Naughty At School


Lea was a beautiful girl, but by no means slutty. She just always liked to push the boundaries. She stood in front of her mirror totally naked, with her shapely figure, and her breasts that stood firm and soft, one and a bit handfuls in each even side. With beautiful, small, soft pink nipples standing proudly erect on the middle of each. Her face was inviting, friendly and warm. With a light brown wave of hair all the way down to the top of her back. Her eyes were a clear green, with a face that said yes, and a body to match.  She was so happy with the woman she had made herself to be. At only 16, she didn't know where else she could improve herself.
Lea loved to look at herself, and liked to run her hands over her firm stomach, that she had spent months working out on, up over her nipples, slightly tweaking them until they were totally erect. Focussing over them before deciding to button up her shirt. Her thin white collared shirt was a few sizes too small. When she bought it, she noticed that the buttons were stretched tight around her breasts, but this was pretty much the exact reason why she bought it. Pulling up her white cotton panties, that were slightly more see through than the normal, she looked at herself one more time "mmmmm" she moaned quietly. And did up her school plead skirt, that was also a few sizes too small.
Walking into school, knowing that every boy there wanted her, but none of them had had her at all.

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  . . Yet. This made her thighs warm up and once again her nipples shon proudly through her white shirt. Strolling the corrodors until she reached her locker, and her girlfriends. The first class she had was English, with their sexy new teacher Mr Massie. Mr Massie knew how to get every one of his students going, with his empassioned speaches, and what Lea noticed as his crystal blue eyes.
At the end of the lecture, Mr Massie called over Lea and invited her to sit on his desk. Lea had been working all week to get Mr Massie's attention and she finally realised that she had. When she sat on his desk, instead of crossing her legs like normal, she shifted them slightly apart. Giving him the best view possible. While the last few students were walking out, Mr Massie dribbled on about her grades. Until finally the last student had left the room. At that Mr Massie lifted his hand and placed it on Lea's knee, slowly inching up her thigh. She began to squirm, this was what she was waiting for, someone to take the cherry she had been blessed with.

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With every centimetre that Mr Massie moved, Lea's heart rate and breathing increased exponentially. She quivered at his touch, until finally Mr Massie broke it and stood up. Unbuttoning some of Lea's buttons he stood back and stared at her young body. "Don't even think about saying you can't do this because your my teacher" Lea murmured, "I wouldn't dream it, I have wanted to make you mine ever since I started" he repleid. Lea grabbed his front and pulled him towards her, ripping most of his buttons off in the process. Mr Massie lifted Lea into the air and pulled her legs tightly around his waste. Carrying her around the room embraced in a kiss. While she latched on she had taken care of the last few buttons and begun kissing his chest. At that, Mr Massie placed Lea back down on his desk and swung his arm to clear it. Pencils went flyng as Lea arched her back onot his desk, giving him a full view only covered by a milimetre of cloth. He unbuttoned her last few buttons and let her light pink nipples poke out and breathe. He latched onto her right breast and sucked ashard as he could. Lea squealed with the pleasure of this rapid moviement. Reaching down onto Mr Massie's pants where he was now huge. Rubbinig him up and down as he sucked on her other nipple.

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   Flicking it with her tongue until it hurt how hard they were. She pushed him away and unzipped his pants, pulling them all the way down wit his boxers.
She grabbed his beautiful cock and placed it as far down her throat as she could. Gagging on it's girth. Back and forth her head slid and Mr Massie's head lolled back. 'This is it, heaven' he thought. As she looked up at him with her clear green eyes, she put on a face of a girl who wanted nothing more than him inside. He let her keep going, bobbing up and down with her hand rubbing his shaft until he could stand no more. Lifting her back onto the desk and pulling aside her panties. Slipping his fingers straight into her incredibly moist mound. He beckoned his fingers and she moaned in ecstacy. More and more he moved his fingers insdie her body, getting every inch of pleaseure out of the moment. She got his attention, and finally he realised what she actually wanted. Pulling his fingers out and sucking on her juices, he quickly bobbed down and inserted his tongue. Touching over her clit and flicking it as he had done her nipple.

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   She was immediately thrown into an amzing orgasm, something she was yet to feel before then. This had definitely not dampened her spirits. She wanted more. . .
Mr Massie stood back up, not able to bare any more outside of her. Pulled down her panties and lifted her incredibly short skirt. Not wanting to take it off, as he loved how she looked just sitting rhere in it. She nodded and he immediately plunged deep insdie her. . . The sound she made can not be descirbed, as she laid down on his desk. Bracing herself with her hands, so she could push further down his shaft. Wrapping her legs around him so she could pull him in further. He was pumping like there was no tomorrow.

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   In and out he want, both of them letting out moans of pleasure and ecstacy. Cum came flowing out of Lea as each orgasm she reached surpassed the last. She could not explain the pleasure she was feeling as her cherry was popped without stop.
Laying on her back she did not want it to stop, until Mr Massie, after what seemed like an eterntity of pounding slowed his paces, pulled right out and put himself back in very slowly. "I'm alsmot done my little one" he muttered,"Give me everything you've got!" she repleid,and with that he slipped easily back into her hot mound and did exactly as he was asked. Giving her every milimeter and second he had to give. At that she clamped down on his incredibly hard dick, throwing into her final orgasm for the afternoon. Cum streaming down her legs and his legs. As he filled her up with his seed, she could not even think of a word to say, nor a feeling to express. . . She just lay there, with him insdie her.
With a final kiss, she tidied herself up and strolled out. What she didn't realise is that the head mistress had been at the door all along. As she passed throug hthe doorway she was pulled aside.

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  . "Next time, young lady. . . I better be in there too" she whispered. . .
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