My Time With Chloe


Some months later, whilst talking on the phone, we established that she could never see me as more than a friend. I wasn't overly surprised, but I was disappointed once again, and tricked myself into getting over her by throwing myself at other girls. It didn't work. But our long distance friendship continued to blossom, and I didn't want to harm that, so I didn't mention the possibility of a more serious relationship again. I'd convinced her to come and visit me in the house that I lived in, so I could show her around the city and show her what independent living was like. So we organised her train trip, and I was to pick her up from the station. When I did, that familiar feeling of lust and longing returned, stronger than ever. She was even more gorgeous than I'd remembered her - short brown hair, delicate face, subtle curves, enough to hang on to, exquisite legs and breasts, packed in to a 5 foot 3 frame. She was my dream girl, and it was killing me. We caught the bus back to my place, and we spent the day watching television, discussing what we might do the following day. As it got later, and we'd relaxed more in each others presence, we starting throwing childish insults at each other in fun, leading to a lengthy tickling battle, leaving us exhausted as we lay on the floor. "Could I have a shower?" Chloe asked as she gasped for breath beside me. "Sure. I'll just get you a towel. "I grabbed the cleanest one from my bedroom floor and gave it to her as she walked towards the bathroom. As she shut the door, I sat back, gazing at the bathroom wall, wondering what her underwear looked like as she took her clothes off, what her breasts would be like once unrestricted by her bra.

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   I heard the shower start with a hiss, and the thought of her naked in my bathroom was intense. As she showered, I imagined her smooth body, glistening with water, being caressed by her own hands in a sensuous wash. I thought about her small hands cupping her breasts, rubbing over her nipples without any context of eroticism; her fingers casually sliding between the folds of her pussy. I thought about her, hoping she was thinking about me, maybe searching in futile for a neck of a shampoo bottle that might simulate the act that I longed to do with her. I felt my cock pressing against the unforgiving fabric of my jeans, asking to be free, hoping to be touched. But before the thoughts of self-gratification took control, the hiss of the shower stopped, and Chloe emerged, a single towel covering the majority of her torso, catching very little of the water that was still dripping from her hair and arms. She looked over to where I was, and I looked away in embarrassment, realising I?d been quite obviously staring, mouth agape with amazement. She walked past me and in to my room, and I did my best not to think about her naked frame. I was doing my best to just be friends with her, and the thought of sleeping with her wasn't helping the cause at all. I turned my mind to sport, running over the previous night's football game on you come here for a second?"I got up and crossed the floor to my bedroom door before knocking in politeness. After being told to enter, I stepped in to confront heaven on earth. Chloe was standing in the middle of the room, towel in one hand, without a trace of clothing on her body. Water was still forming droplets on the extremities of her hair, nose, and chin, and her smooth legs glistened with moisture. The breasts I had so longed to touch hung unsupported, peach pink nipples protruding from perfect hand sized globes, her neat pubic hair clinging to her skin. Thinking I'd misheard her welcome, I hurriedly started to stumble backwards out of the door before she smiled and said,"Wait.

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   I want you to dry me. "I stood frozen still, trying to comprehend the request, my brain processing the words over and over in an attempt to find an alternative - maybe I'd misheard. "Wh-what did you say?""Jake, come here and dry me. I'm getting rather cold. "I took a few tentative steps towards her, and she held out the towel in encouragement. Taking the fabric, I stood perhaps two feet away from her, and reached out and patted her face gently, probing into the gentle contours of her cheeks, gliding softly over her eyelids, pressing into her lips with the ends of my fingers. Her neck was the next to be caressed, and she smiled as I slid the towel over her shoulders. I took each arm in turn, stroking first with my bare hand over the moist skin, before retracing my touch with the cloth, finishing by grasping each finger delicately between my own. I brought the towel back up to her chest, and paused before placing it gently on her breasts. I looked into Chloe's face, her eyes closed, mouth slightly open in an inaudible sigh. Using my heaviest touch of the session, I pressed into her breasts, feeling them giving way beneath the towel, moving beneath the direction of my hands. I could barely feel the lump of her nipples through the fabric, but it became more pronounced the longer I pressed into her creamy chest. I drew myself away and continued downwards, over her stomach, pressing into her naval before taking the towel over her head and behind her back, gently rubbing it back and forth over the skin of her waist. She stepped forward in to me as I grasped a buttock in each hand, kneading the flesh, exploring the crack with my fingers, before continuing my slide down the back of her legs. Starting with the toes, I slid the towel up her left leg, stopping a few inches before I reached her crotch, and did the same with the right.

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   I paused, and I heard the first noise for the few minutes I'd taken so far. "Do it. "I obeyed the breathy request by rubbing the towel over her trimmed pubic hair, moving my head closer to discover possible aromas. Smelling only like the body was in the shower, I moved my head closer and closer, before I found my mouth pressing against her pussy. She sighed again as I let my tongue go free, placing long stokes against her slit, tempting her body to allow some sort of entrance within. I pushed harder with my tongue, finally tasting her, the taste of pure sex; musky, salty, and slowly emerging with the encouragement of my oral presence. I ventured a finger to join my tongue in its exploration, gently probing the insides of her pussy lips, and creeping upwards towards her clitoris. She twitched as I touched it, before grabbing my head with her hands and pushing my tongue into herself. I explored the new dimensions found, which opened up even further as she placed one foot on my shoulder. I continued twisting and thrusting my tongue while my finger traced outlines around her clitoris, occasionally stroking it, resulting in more twitching on her behalf. As her breathing became heavier, I increased the intensity of my tongue work, and drew away when she suddenly emitted a moan. "Ohhhhhhhnnnnnnnyeaaaaaaah?"She stepped away, and I watched in wonder as she stood, gently convulsing involuntarily, and I knew I'd just given my first orgasm. I stood up and held her in an embrace, her wet hair pressing in to my arms, as I kissed her, gently pushing my lips into hers, waiting for her to invite her own taste in to her mouth. She opened her mouth and our tongues entwined, playing, battling with each other for territory of each other's mouths. As we kissed, she reached down and undid the button on my jeans before sliding the zip over the mound presented by my erection.

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   I stepped out of them as they fell to my ankles, and broke the kiss to remove my t-shirt, boxer shorts and socks. I held her once again, feeling her flesh pressing into mine, breasts against chest, my erection against her stomach.
    Lifting her up, I carried her to my bed, laying her gently against the futon and pressing my body weight on to hers. As we kissed more, I became aware of my balls becoming damp from contact with her pussy, and I slid my hips downwards, sliding the length of my cock along her sticky slit. Before I got carried away with the moment, I rolled over to my bedside drawers, pulling a condom out a box and rolling back over to the beautiful form next to me. I drew my head to her breasts, and discovered that her nipples had hardened beyond belief. More breathy sighs emitted from her peachy lips as I nibbled and sucked on her areolas, flicking my tongue over her nipples, and forcing as much of the surrounding flesh in to my mouth as possible. She took the condom from my hand, removing the foil wrapper before removing her body from mine. Rolling me on to my back, she sat on my legs, my cock parallel to her stomach. Rolling the latex down the shaft, she wrapped her fingers around the head, and it was my turn to utter incomprehensible noises. She massaged the length of my cock with her hands, before sitting up on her knees, perched above my awaiting cock. She slowly lowered herself, slowly impaling herself on me, and I felt the sensations long imagined in fantasy and dream. It was tight, warm, and like nothing I'd ever imagined was possible. She quickly stopped though, looking at me through glassy eyes, emotion threatening to bound from tear ducts. Before I could ask, she came forth with an explanation.

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      "I've never done this before. I don't want it to hurt. " Keeping what little of myself there was inside her, I sat up, pulling her legs around my back, and embracing her, pulling her into a deep kiss, and finishing with an encouragement. "I've never done this either. But this is absolutely beautiful, and we'll only go through with this when you're ready. "With those words, she started sobbing, juxtaposing the smile on her face. Tears of nervousness, tears of trepidation, tears of joy. I kissed her again, and felt the unexpected motion of her hips thrust towards mine, breaking through her hymen, and producing a ferocity in the kiss unmatched by any since. As we continued to kiss, she slowly began to rock herself back and forth, producing limited movement. I withdrew from her, and lay her on her back. She lifted her knees up, presenting herself fully to me. Placing her legs on my shoulders, I drew her towards me, and slid into her with my own pressure, retreating when I'd entered fully, and replaying the movement with increased speed. The afternoon of sexual longing, the fantasies of her showering form, the exploration of her body with the towel, and the realisation of the whole experience forced my body startlingly close to orgasm, and I could do nothing but await its onset. I once again looked into her eyes, the tears long gone, replaced with a look of pure lust, and I knew that I wouldn't be satisfying her this time, the virginal thrill of teenage sex forcing my semen from my balls in a mind-blowing orgasm. My head stopped working, the world suddenly silent in the intensity of the moment.

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       I knelt frozen for ten seconds as I continued to ooze into the condom, pulling out of the warm trap once my brain had regained function. I looked at Chloe with sorry eyes, and she smiled at me, the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. I must have looked pathetic, sweat covering my body, my penis hanging limp with a filled condom hanging precariously on its end, my mouth open in the afterglow of the experience. I slumped back on to my feet, and Chloe lifted herself up, and removed my condom before tying it up and putting in to the bin beside my bed. Looking at her again, I opened my mouth, and spat out a word. "Sorry. "Her smile dropped as she said, "What for?""For not lasting long enough for you to come. "She giggled cheekily, before pausing, and leaning in to my ear, she whispered the words that every first timer wants to hear. "That was amazing. ".



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