New School, Same Shit Pt 2


I was really enjoying my new school since finding some teachers and other students that were not prudes. They put on a great front but they easily lost that if the situtation was right. I was in last period one day and a note came for me from the ofice. I was to report after classes and I was to come right to the Principal's office. Mr. Craig was the Principal and the Assist. was Mrs. Weeks. Both were maybe in the their 40s and not bad looking at all except they wore that prudish look all day long enforcing rules and all. I had taken to wearing the wrap around pastel dresses with no bra or a very thin bara and thongs everyday since there were lots of chances to take them of. I had not worn a bra that day and my nipples were hard with the thought of standing in front of these two prudes.

I got to the resceptionist's desk and she called and said I was there and the Principal said that she could leave and lock the door on the way out. I thought, "Oh great, A long lecture on how I dress and al that shit. " I went in and the woman at the desk left and I went to the front of his desk. Mrs Weeks sat to the right behind his desk. They were both very stern.

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   "Miss Gordon, we need to have a long talk with you. " he began. I was determined to relax and so I stood there with my cross over waist tie dress a little looser and I leaned on the desk showing my cleavage, "Call me Brenda please, Dennis. " I said loking at his name plate on the desk. "And Doris, you call me Brenda too please," I said and stood up. My nipples had come alive since I saw them both looking at my chest. "We will keep this forman Miss Gordon. " he said and motioned for me to sit down. I did and let the dress come apart showing my legs up to my hips on the one side. I did not try to fix it. They both looked at each other and me. Doris said, "It is just such behavior that we need to talk about Miss Gordon, your clothes are not acceptable here and you will have to change them. " she said and I looked at my chest, "So am I to developed?" I said. "I am sorry but I started growing at a very early age and have nothing to do with the size of my. .

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  . " I hesitated. . . "Body. " I said and I smiled. Dennis said, "are you taking this seriously?" and he stopped. "It is not the size of your. . ah. . body, it is that you display it so much and we have heard that you have had sex on campus with other students and even teachers. You will give us the names and dates of these occurrences. " he finished.

I stood up and put my hands on my hips and said, "Wel, start the list with today at.

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  . " I looked at the clock on the wall, ". . . At 3:20. The names will be Dennis and Doris. " and I undid the tie at my waist and my dress came open. I shurrged it off to the flor and walked around to Doris and leaned forward and kissed her. She did not move but her lips parted some and I knew she was easy. I went to Dennis and leaned forward, "Go ahead, take them and suck them, you have wanted to and you know it. " I said and was inches from his face. His hands came up and cupped my tits and his mouth went to them both and sucked them until I was soaking wet. Doris had her hands inside her blouse and she had undone her skirt that now laid on the floor. When Dennis hesitated I went between his legs on my knees and undid his pants and pulled a growing snake from his boxers. He just sat there and I tok him in my mouth and sucked him down.


   He had about 7 or 8 inches and he moaned as I swallowed it down. I loked at Doris, "Come join me Doris, it tastes great. She slipped off her blouse and came to my side and took his cock in her mouth and as she did I licked the other side of it and he moaned again. I undid her bra and her nice firm tits came out and I pulled her nipples as she did mine. We got him nice and hard and I stood up standing Doris up with me. I pulled off her panties and mine as I went down again and kissed her wet pussy and then turned her with her back to him and moved her backwards so that she sat right on top of his cock. "No, no please, I might get pregnant. " she said and I said, "You should use protection Doris, that is what you tell us. " and I reached down and guided him into her pussy. He moaned and she threw her head back and it sank into her. I was on my knees now eating her pussy and licking his cock and balls. They found their own rythum and I just helped them along. They were both hotter than hel and he began to moan that he was going to cum and she wanted to get off of him but she still wanted to have him fuck her so I made sure she stayed on his cock and soon he filled her pussy and I licked up what came out. She had a nice ogasm too and was riding him hard.

He softened up and slipped from her pussy and I caugh him in my mouth and sucked on him.

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   Soon he was hard again and I switched places with Doris and she began sucking his balls and he moaned louder than before. Eat the pussy too Doris, come on, you know you want to do it. " I moaned and her mouth came into full contact with my pussy and I let out a nice moan. "Oh yes, I am sure you are a natural pussy eater. " I said and she had her tongue going crazy. I rode him hard and made sure he was deep in me when his load filled my pussy. I made sure she ate the overflow like I had and she was fingering herself as I sprayed her face. I got up and took her hand, "Now Dennis, would you like a lesbian show?" I said and he smiled and said, "Brenda, you know I would. " and so I began kissing her deep and slow, my tongue slipping around her mouth and then we played with each other's tits. She was sucking my nipples and said, "I have never seen a full grown woman with tits like this and you are not 18 yet. " and I said, "Enjoy them Baby, this is the first of many times we are going to play. " and she sucked them harder. I took her to the couch and laid her down and straddled her face and laid on her and began licking her clit. Soon we were in full sexual craziness and the noises and words comeing from the prudes made me blush. We ate each other through several orgasms and her hair was soaked from my spraying orgasms .

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   We got up and Dennis was hard again and stroking his cock. I took Doris to the desk and told her to lean on it and spread her legs. She did and I took Dennis to behind her and whispered in his ear, "She has a virgin ass, fuck it good. " and I guided his cock to her ass that I had just licked really good. "Oh no, please, I have never . . . oh no, please. " she was saying and he drove his cock into her ass and she let out a scream that I caught by kissing her. I kept kissing till she was moaning as he slipped in and out of her ass. I stopped kissing and she said, "Oh yes, yes, that feels great, oh yes, Brenda, kiss my tits please. " and I did. I reached down between her legs and found her clit and played with it till she moaned and he filled her ass and she had a nice ogasm.

We all collapsed on the floor and were kissing each other. "Well dennis and Doris, I have to get home.

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   You two will be fine I think. We will have to have another talk next week. " and they started to say that it would never happen again and I looked at them, "I insist, you will both meet me here or at a hotel or this will be in the papers. "And Doris, I think that today got you pregnant. and I will not say anything and I am sure you two will not about who the Daddy is. " and I left. I left school and get home and Maggie looked at me, "Well, I know that well fucked look. What have you been up to. ?" and I told her what had happened. A month later Doris caught me in the hallway and asked me to talk to her next period. I went to her office and as I walked in she said to close he door. I did and she kissd me deep. "I am pregnant. " she said and I kissed her back. "and Dennis is the Daddy?" I asked and she said yes.

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   "I knew it, you just had that taste about your pussy and it told me. " She kissed me again and out clothes came off and we made love on the floor. After that hour she wrote me and excuse and I told Maggie at home. The rest of the year was great, no one ever messed with me and I could do anything and for that matter, anyone I lied.
Talk to ya later everyone.



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