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Well, it was nice to now have some guys I could play with anytime I wanted to but I was also needing some female friends that I could have fun with too. I was in the hall between classes one day and a couple gils were there with me and we walked along and there was a woman in he door of one class. Ms. James, (not her real name) was standing there and after we got past her one girl said, "She gives me the creeps" and the oher said, "Me too, She looks right through your clothes. " she said and that got my attention. I thought of her and she was attractive and a little plus size, good hour glass figure and firm all over from the looks of it. "So is she Les?" I asked the girls. "well, there are rumors. she keeps the good looking girls after school for the least thing and they are always qiet about the detention. " "Yeh, JAckie cussed the other day and she heard her and told her to be there after school. She was crying after. " and so I put this info all away. A couple days later I was in the hall again and she was looking out from her door at the students. I got right there and dropped my books, "Oh fuc. " I said loud enough for her to hear me. "That will not be tolerated, come into my class. 

  " she said and wrote my name down and told me I had two days detention. "

By the end of the day I had called Maggie and told her when to pick me up and I had found out that it just so happened that M. s James never had more than one student in detention at a time. I presumed I was her 'one student' for the next couple days. My skirt was short and I went to the girls room to take of my bra and slipped it into my back pack. I walked down he hall that was emptey and went into her room. She sat at the desk, "Close the door. " and I did and she told me to sit in front of her and so I did making sure my bhest swayed as I walked. She did not miss that I had no bra on and I saw her face get redder. "You are new here?" she said and I said yes. She got up and began walking back and forth in front of me. And you knwo we are not supposed to cuss in the school, right?" she said. "Yes" I said back. "So why did you cuss, dropping your books is not a reason. " "Well, to be honest, I had pinched my breats between the books and it hurt.

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  " I said and she stopped. "Oh really," she said and now stood in front of me. I had undid my blouse two buttons and so she was looking down my cleavage. "Would you like to see the pinch mark?" I asked her reaching for he buttons. I had made sure to pinch my tit in the girls room and it had a nice red mark on it near the nipple that was now hard. She slowly walked to the door and locked it and walked back to in front of me. "Well, maybe just to make sure you are not lying to me. " she said and was looking at my chest waiting. I undid the buttons slowly and all the way down and then opened the blouse. She caught her breathe and leaned against the desk. I moved my hands and offered the pinched breast to her to examine. "see, near the nipple. It hurt. " I said in a little whiny voice. "Yes I see," she said and still loked at my chest and her hands slowly moved to take it.

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   "Go ahead, feel it. " I whispered and her hands cupped my tits and she massagged them both. I moaned and closed my eyes and waited. "Look closer if you like. " I said and her face was now inches from my chest. Then her mouth closed on one nipple and I moaned louder and pulled her to my chest. "Oh yes. " I said and she was massagging my tits and alternating sucking the nipples.

My hands found her buttons on her blouse and undid them and then around her back and her bra fell open and her huge firm tits were in my hands. She was sucking my tits harder and harder and I told her, Please pull the nipples hard, make them hurt, make them hurt. " I said and she began digging into them with her nails and I moaned and suddenly an orgasm shook my body. She stood up, "Follow me. " she said and we went into another room and she closed the door. She pulled a huge 12 inch dildo out and sat it on the carpet and said, "Do it. " and I pulled of my skirt and thong and began slipping it into my pussy and and slowly she watched me as I slipped more and more in.

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   Finaly it was all buried in me and I began working on it and riding it. She reached again into a drawer and got out a huge dildo, thicker and longer and moved it to replace the fist one, "Do this one now. " and I began slipping my pussy around the huge thickness. She took the other one and was licking and slipping it into herself. I watched her as I sat further and further down on he monster in my pussy and then it was all in. She laid on the floor, now naked and spread her legs and told me to 69 and then she was ramming the dildo in me and I was ramming the other one in her. We both were dripping sweat and the scent of sex was all over the room. We have shattering orgasms and kept on ramming each others pussies. Two more orgasms and we laid limp with huge dildos in us. We laid there a while and got up and she kissed me and I kissed her back. We dressed and she turned out the lights and as I was walking out I turned and looked at her, "You are mine now, understand. If I hear of you seducing or forcing any other girl into you toture chamber you will never teach again, Understand?" I said and the blood drained from her face. "Understand?" I asked her again and she shook her head. I will be back tomorow for he rest of my detention and you had better make it better than todays. " I said and walked away.

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I rode home and told Maggie all about my new friends at school and she said it sounded great. I asked her, "Can you join me tomorow for my detention? I wanna really surprise the bitch. " and Maggie said she would get there right after the detion started and she could "catch us" and really have some control over her.

The next day went as planned.
Talk about it later.


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