My Younger Sister, My Older Sister, and Me In Between, Part 1.


It all started after school Friday when I got home from school and saw my older sister Rachel but every one calls her Rach. She is one of those school sex kittens and wants it every day by a different guy each time. She has that light golden-brown hair with baby blue eyes and has always had a very light colored skin but has gotten It better to a lightish brown that makes all the guys go gugu eyes. Rach is 18 Now like every guy I would want to fuck her but I only dream of that because it would never happen (OR SO I THOUGHT). I also saw my little sister Casey. She is twelve and a half but she already has her young tits starting to show really well through her shirt and I’ve seen her masturbating on her bed several times on her own so she must have had some lessons from Rach or something. She has light blondish hair and was very smart for a blond. She had light brownish skin. Our mom or dad never cared much for what we where doing aslong as we where quiet about doing it. I saw what Rach was watching and I sat down to watch to but she looked over at me and told me to do my homework before watching TV and I told her that I was done already but she just laughed at me and said “Now, now Cody stop trying to say stuff like that you know as well as I do that Mrs. Ratlin always has homework for the class to do and there Is never a day like I don’t got homework day ever in her class. ” I jus looked at her and got up and went to the table and did it all in 30 min. I then got up and told Rach that I was going to go to my room she jus said ok. She is like our mom that is always there because our mom works from sunup to sundown jus like our dad. So I went to my room and was playing my computer when about nine’o’clock I herd a knock on my door. Rach asked if she could come in.

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   Of course she never really had to ask because her room was in my room but she really used the room in the attic when she needed to maturate or had her boyfriend Mark but she was dumped by him and no one else will give her sex or so I herd. I have a camera in the attic room for my pleasure and pear enjoyment to see her nice smooth pussy like that and her unuassaly large tits with medium sized nipples. But tonight I was just watching some of my anime movies that I love to watch on my computer. She walked up behind me and asked what I was doing and I told her that I was watching anime and will turn of the computer light after this episode. She said fine and asked if I wanted a massage I was caught dumfounded because Rach was never that nice so I just said sure. “Well Cody I need your shirt of for a proper massage. ” She said with a meager tone with a tad bit of slyness but i didn’t catch that. I took of my shirt and tossed it into my laundry basket and shut of my computer then went to lie on my bed. She walked up behind me and very quietly pulled off her shirt, if I had been looking at the time she had no bra on but I wasn’t looking in that direction. She put her hands on my shoulder and was telling me how much muscle I had. Her massage was feeling very good at the time and she put her chest onto my back. Her tits were very squesy on my back and I really didn’t care because I was falling asleep. She was asking how good it felt but only got a snore from me. She really got pised off at me because I feel asleep right when she thought she had me. The next day I was watching cartoons because I was really bored, my girlfriend was coming over to night to spend the night.

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   I had rented some movies for us to watch. About noontime I was laying on my bed watching a movie that I wanted to see and my girlfriend Jess didn’t want to watch. My sister came in and she spoke to me saying that she now wanted a back massage. Of course I said yes and she turned over and I pulled of her shirt and unhooked her bra she grabbed it and threw it by her door. She that slowly took off her panties and threw them by her bra. She was completely naked exept she had her half that would have been good to see covered exept for her pussy witch I had full access to. All that was racing threw my mind was that I had to get myself inside of her. I played it casual. I got some cream on my hands and started to rub it in her back and got down to her pussy. I started to run my hands across her shaved pussy and I felt her breathing increase by a lot. I saw she was really horny. After I got her legs she actually turned on her back. I could see her beautiful size DD breasts. I worked my hands all over her front and took special care with her breasts. She had her eyes closed so I thought to my self that I was going to get her lad.

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   I first put my lips to her breasts and started to causal them between my lips. Her breathing was out of control. I moved my mouth to her lips. She had opened her eyes a crack to see what was going on. She saw my lips and pushed her head to meet my. Our lips touched and then meet full force. My tongue explored this new mouth. She was sucking on my tongue like a mad man. I pushed my crouch up against her pussy and moved it up and down driving her mad while I was cupping her breasts with my hand and the cream on my hand put her over the edge. I felt the creamy cum soak on my pants. I slowly moved my lips down her neck and around her breasts licking around making full circles around each breast. I got to her belly button and went still lower untill her nice wet pussy was right in front of my face. I kissed it lightly on the lips then pushed my tongue into her pussy and that drove her mad. I found her clit and started to suck on it lightly. She was moaning like a hound from hell.

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   She started to push her pussy into my mouth when her orgasm made her cum right into my face. SHE WAS ready. I got up and took off my close she got really exited when finally my boxers came off. There it stood at a full 9-1/2 inches. I got up on the bed and put my hand on my cock and lined it up with her cunt and gave on mighty shove. She was moaning and screaming at the same time (If that’s possible). I was working up and down and all around inside of her pussy. I am very talented when it comes to sex. I started moving faster like a bat escaping from hell. She just was moaning all over the place. I put my lips to her tits and started to suck. That put her over the edge. She started to buck wildly after she wrapped her legs around my waist. In no time flat I just flooded her pussy witch put her over the edge more and her 2nd orgasm came on with her cum and my cum mixed together. We fell into a heap.

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   I was just going to get up when my Girlfriend walked into my room and she just looked without saying a word……………The End????????????????? Or is it!!!!!! It’s up to you. Tell me if you all want another episode of this BYE. !!!??You'll find out about the younger sister part if i make more. Email me at Darkslash13@yahoo. com.