My story - part 1


Friday night, me and the lads are out in town. We finished training a few hours ago, shower, change out of kit and into my favourite boxer briefs and ben sherman shirt and jeans combination. Tonights gonna be a lucky night I know it.

We hit Dreams nightclub first, get a round of WKDs in, check out the talent. The usual mix of school girls, hen parties and women my mums age who I wouldnt go anywhere near.

We get on the dancefloor, I get up against this girl, not bad to look at, brunette, long straight hair, must be 24, 25, wearing a tight white dress that leaves nothing to the imagination. We grind for a bit, feel my cock stir, I go in for a kiss but she's not having any of it. Can't be bothered to chase it, plenty more like her out tonight.

Next stop is Club Tropicale, got an 80's night on, lots of older girls who should know better, but Im just what they're after - a fit young lad, bit of rough, but hot to look at. Ive not had any complaints. More WKDs then the dancefloor.

Immediately, there's this blonde, early thirtys I'd say, hot in a slutty way, wearing khaki hot pants, tank top and matching hat. She must be off her face. She's all over me. We dance for a bit. I get a handful of her tits.

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   She doesnt seem to mind. I squeeze her arse. Doesnt mind that either. "I need a drink" I shout over the music. We head to the bar. More WKDs. "How old are you?" she asks. "19" I lie. "You could be 16" she says before sticking her tongue down my throat.

While we kiss I think, you got that right, 18 is what I am. Her hands roam all over my body. She squeezes my hard cock though my trousers. "We should sort that out I think, follow me".

She leads me towards the toilets. Without checking who is in, we head to the mens.

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   Somehow they are empty. We are in a cubicle, she locks the door, turns and undoes my trousers, pushing them and my boxers down to my ankles. I sit down on the toilet, she kneels between my legs and takes my 7 inch cut cock in her mouth. She goes to town on it. She spits on my cock smearing it with saliva. She wanks me hard with her hand while licking my balls. She swirls the head of my cock with her tongue.

"I need you inside me"

She undoes her hotpants and pushes them down, she is wearing a tiny khaki coloured see thu thong. Before she turns around, I catch a glimpse of her bare cunt, not a hair on it.

With her arse towards me, she pulls her thong to one side then with her other hand she slides my cock into her cunt. She is warm, wet and tight, just how I like my cunt. She places her hands on my knees and begins to ride me hard. I reach around, with one hand I start squeezing her tits, with the other, I flick her clit. Clearly the slut knows this place, she is moaning loudly and doesnt care about anyone finding us out. Like security.

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   Me, Im a bit worried, Ive not fucked in this particular establishment before and if the Gaffer were to find out, that would be me finished. I've heard stories. But to be honest, with hottie grinding my cock the way that she is, I couldnt care if the whole team were watching right now.

"Im going to cum"

"Not inside me you dont"

She gets off me, I stand up, I kiss her hard on the mouth and push her to her knees.

"Im gonna cum on your face, slut, open your mouth"

Amazingly, she obeys, she sticks her tongue out, grabs me by the ass and I start to jerk my cock.

She looks so slutty as I empty my balls over her face. Cum sprays across her tongue, lips, nose, some goes in her hair. She licks my dick clean of remaining cum.

I pull my jeans and boxers back up. Meanwhile she's wiping the cum off her face with some tissue.

"See you later"

I push past her leaving her cumstained on the floor of the cubicle. I head out of the toilet to meet up the lads. They are on the dancefloor. Looks like they have some girls with them. This night isn't over yet.

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