Nick loves ME


I was staying over at my friends house and it was early summer. Her house is so seriously amazingly nice that I cannot believe it. I love going to her house because its so big and there’s so much cool stuff in it. Like her brother. He’s 19. And the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. He’s unlike my friend in that he’s well built. He has strong shoulders and arms and narrow hips and legs to die for. My friend is really skinny and had no boobs or bum but all the girls are still jealous of her. I definitely am. Although, one thing I would never change, is my boobs, a wonderfully perfect 34D. I am definitely not skinny. I have a big bum and my thighs aren’t the smallest things you’ve ever seen. But my calves are great and I have long brown hair that is slightly wavy.
Anyway back to the story. I was staying at my friends house after her birthday party.

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   We had been swimming at the pool and then were going to go for a meal as a big group. Her brother was going to come to the meal! yess!
There are showers in front of the pool where you can wash your hair and stuff. There are also glass windows looking out onto the entrance into the sport centre so you can see into the swimmers. As I stood there in my bikini lathering my hair feeling rather self conscious with my skinny friend. Then she shouted “LOOK! Its my brother come wave at him through the window!” I thought Oh god here we go again but I didn’t go and wave I just stood and smiled from a distance. He was sitting in a chair in the lobby, looking at me. I thought yessss but acted as though I didn’t notice.
During the meal my friend’s brother was very quite so I decided that I must have been imagining it and got on with enjoying the party.
I wasn’t the only one sleeping over at my friends, she had another of our good friends coming too. When we got back we watched some movies and ate some pizza but that was it. We went to bed early, about 18 I remembered I hadn’t cleaned my teeth so I went to the bathroom next door. I wasn’t worried about being seen by her family even though all I was wearing were my shortie panties, bra and a vest top. Never the less when I collided with her brother (!) just exiting the bathroom I nearly died of embarrassment. He was in his boxers and a tight black tee shirt and I could see his pecks and I felt a warm tingle between my legs. “Er, hi sorry, I just needed to clean my teeth” I managed to stutter out, looking into his deep brown eyes all the time.

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   I could see a small grin on his face as he looked me up and down OH NO! I thought he’s laughing at me!
“don’t mind me” he said, and I rushed into the bathroom. I quickly cleaned my teeth and tried not to think about the embarrassment I had just experienced. I opened the door to the bathroom planning to quickly scamper back into my friends bedroom but again, collided with her brother, he hadn’t moved since I left him standing there in the hallway. He was still grinning. “Um…sorry, did you need to get back in there?” I asked.
“No, its ok”, he said, “I was waiting for you”
“Um, ok … how can I help you?”, I asked, being too stupid to realise he may have actually been coming onto me. He didn’t seem to realise how oblivious I was and replied, “When the other two are asleep, come and see me in my room, third door on the right. Please?”, then it hit home and my brain shouted SAY YES YOU IDIOT ! at me. “Ok I’d like that” I managed to blurt out and rushed off next door into my friends room.
I didn’t tell them what Hannah’s brother, Nick, had said to me. I acted as normal as possible but tried to make out that I wanted to go to sleep. My friends just gossiped on and on and on and I sat there, thinking about what had just happened and what might be about to happen. I had butterflies in my stomach and I could feel a familiar warmth between my legs. After what seemed like days, Hannah and Emma drifted off to sleep. I lay there awake and trying to work out if I had just imagined it.

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   Was this finally it? Would I finally maybe be able to make out with (and maybe more!) a boy? After ten minutes of sitting in the dark I was overcome with lust and just had to go and see Nick. I quickly sprayed on some of my most expensive perfume and the smell just turned me on more. I put on my tight pyjama bottoms and quietly left the room after brushing my hair back into silky a pony tail. I slowly walked down the corridor trying to breathe slowly and control my blushing face. I got to the third door on the right and could smell him already. That faint smell of aftershave that none of the boys my age wore. My legs weakened but I forced myself on. I knocked on the door and opened it.
Nick was sat on his double bed reading a book. He had a serious look on his face and I had doubts about why he wanted me to come to his room. He looked so amazing sat there, his long curly brown, almost black, hair was slightly messed up and OH those tight boxers. I cleared my throat quietly and he looked up. A grin slowly travelled across his perfect face as he looked me up and down. He closed to book and got up.
“close the door then.

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  ” he said, with a mischievous look on his face.
I did so. He smiled that dreamy smile and walked towards me holding my gaze. I almost fell into his delicious brown eyes. He bent down and put his head very near my neck. I could feel his hot sweet breath on me and the warm feeling between my legs intensified and I felt my pulse in my vagina. I smiled. And he leaned forward and sooooo gently licked my ear lobe. I felt a tingle going up my spine and gasped. He gave a low gentle laugh and kissed my neck tenderly then took my hand and lead me to his bed. I leaned in to him hoping he was planning to kiss me but he put a hand on my shoulder.
“Listen, ever since I saw you in that bikini and washing you hair I have wanted you so desperately. You are perfect. I know we have a huge age difference but I can definitely overcome that. How about you?”
I looked at him stunned.

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“you think I am perfect?”
“of course!” he said laughing, “has no one ever told you that?!”
“No, I don’t get much attention from boys”, I replied truthfully, looking downwards.
“that is all about to change”, he said and smiled at me, “so what do you say?” YES YES YES YES my brain screamed at me. And I grinned and bit my bottom lip, like I did whenever I thought of what I wanted to do to Nick.
“Oh yes” I replied with slightly more confidence than before. Nick said nothing more. My butterflies battered against my stomach ever stronger and I could feel wetness on my pink cotton panties. We both smiled at each other.
He leaned in and again kissed my neck tenderly and with such care. I gasped again still not used to the wonderful, shooting tingling feeling. I smiled and he looked up at me again, then leaned in and kissed me on the lips so gently and I was in ecstasy and his hands reached for my waist and he held me still as he kissed me slowly, sucking on my bottom lip and gently nibbling. He was so gentle and I loved it but my lust was beginning to take over and I decided to take over. I awkwardly broke the kiss and put his legs so that he was cross legged on his bed. I climbed on top so I was straddling him and began to kiss him again, this time with more passion. This was enough for him, he now had permission to be more forward with me. He put his arms around me so they were holding my back, I groaned and put my arms around his neck, my hips moving forwards and backwards momentarily.

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   We were now in a deep embrace kissing so deep, our tongues exploring each others mouths in a passionate struggle to show one an other our lust for each other. I could feel more heat on my crotch and realised it was coming from his. I put my hands down to his tight, tight boxers and felt his wonderful penis hardening. He was excited so easily I thought and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. I just let my hand lay in his groin for a while whilst kissing Nick all the more passionately. Then I squeezed. Gently, but firmly, he grunted and his hips thrust upwards and we both smiled. I could feel my nipples were so hard and desperately trying to push out of my light blue lacy bra. Nick’s hand travelled up and down my back and he undid my bra with one hand. I slipped it out from under my tight tee shirt, and he looked amazed. I just winked and he laughed and pulled my shirt over my head. He looked at my breasts and smiled and sighed, he put out his hands and grabbed them. I breathed in and out deeply and bit my bottom lip. He teased the nipple of my left breast and I just had to kiss him again, I kept my hand on his delicious bulge and gently rubbed my hand up and down, I felt his member grow and pulsate slightly and soon we were both restless on the bed.
I hurriedly pulled up his tee shirt over his head and he pushed me forwards onto the bed so he was lying on top of me, then rolled over so I was lying on to of him.

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   I broke our deep kiss and began to place kisses on his neck and ears, moving down to his well shaped chest. I rubbed one of his erect nipples and he gasped, I kissed along the contours of his pecks and then his six pack, I licked in this belly button and all his muscles tensed. I kissed back up past his chest and began work on his lips again. I carried on rubbing his ever-growing bulge and he played with my breasts. He flipped me over and I lifted my hips as he pulled off my pyjama bottoms to reveal my soaking panties, he said “Oohhhhhh” and I felt him get harder at the sight, and probably smell, of my wetness. It was his turn to kiss my neck and chest and then he lunged greedily at my left nipple and sucked on it, circling the areola with his tongue and teasing my nipple gently with his teeth. I called out with pleasure and my pussy pulsed with more passion than ever. I grabbed his head and said “oh God Nick that feels so good!!!”. he carried on for a few minutes swapping between breasts. My hips began to circle and move up and down smoothly but without my control. At this he slipped his hand down to my wet panties and rubbed my crotch, this brought about a very definite reaction, “AAAAAAAAhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh keep doing that Nick, please, oh god”, my hips buckled and my back arched. Nick said in his delicious low voice “Ok watch out here I come. ” and licked his lips and gave me a cheeky smile.
He pulled off my drenched panties and then held my head as he kissed me deeply. Now completely naked, I continued to caress his bulge and sumptuous torso.

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   His hand travelled downwards rested on my tummy for a while as he felt the contours of my stomach and lower body then moved down to my neatly trimmed bush. He combed to dark curly hairs and my skin prickled with anticipation. His other hand, meanwhile was holding my head in place as he kissed me with ever building passion. I was beginning to feel a familiar warm sensation travelling all over my body, warning of a near by orgasm.
I couldn’t believe this was happenening to me, I had never properly made out with a boy let alone been touched by one, or visa versa!
Nicks hand slowly wondered my outer lips and made his way into my wet folds. Once again, my back arched and I pushed my hips into his hand. His hand travelled up to my little swollen clitoris, he slowly, gently rubbed up and down and I thought I would cum straight away but didn’t. he rubbed a little harder and traced the length of my crack. Then he broke the deep, passionate kiss and began making his was down my body. I lay there in astonishment and bliss. Then sat up, grabbed him and ripped his boxers off him “No fair! My turn!” I almost shouted. “shhhhh remember” he whispered. I giggled. “sorry” I mock whispered. I lay Nick down on the bed, straddled his legs and stopped for a moment to look at his gorgeous penis.

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   It was so hard by now and the most gorgeous penis I had ever seen, almost seven inches and quite thick, I thought it was the perfect size, then remembered how I was a virgin …
“What?” Nick demanded. I looked at him and realised I wasn’t paying attention, just gazing at his delicious penis. I let a huge grin of approval wash across my face and simply said “Nothing”.
And then I widened my eyes and put out my hand to touch a penis for the first time ever. It was so hard and gorged with blood. Nick twitched as I wrapped my fingers around it and then he tensed up as I began to stroke up and down slowly at first but getting harder and faster. He just lay there groaning and rolling his head around, his whole body spasming occasionally as I hit a particularly good spot. Soon I began to kiss and lick the tip of his penis, and before I had a chance to get any of it in my mouth his whole body tensed and he muttered, “Oh god you made me cum already, I am sorry, that doesn’t normally happen, gggnnnnhhhhhh”.
    he looked into my eyes as he came all over my chest and breasts and I smiled greedily. When he had completely emptied himself onto me I lay down beside him and put his hand on my chest and he helped me to rub his seed into my tanned skin as he panted. He smiled at me as he recovered and looked into my eyes in a way that no one ever has. “you are so amazing, I have never been with someone so great. Now I have to please you ok?”. I just kissed him deeply and let him flip me onto my back. He kissed down my body and got back to what I had interrupted.

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       He spread my outer lips with his index and middle finger and licked up the length of my slit, I could feel myself reach a point where I knew I could not be wetter. Nick then focused his attention on my clitoris and licked, kissed and sucked it to my utter joy and bliss. I ground my pelvis into his head and held his head with my hands. As I looked down I could see he was hard again already. I combed his hair with my fingers and he sucked harder and I could feel the warm tingling feeling take over as waves of pleasure took over my body. I went rigid and shuddered and moaned and moaned, my own sounds turned me on more and made me moan louder. Nick climbed up and put his fingers over my mouth “what will happen if we are heard?” and he kissed me deeply and passionately to muffle out my calls of ecstasy. We lay and kissed and Nick whispered sweet nothings in my ear as I recovered from the best orgasm I had ever had.
    “You’re so amazing”, whispered Nick as I felt his sweet breath on my neck.
    “I just want to stay here with you”
    “me too”
    “are you ready to go?”
    “I’m a virgin you know?” I said,
    “Oh, you don’t have to if you’re not ready you know. ”
    “No, I am sooo ready, just, be gentle? It’s spos’d to be really painful”
    “of course” said Nick as he continued to kiss up and down my neck, shoulders and arms. I put my hand down and stroked his once again rock hard penis.
    “wait a second”, Nick reached under his bed and brought out a condom and I watched and felt myself becoming more aroused as he put on the clear barrier. As soon as it was on I jumped on top of him and kissed him with a new passion, I kissed him so deep our tongues almost became one. He rubbed my breasts and I his penis we both laughed and he flipped me over.


       “Are you ready?”
    “Yes. Gentle, remember?”
    “Of course, tell me to stop and I will”
    Nick got on top of me and kissed me gently on the mouth, sucking on my tongue. I opened my legs and he positioned himself with his penis in front of my love hole. He eased the head around my tiny opening and I felt the need for it inside me. I moaned and urged him on. He gently and gradually eased the head in. I thought it didn’t feel to bad. I nodded to let him know to keep going he pushed upwards and once he got in about two inches he hit a barrier “just do it” I whispered. He kept going and I felt a stabbing pain move up from where Nicks penis was up to the middle of my spine. I gasped and made a squeaking noise and waved for Nick to continue. He went on so he was entirely inside me. The pain slowly subsided and we stayed there, entwined, kissing deeply. I felt so close to Nick at that moment, I had given him something that I could never give to anyone else. And would never have wanted to. After probably five minutes he began to inch his wonderfully hard cock out again, and then in, and then out.

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       I felt a twinge but no more. I smiled. He looked into my eyes and went faster his warm penis felt so good inside me and I began to realise what fun this was going to be. The whole time we were making love Nick kept eye contact with me and never let it go. He started off slow and got faster and faster and harder and harder and deeper and deeper and everything got so intense I came over and over again and he watched enthralled as I revelled in the wonderful never ending pleasure. We moaned and grunted together and made a beautiful rhythmic music of pure happiness. Finally when Nick came he did with such force that I didn’t know if he would ever be able to get his penis out of me. I felt it swell and he groaned and sighed and breathed deeply. He stayed hard inside me for ages. We just lay in each others arms breathing in unison and kissing and talking of how we loved each other so. As Nick finally withdrew my juices mingled with blood flooded out onto the bed and Nick.
    “Tonight was the most amazing time I have ever had. I really hope you want to do this more, and officially?” Nick said
    and I said “Mmmmmmm” and smiled. And we fell into deep dreamless sleeps holding each other as close as we could.
    I woke and was under the wonderful smelling covers that belonged to Nick.

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       Soft sunlight was shining into the room I turned my head and saw Nick looking at me. I smiled. And thought of how much I loved him. “I think I love you”, He said.
    “I have loved you ever since I saw you”
    “its eight o’clock, you should get back or they will be suspicious”
    “ok but just a few more minutes?” And I rolled on top of nick and kissed him so passionately.
    “This had better not be the only time”, I warned.
    “it would be a crime not to make love to you again” Said Nick, and I was the happiest I have ever been.



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