Naughty next door


I heard noises from my neighbours house. I live in a semi detached new house in a North West England seaside resort. The place is known for its trams, I leave it to you to name it. Knowing our neighbour teacher Sarah was at school, and we always have been good neighbours, sharing keys, as I work from home, I quietly opened the door,and strangely, noticed the alarm was off, and hearing a noise, I went upstairs.
I slowly opened the bedroom door enough to look in, and there she was, Emma, 18 year old youngest sister of Sarah. She was laying on Sarah's bed, her skirt hithched up, and her black panties pulled to one side. She had a red vibrator pushed deep inside her small pink glowing cunt. Her eye's were closed and she sighed and whimpered at the intrusion of the vibrator.
Obviously I was turned on by but was slightly surprised at the scene, as both Sarah (a single late twenty's teacher) and her family were strong Catholics. Although Sarah had always been a little foward with me when she was at home, with bra and panties in the garden on sunny days,as a near 60 guy, I tried not too get too interested, but it was difficult. And the sight of Emma was very much unexpected and very welcome!.
I made the inevitable wrong move and she heard a noise. Emma gasped and looked at the door, and then in a fumble, tried to get off the bed. This pushed the vibrator deeper into her and she fell back with a half yelp and half moan.
I pushed the door open, and walked in.
'Emma' I said as firmly as I could, my voice betraying the turn on of the sight 'You shouldn't be here.

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   Why aren't you at school. Does Sarah know about this'.
All daft questions, but she was shocked and looked down, her face red, and tears were forming.
'Don't tell Sarah. Please!'
'Come on. Tidy up, and get up'. I spoke more gently. But while she stood, pulled the vibrator out and pulled her skirt down, and put the vibrator back in Sarah's bedside draw. (Mmm - interesting. . ) I looked at this rail thin girl with little more than bumps on her chest.
She was now in full flow of tears, so I motioned to the bed,and sat down by her.
'Don't worry I won't say anything. Now stop crying'.
'But its not fair' she said 'Everyone at school talks about doing it, and I never have'.

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I was on rocky ground, unsure what to say, so i took the bull by the horns option and said 'Did you like what you were doing?'
She looed at me and grinned, the tears making her face look so sexy 'I loved it. It makes me feel great. Ive been trying it for ages. But none of the boys like me. Im too small. '
I looked at her. Yes she was very thin, and almost shapeless. But I had seen that beautiful pink wet pussy. No guy would be able to resist it - if he saw it.
I asked her if any boys had tried anything with her, and she told me that beyond a kiss and a grope she had done nothing, as none of them found her sexy.
I said rubbish, she was very sexy looking to me. She turned and looked at me. 'Do you think so?'
'Yes' I said, feeling a little out of control 'but you need to dress a bit more female. '
'What do you mean ? We have to wear the school uniform'
I looked at her, and told her to stand up. I then said that even that could be made to look a bit better, and would try if she let me.

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She nodded, and I reached and pulled the jumper which hung slack on her flat chest. I took it off, and looked at the white shirt which showed her small bra. The shirt hung over her skirt. My intention was to put it inside the waist band of the dark skirt, and I eased the zip open a bit. It stuck, and Emma reached and undid it completely and pulled it down. It fell to the floor, and she stood, her black panties showing a trace of wet in her little slit.
'My God. You are a real sexy girl' I said. My hardness becoming uncomfortable, and she could see me move to adjust the growth.
She looked at me, and slowly opened the shirt and took it off. She grinned, and dropped it. She reached toward the bra clasp at the front, and I came to my senses reaching to stop her. But my hand was on her breast, and she grasped it.
    It was warm and I saw the small bump gain a very firm nipple. I fell foward and lifted the bra.

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       I put the small nipple into my mouth and twirled my tongue across it. She moved her head back and let out a soft 'Mmm thats nice'.
    My hands gently went to the black panties and I lowered them over her hips and down to her ankles.
    'You are beautiful' I said, as I leaned back and looked at this teen. I moved my head down and toward her wet thighs. She looked at me, but let my hands part her legs. I lowered myself and knelt in front of her. I put my tongue near to her and found her clit still big after her recent vibrator intrusion.
    I licked across it and then gently bit the small nub. She fell toward me. I held her and continued. She moaned and said 'Please, no more, just have me. Put it in me'.
    'Well you had better get it out' I said, laying back on the bed.
    She undid my trousers and I lifted my hips to allow hher to pull them and my boxers down.

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       She then reached and her small fingers suounded my cock. Gosh its big she said. Clearly she hadn't seen any, as I am a normal 6 inches, but I am quite wide.
    She looked at it and her little cunt.
    'Please get on me'
    She lay back on the bed. I pulled her foward so that her hips were at the edge of the bed. I shuffled foward on my knees and pulling her legs apart I moved my cock which was straight and pointing at her cunt towards its centre.
    Telling her to hold her legs apart I took my cock in my hand and rubbed ut along the small almost hairless slit. The I eased it in.
    The feeling of Emma's little cunt surrounding my cock, its warm wettnes gripping me was the best feeling I have had. She let out a series of little gasps as I went deeper. And then I was at the full depth. I rubbed her clit for a couple of minutes, while I stayed still inside her. Then she smiled.
    'Please do it.

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       It feels so nice. '
    I moved back and saw the tight skin of her gripping me. Then I pushed back.
    'Oh God' sahe gasped 'Again. Again'.
    I started to gently fuck this lovely girl. laying prone in front of me. Then a natural rythmn took over and I started to move faster, my balls slapping against her. each move brought a gasp.
    'Oooh. . . . Oooh. .

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      . oooh' her voice moaned at me. I had never been so tuned on.
    I started the long stokes towards my release,and just at the moment I knowe I was going to come, i went to pull out, but she screamed in a sharp cliamx, and her cunt seemed to shrink and grip me as I pumped my white warm fluid into her.
    She looked at me, and tears of delight filled her.
    I remained in her and stroked her breasts. I was still semi hard. But then we both relaxed and I popped out.
    She looked at me, and her wet cunt with traces of my cum and said 'Can we do it again. . . please'
    Well, I am an older man, but it dnd't take long to be ready again.