My story as a teen


my story of lonlyness
my very long term boyfriend paul who i met at school and me had been very good friends with this couple
same age as us one child and pregnant with anther
we where all about 18/19/20 years old at the time
went round there flat most nights the boys went out some nights
on one night they whent out and didnt come back to the flat of theres till about 1 / 2 in the morning
i was sitting talking have a laugh with pauls best mates wife at the flat
i was getting very conserend by 12pm that night
when avenchaly they came in and oil over there hands
i said what time do you call this they said that the car had broken down what was pauls
i thourth to my self that this is bull shit but i didnt say much that night
as we where going to sleep there that night
i did say is this the truth that night in bed and he did say it was but i didnt beleve him
i tried to make love to my boyfriend that night but he was acting strange and didnt seem to want to come near me but
i really took no notice and went to sleep. i woke up about 4 in the morning my boyfriend wasnt next to me. i crept quietly through the hall way
and i could faintly here him talking to his mate in the lounge. i opened the day and they suddenley stopped talking
i got the impression they were either talking about me or what they had been up to that night, i was so worried
i darent ask and i went back to bed.
the next day things were certainly strange my boyfriend seemed so distance and his mate kept
giving me strange looks. they said they were going out again that night after many arguements that day
i finally got the truth out that he had been shagging some one else, well i was in pieces it broke my heart
i never thought he would do this to me. i was in such a state i got in my car and told his parents whom he was living with at the time.
me and my boyfriend had only been engaged a short while. his parents were furious with him and kicked
him out of the house,so he had no choice but to live with his girl he was seeing behind my back.
the next few days were veery quiet not much really happening just wanted to be by myself. just thinking whats going to happen
day after day, obviously my boyfriend was on my mind all the time and i wanted him with me and not with her.
i decided to go round my friends flat to see if she wanted to go to bingo tonight thought it take things of my mind. when i got round her flat
she had already gone but her husband asked me to stay after all he was kind of my friend too. he had got a video out to rent so we
sat on the settee together and watched that, we were happily chatting about life in general and he told me my boyfriend would never come back to me.
this made me very upset and he was a shoulder to cry on at the time. we sat there having a nice quiet evening in when we heard the
back door slam shut his wife was back.

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   she asked me what i was doing there i told her i wanted to go out with her but she had already left.
we sat and talked for a little while then i deided to go home he walked down to the car with me and asked when will i be round again
and asked him
with some one else so why dont you. i said i dont know i am friends with your wife,he says dont worry about her we can see each other behind her back.
as i got into my car he got in the other side and said why dont you drive some where abit more private. i startred to think oh my god whats happening
to me . we drove around for a little while and parked the car in a dark area. he put his arm around me and said he really found me a turn on and
would love to have his way with me right now. but i wasnt having any of that not yet any way. he put his hand on my leg and kept moving it up and down
he started breathing really heavy. come on come on he said i feel really horny tonight i know you want it too. no i said its too soon i dont want any of
this i just want my boyfriend back. he said well that will never happen i have seen him shagging this new bit and really enjoying it. oh i said stop upsetting me
well he said its true and you might as well get used to it,and i will have my way with you very soon now that he is out of the picture.
he started to undue his trousers and got his cock out he really had a stiff cock he sat there starting to wank himself off. he then pushed my head down on his cock i had it deep in my throat.

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he was really enjoying it . he was relly pushing my head down on it hard.
then he put his hand on my legs and started to move under my skirt up to my knickers trying to get to my pussy. he pushed my legs apart and got his hand in my knickers and on to my pussy and inserted one of his fingers inside me .
my pussy felt quiet wet with excitement. his breathing became heavy and heavier his cock was really throbbing with excitement. come on he said suck that cock of mine harder and harder. he kept forcing more fingers inside my pussy saying my pussy felt really good and that he would love to fuck it. he started to make all the groaning noises and shouted out im there im there i quickly lifted my mouth of it but all his cum went on the side of my face it was hot . i wiped his spunk of the side of my face and through the tissue out of the car window. that was great he said i cant wait until next time. i said what next time you are pushing your luck. come on he said you know you enjoyed it. yes may be i did but it still doesnt feel right me here with you. why he said you worry to much paul doesnt feel any thing for you at the moment so you might as well enjoy the time you have with me.

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i dropped him of at the end of his road because he didnt want his wife to know he has been with me. he gave me a big sloppy kiss he said you mean alot more to me than all the other girls i have been with please see me tomorrow. i will see how i feel tomorrow you have got to explain to your wife where you have been the last hour.
leave her to me he said and walked off.
when i got home i went straight to bed my head was spinning i just didnt know what to think aboput what has happened.
it seemed as if i laid for ages before i drifted finaly to sleep.
next morning i got up for work i was working as a machinist at a clothes factory i really didnt feel like going in i was so tied from the night before i had the house to myself because my parents were on holiday camping i decided not to go to work so i went back to bed again.
i didnt get out of bed until dinner time just lazed about for the rest of the day thinking to myself what am i going to say if my best friend says she think her husband it up to something i woudnt be able to keep a straight face. i suppose i was frightened to go round there one in case who force me into meeting up with him again and another of having to face her. i stayed in all day i had a sicky feeling in my stomach i kept thinking i cant let it happen again but something else tells me im lonley and havent got any one to talk too. i done myself something to eat for tea but didnt really eat anything. i sat down and watched the tv most of the evening didnt feel like going out. i kept wondering if he was waiting for me.
the night seem to go by very slowly i kept falling asleep watching the tv so i decided to go off to bed.
next mornuing i decided not to go to work again and thought i would go round my freinds to see what the air was like.

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   it took me a while to get myself up and dressed had something to eat. it got to nearly dinner time i got in my car and went round theres. i got to the larkman traffic lights and i saw them both near the shops ,they didnt see me. i decided just to get some petrol and then go back home again. i got indoors and made a cup of tea i was bored out of my head, so i went to visit my sister for a while on the way back from my sisters i thought i would drop in to see them again. i knocked on the door and his wife finally answered. oh she said we havent seen much of you this week where have you been . she knew i was cut in halfs over my boyfriend so i just said oh i needed time by myself time to think. are you ok now then she replied. yes not to bad i answered.
there was only me and her there she seemed very quiet then she said i have strange thoughts about my husband? do you i said whats that. well he seems strange seems different he is never hardly here with me. so i said well where do you think he is? i dont know she said . i knew he hadnt been with me all the time he was obviously with my x boyfriend . oh i said dont worry he is always out and about with different people i wouldnt bother about it.

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we sat and chatted for a while with no sign of her husband coming back. it got to about 5 pm and i told her i was now going home i wanted a bath and to do myself some tea. i got into my car and went home.
i got home and watched the tv made myself a cup of tea and started to run the bath water. i heard a knock on the door. i went to answer the door and it was my friends husband. what do you want i said i wish you wouldnt come round here. i wanted to see you he said where have you been all week. i told him i wanted some time to myself to have a think about things . he put his arms around me and said how much he had missed me and i am all he has been thinking about . he kept on kissing me and asked if i was ready for a fuck with him. i pushed him away and said youre charming thats all you want me for . no it isnt he said its just a bit of fun.
well i said i dont really want you round my mothers house . go back home and i will come round in a couple of hours .

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   oh great he said my wife is out tonight so we can get down to business. well i said we will have to see.
he got hold of me tightly and gave me a sloppy kiss and said dont be too late i will be waiting. ok i said now please go. . bye for now.
he finally went out of the door. i done myself my tea and had a nice relaxing bath i didnt at all feel pleased with myself going round my friends when she wasnt there but what the heck. i might go all the way next time
i got in my car and went round there,knocked on the door he stood there in just a dressing gown on, come on in he said ill make us a drink. my wife went about half an hour ago we have about 3 hours to ourselves. i went and sat down in the living room. he came and sat down beside me and gave me a big kiss rubbing his hand up and down my blue dress. he went back to the kitchen to get our drinks and then sat back down beside me. we were kissing and touching each other up for what seemed like ages. he had nothing on underneath his dressing gown his cock just flopped there in full erect really hard.

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   i gave it the wanking actions whilst his hand was up my dress into my knickers pushing his fingers in my pussy. i felt as if i was ready for it this time with him.
come on he said sit on my dick, i said ok then and then i stood up and pulled my knickers off ripped his off open his dressing gown and lowered myself on to his hard throbbing cock he was sitting on the settee and me sitting on top of him in the middle of the settee . his breathing became deeper and deeper this is great he said i am glad i waited until you were ready its worth the wait. he pulled my dress off whilst i bounced up and down on his cock he undone my bra and threw that somehere over the other side of the room. my tits were rubbing in his face he liked that alot . he kept rubbing his hands all over my body. we then rolled over so that he was on top of me, christ he was heavy. he really put all his effort into it. he was really so excited he had to hold himself back from coming several times. fuck this is great he said he was ramming his cock in me hard i kept on having orgasms upom orgasms as he shagging me silly . my legs were up high in the air he was kissing all over my tits and his hands all over my body. we had been shagging for at least hlaf an hour all of a sudden i felt his cock go reallystiff and he shot all his come in me loads of thick cum. i got up and vwent of into the bathroom to sort myself out my pussy was really throbbing with all the come off mine and his mixed together all his cum starting to run out of me.
i went back in the lounge and he sat there still in his dressing gown.

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  how about going another round he said . hang you on i said i am knackered yes he said just laughing so im i we just sat together the rest of the evening kissing and cuddling watching the tv. time had gone really quickly i suddeneley thought shit his wive will be in the door any minute , so i said to him ive got to get going . please come round tomorrow he said i really want to see you come round and we can think of some excuse to go out in the car tomorrow so we can be by ourselves. yes ok i said i will come round about 7 ish. ok he said and gave me a kiss and had his last little rub up of me.
i walked down to the car and went home, went straight to bed.
next day i decided to go to work couldnt really concentrate had a lot on my mind my parents were due to come back home in a couple of days.
i returned back home about 5. 30pm i had a bath changed my clothes i thought i better put a skirt on beings we were planning on going out in the car together i put a tight t shirt on and a pair of g strings . i got to my friends flat and she answered the door hi she said come on in . well there he sat on the settee he just looked at me and winked hi he said trying not to give too much away in front of his wife. he said have you had anything to eat yet no not really i said , no we havent neither thought if it was alright with you you can run me to the chippy . oh ill go with her his wife said , no thats ok he said i would rather pick what i want. i knew very well what he was planning.

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well i said lets go then, we walked down to the car together he kept saying i am really looking forward to this .
we drive about for a while until we found a suitable place to bonk. i stopped in this dark lay by out hevingham way somewhere couldnt tell it was too dark.
he put his arm around me and said you look really nice tonight and rubbed his hand up and down my skirt. we were kissing and cuddling we couldnt be too long because his wife would get suspicious of us. he pushed the car seat backwards right to the back seat and i just sat on top of him teasing him. i undone his trousers and got his cock out i started to wank him off he liked that. come on he said give me a good suck whilst i can play with your pussy. i had his cock down my throat sucking it hard whilst he had his fingers inside my pussy making come my pussy was getting really wet with enjoyment. oh he said i love your pussy its so juicy wet its ready for a fuck. hang on i said i am enjoying your cock in my throat and he pushed my head back down on to it. his breathing was getting heavyier and heavier as he loved to play with my pussy. come on he said sit on it now. i took most of my clothes of and lowrered my fanny on his dick. he perferrred me to be on top and it was easier in the car .

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   i was bouncing up and down on his hard throbbing cock i really didnt want to be to long because of his wife. he kept really tensing his cock up it was so hard inside my wet pussy , he rubbed his hands all over my body squeezing my tits all of a sudden he shouted out yes yes yes i am there bounce quicker bounce quicker. i was going as quick and as hard as i possibly could and he shot his cum all inside my pussy. i got of him and sat into the drivers seat ,cleaned myself up with tissues and threw them out the window i got myself dressed whilst he was sorting himself out . i stood outside the car to pull down my clothes properley, got back in and we had a kiss and cuddle and he said how much he enjoyed it.
we drive off and finally got the chips.
when we got back to his flat his wife was very angry of where we had been . oh sorry i said we ran out of petrol and had to walk to the nearest petrol station ok she says as long as everything is ok i was getting worried. go on sit down and i will sort ou the food. we both went and sat down i the other room with a sigh of releive that everything was alright with her. he looked at me and said see i told you she will beleive us. i found it very hard to look her in the face after what had happened.
we sat and chatted altogether him giving me funny looks all the time. when she went to the toilet he would come and sit next to me and said come round in the morning and we can clear off again . yes i said ok.


an hour had passed and it was getting rather late so i said i will be going home now. she said oh perhaps we will see you tomorrow yes may be i said dont know what i am doing yet. i walked down to the car by myself and went straight home.
next day i went round there his wive wasnt there at first. he seemed pleased to see me and we kissed and cuddled suddenley there was a knock on the door it was my x boyfriend he took one look at me and said what is she doing here. oh i said didnt you know we are more than just freinds now . what he said yes i said what i say we are more than just friends he looked at me and thumped me in the leg i was sitting on the chair and tried to curl up so he couldnt get at me but he just kept hitting and hitting my leg, whilst my friends husband just stood there and watched. he finally pulled him of me and got him to leave my leg was really sore. thanks for letting him hit me i said well he said i wish you didnt say what you said. its true aint it we are more than just friends arent we? he didnt answer i then realised to my self that i didnt mean any thing to him just some one whom he could shag now and again. i started to cry and said i am now going home . are you coming back later he said . i will have to think about it i said. i walked down to the car my leg killing me i felt frightened in case my x boyfriend was watching me . i quickly got in my car and went home.

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at home i thought to myself i dont need this shit i need to be by myself. there was no need for him to hit me the way he did after all this was all his fault he shouldnt have left me in the first place and none of this would have happened.
i just sat and watched the tv didnt fancy any thing to eat. it got to about 7 oclock and i thought to myself i aint going round there i mean nothing to him, i kept walking from one room to another my mum and dad were returning home the next day so i tidied up a bit. suddenley the door went i felt really frightened but it was only him. what do you eant i said i dont like you coming round here . i wanted to see you he said . oh i dont know what for i said i dont mean nothing to you, you only want me for a bit of pleasure now and again.
thats not true he said i just dont want my wife finding out about us.
ok i said i will meet you round the corner in 18 minutes. with that off he went. i took my time getting ready didnt really have any interest in him any more just felt used by him.
i drove round the corner and picked him up we just drove about for a while and then went to the place we went before i thought to myself right lets just get this over with as quick as we can. he kept kissing me passionately but i just wanted to push him away from me. he put his hand down my top and started rubbing my tits.

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   slowly i was getting turned on i put my hand on his trousers and felt he had a stiff one. take your knickers off he said i want to feel that wet pussy of yours i took off my knickers and he took off his jeans and lifted his cock out of his pants. we pushed back the passenger seat and he laid on top of me touching every bit he could of me. ive been looking forward to this all day he said.
he put his hands up my skirt and took off my knickers,rubbing himself up against me. he put his fingers up my wet throbbing pussy, thats nice he said . he started to wank himself off i think he was going abit soft on me. he then inserted his cock inside my pussy pushing it in really hard my body pushing backwards, kissing around my face.
i kept saying i could here some one around hoping that he would hurry up and get off me. just relax and enjoy it he said. he lifted my legs up in the air touching the roof of the car inside whilst he was shagging me, he was really getting out of breath. i felt my pussy getting dry because i really didnt feel in the mood. come on he said whats the matter with you? nothing i said. he started groaning then shot all his cum in my pussy i was soaked there was loads of thick cum. he got of me and moved to the other seat.

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   i got my tissues out of my hand bag and wiped the cum from my pussy and dropped the tissues out of the car. i got back in to the drivers seat and we went off.
i told him it was it now i didnt want to play about with him any more. yes you do he said youre just having a bad day.
i dropped him of home and went home myself .
next day i went to work didnt hear any thing from him mum and dad were staying away longer. that evening my x boyfriend came round and said he was sorry for every thing and wanted to get back with me, of course that was what i wanted. , although he was still living with his fancy bit we kept seeing each other over the next few days but he had to go back to her house to sleep. i hadnt seen my friends husband and i hadnt been round there because i knew what he would have been expecting.
my x boyfriend now my boyfriend again moved back home with his parents. we were having great sex again together and were working things out we were happy dispite everyting that had happened before.
i hadnt seen my friends husband now for over a week. one night when i came home from my boyfriends i was putting my car in the back garden about 11. 30pm and my friends boyfriend stood there waiting for me wanting to know where ive been and if i would see him again. no no no i said i am back with my boyfriend now were happy leave us alone.

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with that he went but not too happy.
a week later we both went round to see our friends his wife still didnt know what went on and neither did my boyfriend although i think he had his doubts. i never told my boyfriend that he had been waiting for me that night i just wanted to forget every thing that happened .
my friend sorted out about a flat for me and my boyfriend to leave in together with in a couple of weeks me and my boyfriend were living together for the first time ever. the 4 of us were getting on well they were helping us with the flat. things that had happened with me and her husband seemed to have been forgotten thank god.
me and my friend got some out door work making crackers me and my boyfriend would be up nearly all night doing these for such little money. but we were happy we could sleep together every night it was good. my boyfriend would go out with him now again and i would worry my self silly incase he would lead a stray again like he did last time just so he could have his way with me.
we had been in the flat about 2 weeks things were looking good . we went round our friends flat for the evening we didnt get back until about midnight we parked the car on the car park and walked up the stairs to the flat. in horry we saw a lead on the stairs which was from our stereo player we quickly ran up rest of the stairs couldnt believe our eyes someone had broke in it was in a right state all our precious belongings had been tampered with i just stood there and sreamed.
who could do this to us we were so happy living together but now it had been destroyed by some evil person.
the next day we reported it to the police and the council came and repaired the door so we were safe. our friends came round and they couldnt beleive it they helped us tidy up.

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i couldnt stay there no longer i wanted to go back to my parents i was frightened so over the next couple of days we packed everything up my boyfriend went home and i went to my home. it was such a shame after all we had gone through all we wanted was the chance to live together and be happy but we didnt get that.
after we moved back to our parents we never saw our friends again they didnt get in touch with us and we didnt get in touch with them.
but looking back i think my friends husband had something to do with the break in he didnt want us to go home to early that night as if he knew it was happening and of course he was jealous to see us happy together. and that was it my story from 20 years ago.
why did he want to know he said he fancies me and would like things to go further between us he said your boyfriend is at it.



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