One More Song


Mom was just putting the hashbrowns and bacons on the plate. Steam was rising from it. I shook my head and sat at the table. "Thought you said it was getting cold. " Mom smiled and put the plate infront of me. "It got you up. " I ate the food quickly, maybe too quickly. I drank down a glass of orange juice, then put my back pack on. I picked my music gear and headed out the door. I walked across the street to the bus stop and dropped my stuff to the ground. "Well, hey big music stud", Amanda's voice echoed. I looked from side to side. She tapped me on the back and I jumped foward. She gave me her innocent smile and dropped her kip bag next to my guitar case. I looked down and tried to start a conversation. "Oh, hey.

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   Heard you were going to the dance with Henry Myers. " She continued smiling and nodded her head. The bus came to a noisy stop and opened its doors. I picked up my stuff and followed Amanda on. Instantly I heard the remarks. "Hey, look! It's Mr. Musician, play me a song, why dont'cha?" I didn't bother to turn around to see who it was. I took my usual seat up front with Mike, my best friend and fellow bandmate. "Sup?" "Oh, you know. . . . forcing myself through another day. " Mike smiled and looked out the window. He brushed back his long curly brown hair.

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   "Aren't we all. " The school day went through smoothly without any major incidents. I went to the gym as we set up for practise. Mike was already sitting behind his drums, stepping on the bass drum, staring straight ahead. Gary, our bass player (and probably the most normal member) was just plugging in his stuff. He looked over and gave me a slight wave. Mike looked over and grinned. "So, have you heard who Manda is going to the dance with?" I glared at him and stepped onto the stage. I plugged in my amp and set up the mic. "'Fast' Henry Myers. " Gary looked over. "Aren't you worried? I mean, he hasn't met a girl he didn't get his way with yet. " I continued trying to focus on the mic. "She won't fall for that. She's too smart.

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   I know her. " "We know you know her. You knew her for what? Ten, eleven years?" Mike said behind me. "Yes. " "Better make your move soon, or you you'll have no one to move in on. Single, anyways. " "Fuck off. " ---------------- After practise I went home. Straight to bed. Tomorrow was prom and it was going to be a long, long night. I laid in my bed and thought of Amanda. Like I always do. I want her bad, but she's way too good for me. I rolled over and stared at the wall 'till I fell into my safety of sleep. At school, Mike and I stood beside my locker talking about music, when Henry and his friends walk by.

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   Henry stops and looks at me. "Hey there, freak. " He gave me a push against the lockers. "'C'mon, Brad, let's go. " Mike tried to pull me away. I pushed Mike to the side. "No, no. You got something you want to say to me Henry? Do you?" I moved closer. He was big. Six-two big. Well, bigger then me. Oh, did I mention he's captian of the wrestling team? His friends moved closer towards me. "What, you're going to hide behind them? This is between me, and Henry. If there's something. Is there Henry?" Henry pushed back his two friends.

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   "No, there's no problem here. " He turned to walk away before adding, "Unless you call me fucking Amanda a problem". His friends laughed. That sparked something inside of me. I grabbed his shoulder and he turned around. I threw the hardest punch I ever threw. It connected on his jaw and he stumbled, and fell backwards. Before I knew it, he was up and I was down. He had me quickly pinned down and now he threw some hard punches. Before I could do anything else, Amanda had pulled Henry off of me and was screaming at him. She helped me up and gave me a tissue for my bloody nose. I stared at Henry. A stare of hate. The bell rang and she apologized but had to go, Henry quickly followed after his date. ----------- At final rehearsal, we didn't rehearse.

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   Not a chord. Mike was too busy telling Gary how I laid out Henry. He really didn't touch on how he beat the crap out of me though. I got up and started walking around, trying to cool down. It was already hot with the lights set up, and me in a tux. I stared at the empty gym. Mike grabbed me and said they were starting to arrive so we should go see how all the girls look. I followed and Gary stayed and continued to set up. We stood outside the doors, and wouldn't you know it, here comes Amanda. She looked fantastic. Breath taking. I can't describe it. Her pink dress hung on the floor, and clenched against her body. It was a nice strapless piece, even showing off some cleavage. My guess it was about a thirty-eight c cup.

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   But I didn't know. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail and she had two strands of bangs hanging down by each eye. Her small, hundred and ten pound body looked amazing, even in a dress. She could look good in a garbage bag. My eyes locked onto hers and she gave me a small smile and looked away. Henry bumped his shoulder into mine as he passed by and my anger re-emerged. Mike pulled me into the gym so we could start playing our gig. Since there wasn't anyone here, we wanted to try one of our songs. Just to see if people plugged their ears or tried to sing along by the end. It was a song written about being lonely, so we figured it couldn't hurt too bad. Still early. I ripped into the intro and got ready to sing. This bright light has fadedAnd I can never quite make itAs it was then, it's not nowIf it was ever, darkness of the drow I began to sing louder as the chorus started up. Nothing is real, everything is fakeAll you do is take and takeNow I don't believe it allI can see myself begin to fallThese diamonds have stopped shiningAs I continue my whiningBecause this coal has turned to fireI lost her, my only desireAh, nothing is real and everything is fakeAll you do is take and takeNow I don't believe it allI can see myself beging to. .

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  . . FALL The song was over before I knew it and the crowd cheered loudly. I smiled and looked over to Gary and then back to Mike. They all had the same feeling. It felt amazing. I looked out in the crowd and instantly spotted Amanda. She smiled and waved to me. I nodded and began to sing a slow song as the crowd started to show. A couple hours later the crowd had begun to die, as people no doubtly started to head to parties. I wiped the sweat off my forehead and gave a small sigh as I watched the happy people. I walked over to Mike and called Gary over. I told them that Amanda was still here and I had to make my move now. I wrote a song I was going to play for her, telling her how I feel. And if she comes talk to me, maybe it will work.

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   I told them they could take a break, because it was only guitar. They gladly headed off stage. I was so nervous. I slowly walked up to the mic. I thought I was going to puke on a girl's nice prom dress. Wouldn't that be something? I strummed my guitar lightly. "Um, excuse. . . . excuse me. I'd like to. . . um.

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  . . " I just stared at Amanda. She was staring up at me, probably wondering what the hell I was doing. "I'd like to dedicate this song to my best friend, a girl who was always there for me. " Amanda smiled and looked down. Henry came to her side and glared up at me. I was now nervous, and scared in two different ways. I lightly played the chords and started to sing as soft as I could. Met the sweetest girlShe now owns my worldCouldn't ask for a better friendThis angel, God has sentShe took my world, she turned it upside downCompletely destroyed my. . . . frownI don't know all the words to sayMaybe another dayJust smile once for meTha'ts all that matters to meYou make me want to breakdown and cryI'll never tell you a lieAnd I know I don't have the rightBut I can't see without your sightIt all becomes so clearI'll protect you from fearGentle talk and gentle touchNothing is ever too muchI, I do love youI, I do need youCome. .


  . home. . . to . . . me I played the last notes and stared out into the crowd. They were clapping and talking about it. I heard "That's so sweet" and so on. I was too scared to smile. Or move. Or anything. Amanda turned and walked out with Henry. After the last two songs, it was over.

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   I sat at the edge of the stage and just stared at the floor. Mike and Gary left with their dates. I stared a hole in that floor. "You know, someday I might just realize what I got. " I turned around and looked up at Amanda. She sat next to me and stared ahead. My heart jumped in my throat as I couldn't take my eyes off of her. "Why. . . why didn't you go with your date?" I asked, confused. "He wanted to take me to a party. " "Why didn't you go?" "Because, I couldn't stop thinking about you. " She turned and faced me. "Did you really mean all that stuff? You, love me?" I looked down and nodded.

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   "Every word. " "Hmm. " What was "Hmm"? Who said that? I sighed and stared back at the floor. "What's wrong?" She asked, moving a little closer to me. "Well, you obviously don't feel the same way. I mean, how could you?" She frowned and looked across the empty gym. "I don't know. " I thought I was going to break down and cry right there. Cry in the empty gym, and hear my sobs echo. I imagined doing just that. Amanda leaned in close to me and I turned to face her, surprised. She pressed her lips against mine. I kissed back slowly, opening my mouth and letting my tongue push through her lips. She massaged her tongue up against mine and then quickly broke the kiss and smiled to me. "You are the sweetest guy in the world, and I think I might just love you.

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  " My heart basically stopped as she said this. I smiled and kissed her again. She gave a little pout, "One more song, for me?"--------------------Writers Note: I felt that the sex would take away from this love story, sorry to disappoint anyone wanting good sex scenes! Just a plain old poorly written love story!.



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