Nuaghty next door - 2


I had tried to keep out of the way of Sarah when Emma called round, which she frequently did these days. Every time I saw Emma, her small tight sexy body laying under me, filled with my juice, came into my mind. It was getting hard (very).
Then, one day, I had an e mail from teacher Sarah at her school, apologising for the fact she may have woken me up when she started her car as she left for her job at 5. 30 that morning. I sent the usual 'pity you are having to work so hard' E mail. She went on to say that she was playing a Jazz CD I had burned for her last night, and that Emma had been interested in how I had done it. She then hit me with it - Emma was going round to the house today to do some school work, and would I mind if she came round to see how CD's are burned.
I replied saying that it would be fine - what else could I, or would I, say? I went and showered and put on my best casual gear.

Now I wonder why?
At lunch time I heard Sarah's door close, and a couple of seconds later my door bell rang. I went down from my small bedroom office and looking through the frosted glass door sure enough there was Emma.
I opened the door, and there was Emma, but wow, what a change from when I last saw her wearing the school outfit. She was wearing a short top, under which was a small blue sports bra, and with her little belly button showing above the low tight jeans, which showed a tinge of blue panties at the top.
'Well, can I come in?' she said, breaking my gaze at her tummy and the trace of panty. 'I want to see how you do it'. The she grinned and then said 'I mean do the CD's'
I knew what she meant.

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   I invited her in and spoke. 'Emma, Im sorry about what happened. I shouldn't have done it'
She looked at me, and grinning again, with her head to one side. 'Oooh. It was naughty wasn't it. But it was sooo nice'.
I borke the spell before I did something, like ravish her on the spot. I said come on, lets see the CD burner, and being polite I said you first. She ran to the stairs and started up. I swear that she was moving her hips to emphasise her tight little bum. When we got to the top, she turned and pointed to my main bedroom. 'In there?' to which I said 'No. there in the office. '
We went in and I set the computer to the CD programme, and showed her how it all happens. When the CD was burned I said thats it, you just get it out and play.

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'Can I get it out for you?' she said turning to me, but I grabbed her hips and turned her to the computer stack on the floor, and quickly she bent forward to press the eject button. Her jeans rode down and I saw that the blue panty was in fact a thong. I looked at the sexy sight, and she turned and saw.
    She eased my hands off her, and slowly reched for her jeans zip which she lowered, and slowly slid them down. The thong, which had a lace front did not hide her hailress cunt.
    Then she lifet the top and bra, and stood in front of me, just wearing the thong.
    'Well, Im not taking that off' she whispered. I coundn't resist, and reached over. I slipped my fongers into the thong and slid it down, while I slowly got on my kneees in front of her. I moved close and pushed my tongue toward her tight young slit. The I gently licked up and down, while slowly moving her legs apart.
    My tongue moved close to the little nub of her clit. She let out a half whimper and moan as I started to lick. I noticed the gentle scent of her sex as I continued. For a few minutes i just took my time enjoying this girl and her gentle swaying as i moved her to a climax.

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       Suddenly she shook, and her whole frame became warm, and she gasped and fell against me.  
    'Aaaaaah, ooooooh, oooh woooow ooooh stooooop' She looked at me and kissed my lips which still tasted of her.
    She pushed me gently away, and told me to stand up. She reached to my zip and pulled it down. Her little hands reached inside my trousers and through my boxers. She found my rock hard cock and gripped it.
    'Please. . . do me. Fuck my cunt'  These words from such a young girl sounded oh so good.
    I said lets go to the bedroom. She turned, still griiping my thobbing cock and walked to the bedroom. Then she turned and said get undressed, while she lay back on the bed. I took off my gear, and lowered my boxers.

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       She looked at my cock, and I saw pure lust. i snapped, and grabbed her, turing her face down, I spread her legs, and getting on the bed and kneeling behind her, I slowly pushed my mushroom head into her cunt. She gasped, and slightly lifted her body. I reached forward and gripped her little nipples. The I pushed hard and deep into her.
    'Mmmm. . . . ooooh. . . . . mmmm.

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      . . . . . . yeees' I moved in and out of her. My cock brought her tight lips back with me. Then they went in as I pushed back. I stayed still in hewr warm depths, but knew I couldn't keep like this, and started to move fast in and out of her.
    'ooooh. . ooooh. . fuck meeee'.

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    I rammed in to her and suddenly shook as my cum splashed around her tight little tunnel.
    She looked round at me, and gently put her hands on my balls.
    'So that's how you do burning. I'll ask Sarah to get you to show me Powerpoint.