Oh Sam" Chapter 1


How a middle aged man discoveres a young but willing 18 year old girl who knows nothing about sex, but teaches him something about love.   Chapter one is long, but necessary to give it proper background.  

Oh Sam

Chapter 1


Damn, another tournament this weekend and the place is really filling up again.   I wonder why all those clowns fish those things, it is really a pain to work as hard as they do, and fishing should be fun not work I muttered to myself.   Oh well, it is Friday, and only a few pre-tournament fishermen will be out this morning, but just wait until this afternoon and you won’t be able to find any seclusion.   Tomorrow it is supposed to rain and they will all be getting their asses wet, maybe that will discourage some of the crowds.   I made my way down the walk to the boat dock where my boat was in my slip and prepared for another morning of fun and relaxing.  


As I pulled out of my slip and around the marina I saw another boat being launched at the ramp.   A man with a really good looking redhead was preparing their boat and he yelled something to someone else in the truck.   A young girl about 18-18 walked out from behind the truck carrying something towards him.   Damn she had to be the woman’s daughter because she was a real knock-out red head too.   She was wearing a pair of very tight and very short denim jeans.   Her little ass looked just perfect for her little body and it appeared like it was about to pop out of the skin tight jeans.   She had a beautiful mass of red hair cascading across her shoulders and across a really beautiful face.   Her breasts were straining against her top and it was tied at the bottom showing her slim little belly.   Damn I thought, she is almost as pretty as her mother who was also dressed in a tight top tied at the bottom showing her flat little belly also.

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  Â  She was wearing full length jeans, but you could tell from their shape she was molded into them.  


I thought this was really a beautiful but odd thing to see, because just face it, red heads are either plain ugly or plain beautiful, and most are not beautiful and here were two of the finest specimens of red heads I have ever seen.   Oh well, I guess they are here to fish the guy and gal tournament because I have not seen those two beautiful ladies before.   Putting a little more throttle to my Ranger bass boat I eased towards the buoys out into main lake.  


Tic Tic, I could feel another fish taking the plastic worm I was offering.   I dropped my rod tip and watched the line until I could see it moving and then tightened the line and set the hook.   Not a big one, but decent still I played the fish up to the boat.   Another large mouth bass about 18 inches long was trying its best to dislodge the hook in its mouth and return to its hiding place below, but it was unsuccessful.   I bent down and lipped the bass and brought it up and took the hook out and admired its beauty.   I gently eased it back down into the water and let it go back to the depths to brag to his friends how he got away.   As I sat back into my seat I stopped for a moment to reflect on the day and how lucky I was.   Here I am in my own little paradise living the life most men dream about.   A beautiful Ranger bass boat, a condominium with a perfect view of the lake and all the time in the world to fish and enjoy nature and I am only 35 years old.   Yeah I know, you wonder how this could be, well it was just plain fool luck.   I was just like anyone else a few years back and had a windfall of a few thousand dollars from a grandfather who died.

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  Â  Trying to figure what to do with it a friend told me about a dot. com company just starting out offering a stock sale and he said it would really produce, and it really did.   I thought what the hell; I didn’t have anything anyway to speak of so why not try.   And in just 5 years I became really rich.   At its peak the same friend advised me to dump it and diversify my money and I thought he was crazy.   I mean, I have made more money than I thought possible and it was still growing steadily.   But, I thought he was right on the front end and what if he was right now.   So I followed his advice and sold out over a period of weeks.   About 6 months after I dumped it, it went so far south I would be broke if I hadn’t listened to him, Good friends like that are priceless.   So here I am, 35 and retired and won’t have to work another day in my life.   Oh well, time for lunch so I headed back to the docks.  


When I arrived back at the docks I immediately noticed the same little red head girl with her fishing pole fishing off the dock around my berth.   There are signs posted that says no fishing from the docks, but the dock rarely enforces them unless someone complains.   I am usually not too excited to see people fishing off the docks, but in this case I wanted a closer look at this little honey, she was so hot looking.   I felt ashamed of what I was thinking, but you don’t understand just how perfect she looked.

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  Â  As I pulled into my slip she moved a few feet to the side to another empty slip and watched me as I tied up.  


Have any luck she asked? 


Oh a little I replied, I caught 6 this morning so I didn’t set the world on fire, but I didn’t get skunked either, how about you? 


Oh I have caught 5 little perch, but nothing big.   What kind of fish did you catch? 


Bass I replied, that is all I fish for.  


That is what my Mom and Dad fish for, they are going to fish the tournament tomorrow and Sunday.   Boy, that is a really beautiful boat you have there, can I look in it.  


Well, come aboard and make yourself at home.   She laid her rod on the dock and stepped over into the boat and started looking everywhere.   She sat down in the operator’s seat and then turned around to the back and started looking in the live wells.   As she did she turned that beautiful ass towards me as she bent over.   Her ass was just perfect as it strained against the fabric of her shorts.   As she bent further the material rode up her taunt cheeks and showed me the pink color of her panties.   She made her way towards the front and got down on her knees and opened the rod box and started admiring them.   I was standing over her at this point and got a terrific view of her breasts.   Damn I thought, those little breasts are just as perfect as her little ass is.   They fit her body well, and I have known several women who would be put to shame by this little girl’s chest.

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  Â  I could see between them and see a skimpy pink bra to match her panties.   I started to get a hard on so I turned away before she could see how she was affecting me.  


Your boat is so beautiful, and it looks new.


Well, it is about 6 months old, but I try and keep it up and looking sharp.  


She opened the center deck lid where the cooler is and saw my supply of drinks, and I asked her to hand me one of the bottles, (a Smirnoff Ice) and help herself to one of the drinks there.   She handed me mine and picked up another one for herself.   I had intended for her to get a coke, and when I saw what she had grabbed I told her that that was alcohol and she might be happier with a cola.   She looked up at me with a sly little grin on her face and said,


If it is OK I really would like one of these.   I have seen them advertised on TV and have wanted to try one.  


Dang girl, how old are you,


13 she replied,


Well honey, there is a law about giving alcohol to minors, and I don’t want to go to jail.


Oh please she begged, I won’t tell anyone.


Well, OK, just stay down low in the boat so people won’t see you and turn me in I grinned.  


She sat down in the bottom of the boat leaning her back on the front deck and started sipping her Smirnoff.  


Hey, this is good she said as she swigged a large gulp of it,


Hey, slow down I said, there is a lot of alcohol in that and it will knock you on your ass if you aren’t used to drinking.  


She smiled and said, I have tasted beer before, but never hard stuff like this.

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  Â  But I don’t feel a thing.  


Not right now you won’t, but trust me, slow down or you will get drunk.


I positioned myself by the rear deck facing her so I could absorb this little goddess.   For the first time since meeting her I wasn’t looking at her ass or tits and I noticed her eyes.   They were the most beautiful shade of green that you could imagine; I mean here was the most absolutely stunning red haired green eyed girl I have ever laid eyes on.   We started talking and she told me her name was Sam, then scrunched her little nose and said it was short for Samantha, but all her friends called her Sam.   Well then, I guess I can call you Sam then and she smiled and said that would be just fine.   I introduced myself as Matt, and I was proud to be considered her friend.   She said her parents were practice fishing today for the tournament and when I asked her why she wasn’t fishing with them she said they wouldn’t let her fish when they were preparing for a tournament and she stayed around the docks because she just loved to fish and didn’t want to stay in the room.   As she relaxed she let her legs spread a little and gave me another shot of those pretty pink panties sticking out around those short shorts.   We talked and talked and I found out that she was 13, in the 7th grade and loved to fish and be outdoors.   After we finished our drinks I told Sam I was going to grab a bite of lunch and go back out, because of the approaching front I thought the fishing would be really good before the rain came early tomorrow morning.  


I wish I could go out and fish where the big fish are instead of catching little perch around the dock she said.


Well, I don’t have a partner for the afternoon, if you ask your parents when they come in and they say it is OK with them you can fish with me.  


Really!!! She exclaimed, that would be really super, I have never been on a boat like this before.

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  Â  Thanks a lot, and as she jumped up to hug me she stumbled and fell forward into my arms.   I reached out to catch her and my hands landed on her breasts and as I steadied her I could feel those beautiful mounds of tender flesh on my fingers.   She just looked into my eyes and said thanks for catching me; I guess I did drink it a little too fast and smiled but made no effort to straighten up as my hands stayed on her breasts.


That’s Ok, I said, and pushed back slowly on her breasts and gave them a little squeeze as she became upright.   If your parents agree, I will meet you here at the boat at 1:00.   If they want to talk to me, I pointed to the condominiums off to the right, I am unit 103.   I had such a hard on I was afraid to move, but I had to leave.   Oh well, maybe she won’t notice it as I stood, but I noticed her eyes dropping to my waist as we departed.  


As I approached the boat just before 1:00 Sam was already sitting in the passenger seat with her rod beside her.   Hi Sam I yelled, so very pleased that her parents let her come with me.   Then I thought to myself, boy if her parents only knew what I was thinking about their little girl.   I know she was only 13, but all I could think about during lunch was getting my hands on her breasts again and those pink panties.



Hey Matt she yelled back as she jumped up and down and waved letting her pert little breasts bounce, I’m so glad you invited me to fish with you.  


Your parents didn’t have a problem with you going with me did they I asked.


No Sam replied they just told me to mind you and do everything you told me to do.

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Damn I thought to myself, if she only knew what I was thinking I wanted her to do for me.   I secured her rod and pulled a life vest out of storage for her to put on.   She was struggling with the straps on the vest trying to adjust them down to fit her small frame and was getting no where fast.   She turned to me and asked if I could help her, and of course I was only too glad to help.   Adjusting the straps and zipping the vest up gave me ample opportunity to check out her beautiful breasts again.   I don’t know if she knew how easy it was to adjust, but I took full advantage of the situation and stroked her every chance I got.   I was getting hard as a brick again, but Sam was looking in my eyes and not looking down.   As my hands rubbed across her breasts again I noticed she shut her eyes and I heard her exhale gently and a small sigh escaped her lips.   I could feel her nipples stiffen under by hands; her flimsy pink bra could not prevent them from sticking out rather profoundly by my supposedly inadvertently caresses.   Wow I thought I didn’t realize that at only 18 a girl would respond like this, and Sam was really responding.   She started weaving slightly allowing my hands to continue their gentle caress of her breasts and my own breaths became sharp and ragged.   I finally finished adjusting the vest and removed my hands and immediately went and untied the boat and sat down and started the motor.   Sam had not said anything but went to her seat and sat down looking at me with a smile on her face.   I knew she could see my erection, but I thought what the hell; she didn’t seem to mind it, and there is no way to hide it.  


As we eased out of the marina I noticed a large number of trailers at the boat ramp and remembered the tournament and the large number of people that would be on the lake.

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  Â  Damn I thought I wanted to get away from the crowds with this sexy little thing and not have people around us.   Suddenly I remembered a secluded cove that no one but a few regulars knew about.   There was a tree lined cove that appeared to dead-end, but there was a tiny channel through the trees that opened out into another bay that covered about 5 acres behind the tree line and it usually always had no people around.   That is where we will go; I was determined to see if Sam enjoyed the caresses as much as I thought she did.  


As we left the marina Sam wanted to steer the boat.   As I showered down on the throttle and brought the boat up to plane I motioned Sam to come over to steer.   I thought she would lean over and steer, but she plopped herself down in my lap and started laughing wildly and having a great time.   As we were going across the lake Sam was not driving in a straight line, but was turning right and then left constantly.   As she did she would slide her beautiful ass across my crotch and I had another immediate erection that would not go down.   If she noticed it, she gave no indication of it, so I just held on to her hips and enjoyed the ride.   There is no way she could not have felt this pole probing her ass but I thought if she didn’t care I didn’t either and slid my hands from her hips down her legs and back again.   Sam just smiled and kept driving the boat with her full head of red hair blowing against my face.   I leaned my nose forward and took in the aroma of her hair and felt another wave of ecstasy come over me as Sam kept sliding her sweet ass across my hard dick.  


I was directing Sam on where to turn and go and was well aware that our little ride would be over too soon for me as the cove came into sight, but oh well, it was fun while it lasted and there would be the ride back again.   I directed her into the cove and slowed the boat to a slow speed and directed her to the back of the cove.

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Where, she asked obviously confused as we headed for the bank.  


No I told her, just keep it between those two large trees, there is a channel there that you can’t see for the overhanging limbs, just duck and go slow, you will see.  


As we drove through the small gap, Sam gasped as she saw what was before her.  


My gosh, I would have never dreamed that this was back here she exclaimed as the large bay unfolded before her.   It is like a little secret place that no one knows about.  

That’s right Sam, this is our little secret hiding place, please don’t tell anyone else about it.  


Oh I won’t she said, this is really cool.  


I directed the boat along the south bank and shut the engine off; sorry that our little ride was over, but again, there would be the ride back to look forward to.   Sam was looking around but not moving to get up off my aching dick either.   Well, are you going to fish, or sit here all afternoon I said? 


Well, this isn’t bad just sitting here as she wiggled her ass one more time, but I came to fish she said as she got up and took her life vest off.  


I rigged her up with the proper equipment from my rod locker and told her to use this instead of her rod because I thought she would have better luck.   She grabbed it and got on the rear deck and started fishing while I got my rod ready.   I watched Sam as she started fishing and was really impressed at her abilities, she could cast pretty good and it was obvious that she had fished with plastic worms before.   I grabbed a beer from the cooler for myself and asked her if she wanted anything.  


Could I have another Smirnoff, I promise to drink it slow and not get knocked on my ass like I did this morning.

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That’s Ok Sam I said, you getting knocked on your ass may not be a bad idea after all I grinned, I sort of liked it.  


Sam just smiled and said, I guess you are right, it was fun wasn’t it.  


What did she mean I wondered, oh well, let’s just fish and see what happens.   I started drinking my beer and fishing and Sam drank her Smirnoff and fished.  


Fish on I yelled, as I laid back and set the hook on a bass.   As I played the fish up to the boat Sam was right there giving encouragement and getting excited.  


Can I land it for you, Please, Please, Please.  


Alright I said as I eased the fish along side the boat and Sam bent over to grab the fish.   When she did her pretty little ass stuck up in the air and gave me another view of her pink panties and taunt ass.  


Wow that’s pretty Sam exclaimed as she hauled the bass into the boat.  


It sure is I exclaimed as I kept staring at her ass.


I was talking about the fish Matt Sam said, what are you talking about.


I looked up and saw Sam grinning at me while I was staring at her sweet ass.


Well, I guess you caught me on that one Sam I chuckled; I guess there is no denying that I was talking about your pretty little butt.   Ok, release the fish and catch one yourself.




Sam released the fish and looked back up at me still bent over with her ass sticking up and said, do you really think my butt is pretty.  


Sam I said, I’m not going to lie to you, I really think your butt is very beautiful.  


Sam’s face started to turn red as she blushed and smiled and said thanks, no one has ever told me that before.   You are sweet, and got up and went back to the rear of the boat and started fishing.   After just a couple of minutes Sam yelled fish on as she started playing her bass back to the boat.  


Let me help you I said as I positioned myself on my knees on the rear deck to lift her fish into the boat.   While waiting there I looked up and saw her pretty little belly below the shirt she was wearing and those tight shorts covering her ass.   I started getting another hard on just watching her playing the fish and turned back to the lake just in time to retrieve her fish.   I removed the hook and held it up for her as I stood and saw her staring not at the fish but my crotch as she said it’s beautiful.   Well it sure is I said, but Sam I was talking about the fish.   Sam turned beet red and smiled but said nothing. but never really took her eyes off my crotch and said.


Let’s have another drink.  


After another beer I was feeling great pressure to relieve myself and got the pee can out of the storage locker and told Sam to turn her back while I peed.   She smiled and turned around in her seat and faced out the back of the boat.

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  Â  I was standing facing out the port side of the boat and pulled out my rod and started peeing in the bucket.   I heard a slight noise and felt the boat rock slightly and looked to the front of the boat at the graph, I could see the reflection of Sam in the glass and she had turned her head back around and was watching me.   It was a good thing I was about finished because when I saw her looking at me I got hard as a rock.   I thought if she wanted to see it I would certainly give her ample opportunity to do so.   I took my stiff rod and shook it to get all of the dew drops off the end, and then turned my body slightly to make sure she could get a good view while I kept my face forward staring at her reflection in the graph.   I saw her mouth drop open as she could see the full length of my stiff pole and I could have sworn I heard a little gasp escape her lips.   I started to stroke the length of my pole and loosened my pants like I was tucking my shirt in and let them drop slightly and pulled my shorts down to expose my nut sac to her gaze.   I kept stroking my rod and I think it grew larger than it has ever been just at the thought of Sam looking at me.   I knew this could not go on forever without her getting suspicions of my pants being down so long so I slowly started to adjust myself and put the pole back in my pants.   After I finished I told Sam it was safe to turn around and looked back at her as she turned her seat around trying to act as nothing had happened, but she would not look directly at me.   I took the cup and slowly poured it over the side of the boat and rinsed it out and left it out to dry.  


Sam had not said anything for almost 18 minutes after seeing my dick until I heard her say fish on again.   When I looked back at her I could immediately tell she had a really nice bass on by the way her rod was bent.   I went to her so I could encourage her and help her by telling her what to do.   Suddenly the bass came out of the water and it confirmed my suspicions, it was a large fish.

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  Â  I shouted to her to keep the line tight and turn to the side and play the fish away from the rear of the boat where it would get tangled in the motor.   Sam was just shouting look at it, look at it over and over, along with oh my God and squealing with delight.   After what seemed like an hour she finally got the fish close to the side of the boat and I had the dip net out and under it and hauled it in the boat.   Sam was literally shaking with excitement and kept shouting, oh my God, it is so big, look at it.   I took the hook out and held it up for her to take and told her to hold it while I got the scales and camera.   I weighed the fish and it went 7 lb 4 oz.   Sam was just beside herself and had the largest grin I have ever seen as she posed with her fish.   I took the digital camera and took several shots of the two and she released the fish back into the lake.  


We were sitting on the seat by the console looking at the pictures of her fish when Sam said,


I nearly peed on myself when I saw that fish, and I really need to pee now before I really do pee on myself.

  But…. . trailing off with a puzzled look on her face I knew she was wondering how she was going to it here on the lake.  


Well Sam you have two, no three options.   First I can let you out on the bank with the briars and ticks, second you could pee on yourself, but not in my boat, or three you can use the pee can I just used here in the back of the boat.  


But I am a girl; I can’t just hold a can up like you did.

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Oh really Sam, I didn’t know you were a girl I laughed.   Don’t worry, I have toilet paper up front and all you have to do is sit the can on the floor under this low seat, take your pants off and sit there and slide your cute butt out to the edge and let it flow.  


A slightly confused look was on her face as she said, well OK, I guess that is the best way to go.   I sure don’t want to get in the bushes, please get me the paper.  


I retrieved the toilet paper and sat it down near the rear of the boat and sat the can under the seat.  


OK, turn your back while I pee.  


Why I said.  


Well, so I can take my pants off and pee, you can’t look at me while I do that she said.  


Why not Sam, you looked at me while I was peeing a while ago.   Sam’s face dropped and turned pale while she stammered, what, what do you mean.  


You know what I mean Sam, while I was going you turned around and watched me, remember, when you started looking my rod got really hard and I stroked it for you to see and adjusted my pants so you could see everything.   Her jaw dropped as she realized I had caught her.  


Are you going to tell on me for looking at you she gasped?


No, I replied, are you going to tell on me for looking at you? 


No I won’t she giggled, but if you are going to look at me, I want a better look at you than just a side view.   But not right now, I really have to pee.


Sam unbuttoned her jeans and looked down to avoid eye contact.

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  Â  She pulled them down off her shapely ass and down her thighs and stepped out of them.   Still not looking she grasps the waistband of her pink underwear and started pulling them down.   Still not looking up she exposed her beautiful teen pussy to my awaiting gaze, it was beautiful with full puffy lips from the constant rubbing of her tight shorts.   There was no visible hair on the beautiful mound and the lips of her lovely pussy seemed to spread in front of my eyes.    Sam pulled her pink panties over her shoes and tossed them to the side with her shorts and her whole body started to slightly shimmer.   Still without looking up Sam sat down on the seat and positioned her ass on the edge and boy did she have to pee.   A beautiful pale yellow stream cascaded out from between those succulent lips into the pot below.   Looking at her continuing stream I said boy that is beautiful.  


Sam finally looked up in bewilderment and said what is beautiful, my pee.  


Yes I said, your pee, your beautiful little pussy, everything about it is beautiful.  


Well I have never thought my pee was beautiful, and my pussy is bald, it doesn’t have any hair on it yet.   With that her tiny stream subsided and she reached for the paper but I reached it first.  


Can I dry you off I said.


Sam looked shocked and said no one has ever touched me there except for the Doctor.  


Please Sam I pleaded, I think you are the prettiest girl I have ever seen, and I really want to do it.

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  Â  Please.


Well, Ok, but nothing else, just dry me off and then with a sly grin, and let me see you too.  


I immediately unbuckled my pants and let them drop to the floor and had my underwear down in a flash.   Stepping out of both my rod was immediately hard as a rock and Sam gasped.  


My God, I knew men had that thing, but I didn’t know it was so big.   Now my rod isn’t the largest dong at the urinal, but it isn’t the smallest either.   It measures 8 ½ inches, and has a healthy girth to it.  


It isn’t that large Sam I told her, it is really just an average one, lying a little to her.   I took the paper and carefully tore off a few sheets and folded it so it wouldn’t be too thick to prevent me from feeling this little pussy.   I approached her and dropped to my knees and took the can out of the way and gently eased her legs apart.   I reached up to her pussy and started wiping the little pee drops from the front to the back.   While I was gently wiping back the lips of her love hole spread and let me graze along the insides of her slit.   I looked up and saw that Sam has closed her eyes again and had her mouth partially open.   I threw the paper away and got more and gently started rubbing her pussy again, this time paying more attention to the lips and what lay beneath.   Her little lips spread open again and as I wiggled around I found her tiny clit starting to expose itself to my touch.

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Oh my God Matt Sam whispered and leaned back in the seat.   I started to massage her little slit and clit openly now and the paper started to dampen, but not with pee.   I looked and saw that she was already starting to ooze her love juice.   I dropped the paper and immediately started back on her little virgin cunt with my bare fingers.   My hand cupped her beautiful little pussy and the heel of my hand started applying pressure directly over her little clit while my middle finger started sliding up from the bottom of her little love hole separating her lips.   My middle finger started probing the area around her little hole and immediately started to slide easily around with her lubrication kicking in.   I then took my finger up to find her little clit more pronounced than it was before begging to come free from the folds and I gave it generous attention and it surprised me to find it as large as it was for I assumed that a 18 year old would not be quite this large.  


Sam started pushing her shoulders further back and arching her back while pushing her hips forward to apply more pressure from my hand to her warming pussy.  


Oh my Matt she moaned, that, that, feels…. so goooood.   I didn’t know, oh, oh, it would feel like this she hissed with her eyes still clamped shut and absorbing all the pleasure of my fingers on her pussy.  


With Sam’s juices really kicking in I changed tactics on her love hole.   I took my middle finger and started applying gentle pressure on her hole while using my thumb to continue my assault on her clit.   She started bucking her hips and her breathing became really jagged as my middle finger finally started its trek inside her virgin pussy.   Short of the middle joint I stopped at her virginal barrier, I continued my assault with my thumb on her clit and started moving my middle finger in and out stopping when it bumped her hymen.

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    Sam had now moved her hands to the seat beside her using them to assist her in humping my middle finger and with her head thrown fully back started making guttural noises from the back of her throat and mixing with her moans that were coming more frequently.   I knew that little Sam was close to having her first orgasm, but I wanted her wanting for more so I slowly ease the pressure off her clit and withdrew my finger.  


What are you doing?  Sam breathed heavily, and said please don’t stop, it was feeling better than I have ever dreamed it could.   I never felt anything so good in my life.   Please don’t stop.


Don’t worry Sam I said, we are just going to rearrange and start back again I promise you that you will enjoy it even more.   I am going to show you more pleasure than you even dreamed were possible to have from your body.   Sam looked at my cock dripping its own pre-cum from the head and a scared look came across her face.  


Matt, I have seen mom and dad before a little, and I, I, know where that thing goes and I don’t think I am old enough for that she whimpered.   Besides, I learned in school that I could get pregnant if we did that, and I’m scared.  


Shh my little princess I whispered to Sam, don’t worry, old Matt won’t do anything to you that you don’t want to happen.   All I want to do is get us out of the sun into the shade and fix up a little place where we can be more comfortable and just pleasure your beautiful body with my fingers, my kisses, and my tongue.   I just want you to be comfortable when you experience your first orgasm so you will remember the beauty of it the rest of your life.   I won’t try to put my cock into you if you don’t want it, but if you decide later you do, don’t worry about getting pregnant.   I had an operation a few years ago called a vasectomy that prevents me from getting anyone pregnant.

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Really said Sam, that’s all you want? 


Yes Sam, I just want your first time experiencing sex to be the most wonderful time you ever have.   I just want to caress your whole body and taste you all over, and bring you to an orgasm using my tongue, that is called oral sex.  


I have heard about that Matt, but it sounded really gross, I mean I pee from down there.   And again looking at the massive bulb on the end of my cock she said and I really don’t think I could put that thing in my mouth, I mean, look at it leaking all that stuff.


Oh Sam, you have no idea how good you will taste to me.   You won’t have to put my cock in you mouth if you don’t want to, I just want to tongue you.   Your juices are like a nectar, and I just love the smell and taste of a woman as she floods my mouth with her juice when she has an orgasm.   And I know you enjoyed my caresses of your breasts earlier, and I promise that you will go wild with pleasure when I can caress your beautiful nipples between my fingers and suck on them with my mouth.  


Sam turned a faint red when I reminded her of my caresses on her breasts and smiled.   Oh Matt was it that obvious how much I enjoyed your touches.  


Yes my love, you are just like any woman and love to be caressed and loved on.  





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