Naughty next door. I get my revenge


“Steve I had the weirdest dream last night!"
Emma my sexy minx from next door was sprawled on my fireside carpet. We had not had any sex lately, since the big party with Kayleigh and Jay as she was busy at college. She kept sating no. I just got my fill, or rather to fill her sister Sarah. But I missed the sweet tight pussy of my lovely 18 year old Emma. "What happened?" I asked. "Well, I dreamt about Sarah. It's weird, but in the dream she got someone to rape me!""Who was the guy?' I inquired. "It was, oh, someone. " She muttered. "Oh, well that's too bad”. You might have enjoyed it if it had been done properly. ”
 Emma continued, "It wasn't even a rape fantasy – just a full-on brutal rape. "Intrigued by this comment, I asked "Rape fantasy?""Yea," she said, "Something like 80% of women admit to having them, myself included. "Content with that explanation, our conversation shifted to more mundane topics about my helping with (doing) her sixth form college project.
Before she went home she suggested that I take her to the local Chinese restaurant  after she finished her college work on Monday evening, and I agreed.

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  Monday evening rolled around, and Emma and I enjoyed a relaxing dinner at a local diner. As was often the case, we ended up going with her coming back to my place  afterwards to watch a movie. The movie was nothing to write home about, but spending time with my Emma made it worthwhile. About halfway through the film, Emma excused herself to use the bathroom. Perhaps due to the perverse plot of the movie, my mind instantly hatched a scheme to rape my dearest friend. I rushed into the bedroom, found a roll of sticky tape in the top desk drawer, and stormed into the bathroom. Emma was just washing her hands, and was shocked when the door quickly swung open. I grabbed her wrists, pulled them behind her back, and securely taped them. Emma began to shriek, but stopped when a strip of tape covered her mouth. In the heat of the moment, I hefted Emma over my shoulder and carried her to her bed, where I threw her down on the mattress. I ripped off her top and jeans, then stepped back to unbutton my pants and admire Emma's body. She was drop-dead gorgeous, perfectly-proportioned breasts and her slim hips. Emma tried to take advantage of my pause by running away, but couldn't do much because her hands were bound. I threw her back down on the bed and ripped off her bra and panties. The girl of my dreams was completely naked in front of me!
I reached down and pinched her nipples hard.

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   Then I turned her over and smacked her perfect little arse. I hit her and made her scream out. Her bum turned red.
I turned her back over, and gently smacked her little clit. She winced and blinked at me.
Obviously by this time my cock was hard and I was able to get to work. I grabbed Emma's ankles and pried her legs apart. I rubbed her clit with my cockhead and quickly slid inside her. She was a bit dry so she gasped in pain. Her muffled screams quickly turned to moans as I methodically thrust and withdrew from her sumptuous pussy. Emma's legs wrapped around me and her ankles locked together – I knew I had her on the edge of climax. I fell down on top of Emma, and kissed her neck as I continued fucking her. I ripped off the tape from her mouth.
“Bastard” she yelled. “You are going to rape me aren’t you!”
I again smacked her clit and Emma quickly climaxed,
“Oh Fuck…” she screamed.

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   “Don’t hurt me sir”
But I decided to take my time. I flipped Emma onto her stomach and lined myself up behind her to re-enter her pussy. As I rammed my cock back into Emma, I pressed my thumb against her beautiful rosebud asshole. Emma whimpered as my thumb struggled through her sphincter, and then I could feel her ass bearing down on my thumb. I removed my thumb and replaced it with my index and middle finger, lubricated from Emma's pussy. After sliding them in and out in rhythm with my cock thrusts for several minutes, I knew Emma's ass was ready for something bigger. I withdrew from her pussy and grabbed my cock near the head. Emma widened her knees to spread her ass more, and I pressed at the entrance. Emma whimpered as she struggled to take my cock, but as she relaxed I slid in. I began pumping deeply. As tight as Emma's pussy had been, her asshole was even tighter, and I knew I wouldn't last much longer. I paused and again smacked her pussy and clit.
“Ah, Oh God, its sooo painful…. Fuck. Oh Fuck!” she gasped.

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My cock rode into her as I lifted her and straddled her, her feet now off the bed. A dozen or so deep strokes into her arse later, I reached my limit and was about to cum. I pulled out of Emma's ass and rolled her onto her back. I straddled her stomach and started pumping my cock with my fist, and shot my load onto Emma's small hard tits. I rolled off of her and pulled the tape from her wrists, then lay next to her in the bed. Emma rolled to face me, and looked at me. "Emma, when are you ready for our normal sex again?”
"I'm still not ready because of my work Steve," she said, words I dreaded to hear. "But you can fucking rape me anytime!" She smiled and kissed me, and we fell asleep in each other's.