riding horses for over a year.   I had a older friend who was the daughter of friends of my parents.   They had a stable where they let me keep my horse.   I would have to see what the feeling of spanking my bum with my riding crop or hair brush would be like, though I doubted that it would be as good as the real thing, and while it was good, I knew I needed a man to spank me for real, as it would be harder and I would feel I had little or no control over the situation. ”“So when I saw you looking at me - not as a naughty schoolgirl - but more as a sexy woman, I wondered if I had found someone to spank me and also introduce me to sex.    Yesterday, I did not know how you would react, but when I put myself over your knee and you lifted my little school skirt, I knew I had been right. I could not believe I was that lucky.   I was so horny that I just had to suck your cock - and wank myself off when I got home, not once but several times.   It felt so right, though I know most people will think it wrong. ”  “So that’s how I found out I was a pervert.   And don’t worry; as soon as Mum found out I was going out with boys, even though I’ve not let one fuck me, she had me put on the pill, and with the use of my little vibrator and some of Mum‘s other ones, I might be not be a intact virgin, but I still have to have a real cock up my were not far form our destination and Toni asked me to go to the nearby Motel and book a room.

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    My head was in a spin, but I knew that after what had happened yesterday I would spank and fuck this teen temptress, even if she was too young. I pulled into the Motel and backed up to the reception so that they could not see Toni. even if dressed up as she was she did look older.   I booked a chalet which was as far away from reception as I could, and drove over to it. I opened the door and Toni rushed in to the room and threw her bag on the sofa, and took her scarf, dark glasses and coat off.   Underneath she had a short, navy blue, school skirt, and a white shirt with her school tie on.   This was teamed up with black opaque tights.   After closing the door, locking it and closing the blinds, I heard her shout out “Wheeeee” and she ran across the room and leapt on to me.   Hooking her arms around my neck and her legs locking around my waist.   My hands held her bottom.   I walked over to one of the two double beds, and threw her on to it.   She landed on her back and bounced on it.   Her legs were apart and open, so I now realised that the tights were stockings, held up by a delicate lace trimmed suspender belt which contrasted with the dark material of her school skirt and the dark black stockings, and that Toni had no panties on.   I also saw that her sparse golden-brown pubic hair had been shaven, leaving a bare, smooth pussy. I climbed onto the bed with her, and we kissed.

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    Toni climbed on top of me and undid her tie, my hands rubbing her bottom; she held the two ends and pulled it backwards and forward around her neck, before pulling it off and throwing it onto the floor.   Slowly teasing me, she unbuttoned her shirt, then pulled her shirt open, and slid it off her shoulders, then completely off, throwing it too on the floor.   Her hands moved to the front of the delicate white lacy bra and opened the fastening at the front. It too was thrown onto her other clothes.   Her breasts were very firm and pert; there was no drop at all as they were uncovered from their lacy covering.   Her nipples pointing upwards, and where only a slightly darker shade than her golden skin.   They were already aroused and I pulled her forward so that I could take them into my mouth, whilst squeezing and stroking her breasts, I bit the nipples and gentle pulled on them.   Toni was moaning with pleasure.   She undid the catch on her wrap around school skirt and removed it.   She then slid down my body and undid my trousers and started to remove them and my shoes and socks.   As she did this I pulled off my long sleeved t-shirt.   I told Toni to keep her stockings on.   Toni then collected her back-pack from the sofa and returned to the bed.   From it she produced her riding crop, and said she was ready for her spanking.   I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her over my lap.

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    I started with some hand spanking, her beautiful naked bottom becoming a rosy red.   She was making sounds of pain, her feet kicking up and down, but these changed to moans of pleasure.   My hands caressed and stroked her bottom, feeling the heat from her rosy red globes.   Her pussy was becoming wet, and as I stroked her, I briefly ran my hand over her labia.   I took my wet fingers to my mouth and tasted her.   I put them back and eased a finger into her aroused cunt.   Soon her cries become intense as I finger fucked her, and when I started to rub her clitoris, she came loudly.   I had a strong erection, but though I wanted to fuck her now, I told her to get on the bed and on all fours, and I took some of the pillows to put underneath her midriff.   When she was settled - her bottom up in the air and her head down on the bed, I picked up the leather riding crop and standing at her side brought it down on her bottom.   Toni let out a loud cry, but I gave her another stroke of it before the cry had finished.   I gave more strokes of the crop, and red lines crossed her young bum.   After some thirty or so further strokes, Toni was starting to orgasm.   She asked for her thighs to be hit it too.   She was coming repeatedly, and as I hit her thighs and arse she suddenly slumped forward and I realised that this was the ‘sub-space’ - that state that some spankee’s can reach - an adrenalin and endorphin high.   I stopped and stroked her and her delightfully red and stripped bottom and thighs, as she ‘came down’ from her ‘high’.

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  “Wow. ” she said, “I never expected it to be that good!  Thank you Sir!”  We cuddled till I was painfully hard and I rolled her onto her front and lifted her bottom up till she was again on all fours.   Gripping her hips, my cock head found her gaping, wet cunt and I forced myself into her cunt.   It was tight, but it was so lubricated, that I slipped easily and fully inside her.   I was quickly thrusting into her, my cock-head touching her cervix with each stroke.   As Toni was already aroused, as was I, we quickly came, and I released shot upon shot of sperm into her.   A few final thrusts had sperm leaking out of her and run down her thighs, which soaked into her stocking tops.     We lay there kissing and petting, my fingers reached into her and the front wall of her cunt.   I felt the wrinkled ‘walnut’ on the inside of her and Toni soon said that she needed to ‘pee’.   I told her to wait and she then came violently as she had her first  ‘G-spot’ orgasm.   She then took hold of my cock and wanked it as she eased the head into her mouth, and pumped her mouth on my cock. She made sure that it was well coated with saliva.   I soon came, shooting into her mouth and as she released my cock, she swallowed my sperm and licked her lips.   Both sated we fell into a contented nap. About an hour later, I awoke and looked at Toni, I could smell her sex and I started to feel horny again.

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     Her legs were parted, so I lent over and teased her labia with my tongue. Toni made a contented sort of purring noise, her love lips opened like pink petals of a flower.   As they opened and her fluids started to be secreted, she parted her legs even more.   My tongue moved in to her cunt and up and down her slit. My tongue moving and sucking on each flap.   I could see her clit become exposed as it engorged and protruded from its protective hood.   The purring changed to shouts of “My God” and pleas for me not to stop - as if I would until she came; which she then did.   She snuggled up to me in a ’spoons’ position.   My cock was hard again and it nudged against her cunt.   I stroked it up and down her sticky wet pussy and Toni pushed back and I eased in to her tight cunt.   I pushed and was soon balls deep in her hole.   We rocked gently together, taking our time.    Using the lubricant seeping from Toni’s cunt, I wet two fingers and coated the puckered ring of her anus.   Taking more juices, I rubbed the fingers around the hole and gently pushed against the tight muscle holding it closed.   As Toni became comfortable with the probing and relaxed, the fingers slipped in surprisingly easily.

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    I pushed in as far as I could and then pushed in and out of her second hole.   This, after a while, caused Toni to start to speed up the rhythm and I pushed harder into her two tunnels.   I started to released another load of spunk. As I came Toni also started to come, so I continued to thrust hard into her till her orgasm had passed.   We relaxed into each others arms. We phoned a local take away for food and drinks.   When we had finished we took a shower and back in the bedroom I towelled Toni dry and pulled her over my knee once more. I told her that she was a naughty little bitch and how much trouble I could be in, and spanked her with my hand.   The marks left on her arse from the crop made it even more exciting and I really gave her a sound hand spanking, making her howl with pain and begging for me to stop. Which is all part of the fun - as she had not resorted to using our agreed stop word.    Her feet where kicking up and down after half an hour of spanking  and rubbing her bum, her cries turn to sounds of pleasure and then to sounds of her coming.   Toni slipped off my lap and took my cock in her hand and gave me one of her wonderful blow-jobs. I reached for my trousers and pulled the belt from its loops.   I pulled her over to the table, and told her to bend over it and to reach over and grasp the other side. I stroked her red and marked bottom.

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    “Keep those legs out straight and wide apart,” as I said this I had folded the belt in two and wrapped part of it around my right hand.   “And keep still or I’ll add strokes onto the twenty you’re going to get now. ”Raising my arm back I brought it down onto her pert red bum.   Toni muffled a cry, and did her best to keep still; I continued to place slaps down, after eight, Toni was again feeling the hormones and brain chemicals take over and gentle moans of pleasure could be heard.   By the time I reached the twenty strokes, Toni was asking for more.   I decided to give in to her; after six more, she was cumming and she flopped onto the table and her legs relaxed, I gave her ten more which had  her cumming again.   Her pussy fluids were coating the inside of her thighs.   I moved close and holding my penis, I stroked it up and down her slit and while doing this, Toni pushed back and I entered yet again.   The strapping had tired her out, but I thrust quickly and forcefully.   This was going to be a quick, fast fuck and as I ejaculated the effort caused her to orgasm shortly after I had.  For Toni, spanking was for pleasure, not for punishment.   Though she had decided that acting ‘naughty’ could be used to instigate a spanking, and the erotic, and additional purely sexual delights it brought.   There was also the possibility of experimenting with some of the BDSM and fetish ideas that had been imprinted on her from her initial visit to the wonders of her parents locked wardrobes.   The internet would soon allowed us to obtain some of the items that had intrigued and stimulated her, both physically and mentally.   Unfortunately Toni would be too young for me to take her to some of the monthly fetish fairs so she could choose them in showered it was time to drive Toni home.


    We chatted and Toni was talking of some of the things she was thinking of trying - and if I was happy to do them too.   Then as we neared her home, she asked me -“Do you remember I said I had an older friend that I go riding with?” “Of course I do. ” I replied.   My hand teased her cunt through the pink cotton of her panties, which she had put on just before we left the Motel.   They had soaked up some of the fluids that were leaking from her , both mine and her own. “Well, her name is Suzie Cheung, and she’s Chinese.   Her Dad owns a chain of Pharmacies, and is really wealthy.   That’s how she comes to have a barn and paddock for her horse, and as her parents and mine are friends, I get to use it too, for my horse.   We’ve made a sort of rest room in the upper floor, and sometimes we sleep over there.   We even have a bathroom there - as it can get hot and sweaty riding, and it can make you really horny too, so a hot shower, especially with a jet of water on your clit, it can feel great.   So is a long hot soak - more so, if Suzie joins me in the bath”“Suzie’s sixteen, and she’s very petite.   She’s only five feet tall; she looks even younger than me, with hair all the way down to her bum.   We sometime kiss and cuddle; we even wank each other.   But she won’t let me use a vibrator on her, just rubbing her pubic mound - but it still makes her cum.   Her Dads very strict and won’t even let her have a boyfriend.

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    I also told her about the spanking feelings I have - it made her horny too - and she has read some of the ’Janus’ and fetish magazines.   So she also wants to be spanked.   And of course she gets very horny and wants to be fucked for the first time too.   So we thought, if I arranged for us to have a sleep-over - may be next weekend - you could come and spank and fuck the pair of us?  You could park your car in the barn, so nobody will see it up there.   Would that be OK?  We might even have some surprises for you as well”. How could I turn down spanking and fucking a virgin Chinese teen.   What could I do but say Yes!Continued in part 3:  ‘Stable Escapades’Francis .



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