My redheaded neighbor


when i was about 18 i had this neighbor, Maci, who was by far one of the most beautiful girls i had ever seen in my life.   She was 18 but extremly petite.   She was around 4'11" and 110 lbs.   The most natural and brightest red hair you had ever seen and the most silkiest white skin too.   Green eyes to match.   And to top it all off she had to be at least a c-cup.   She was the epitomy of a youg irish girl.   I, on the other hand was mor of a Germanish build.   Brownish hair, grey eyes, close to 6 feet and abuot 220 lbs.   some muscle, some fat.   i was fairly average.   nothing compared to maci.   i didnt have the largest dick.   but not the smallest either.   about 5 and a half or 6 inches i suppose.
well annyways lucky for me i lived a couple houses down from maci.

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    even lucier me, me and her were best of friends.   i always had other neighborhood kids coming to my house cus i had the only trampoline in it.   so naturally maci would come over too.   she would bring a couple of her other girl friends over too.   Jesse and Bridget.   Now having these three lovely girls was like having charlies angels eating breakfast at your house.   you had three distinctly different girls to choose from.   First there was Jesse.   The vuluptuous blonde that had the pouty lips and seemed like she knew how to use them.   Than there was bridget.   The one that had the body of an 18 year old.   no breast.   a tight ass.   but seemed like she could fuck the shit out of you and would squeak while you did it too.   than maci.


    the mixture of the other two.   she seemed like shed give yout he most passionate and intamate sex of your life.   she was perfect.
well back to the story. . .   us four and my friend matt were all jumping on the trampoline and playing various little games we made up.   nothing too interesting.   hayley was wearing a tank top.   and as i perceived no bra underneath.   we were playing a variatoing of red rover (except on trampoline) when they sent for me to come over.   well while i was hopping over i accidentally stubbed my toe and i went head first into maci and my hand accidentally got caught in her spaghetti strap and i caught a quic full glimpse of her left breast.   everyone else had fallen down so i was the only one that had gotten this incredible sight.   she got extremly flustered and began to turn really red and made an excuse and hurried home with her girl friends.
after matt left i was left home alone with nothing but me and my thoughts on macis increddible breast.

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    i was watching her house from my bedroom window and saw that both bridget and jesse had gone home.   than i saw another car leave so i recognized it as her parents.   i decided that this could be my most oppurtunistic time to see her since it was dark out and noone was home at either of our houses to ask questions.  
i practically sprinted to her house and stopped when i made it to her door.   i went around the house to the side and peered into her bedroom window (thank god for ranch style houses)  She was lying on her bed reading a magazine.   she was wearing the same tanktop but instead of wearing the sweats like before she was wearing a pear of purple panties with lace on top.   i stared directly at her marvelous ass for what seemed to be hours.   just stiting there, wiggling every now and then to readjust herself.   i than opened my ears and heard the faint sound of a bathtub running so i figured she was getting the water ready for her bathing purposes.  
she got up and walked out her bedroom and towards the bathroom.   i tried to jimmy the window open but it had been really humid out so the wood was swolen shut.   so i ran around the house to the other side where the bathroom was and saw her right as she was entering the room.   she left the door open behind her and began to undress right in front of me.   first she took her top off and let her humungous tits sway.   they were a beautiful shade of white and had the puffiest pink nipples i had ever seen.

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    she than turned around a bit and took her purple panties off and i saw her bare naked ass.   it was even more beautiful than i had imagined.   she didnt turn back to me so i could see her young twat.   she just lowered herself into the tub and turned the radio on full blast.
by then i had a raging hard on and wasnt thinking with the top head anymore.   i decided that i had to a)see more, b)fuck her untill she cried or c)all of the above.   So i ran around the house lookin for an open window and entered thorugh her parents bedroom which sat right next to the bathroom.   i slid into the hallway and slowly and quietly peeked into the bathroom.   her head was towards me so she wasnt able to see me.   unfortunatly she had a bubble bath going on so all i could see were her boobs whenever she would decide to wash herself.   i decided that i was going to have to wait for her to undress again for me to see all of her naked glory.   so i snuck back to her room and hid in her closet.   it seemed like days but finally she came back in nothing but a towel around her tight young body and another one around her lovely red hair.   she took the towel off her head and shook out her hair and then she turned aournd again and took off her body towel.   leaving me again with nothing but a view of her ass.

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    which of course was great but not everything.
she than said outloud "hmmm i need something to wear tomorrow. " and with that she turned around rapidly and opened the closet inw hich i was standing.   by then i had my penis out and was slowly pumping it so lets just say she kind of saw me in a compromising position.   She let out a loud scream and backed away.   she fell back and landed on her bed falling spread eagle giving me the perfect view of her pussy.   it was red, just like her head, and was trimmed beautifully.   she had trimmed it into a pefect heart.   a red heart.   i find it very cute now actually.   i stood there shocked.   with my manhood in my hands.   gazing at this beauty.   i slowly stepped out of the closet.   i didnt know what to do or say so i just stood there.

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she than slowly stood up and walked up to me and stood no more than an inch away from my face.   she got so close that my penis was now gently touching her naval and was grazing her belly button ring.   i wasnt sure if she didnt notice or if she just didnt care.   than she took me by suprise and planted on me the best, and most intimate kiss i had ever had in my life.   purely by instinct i took my hand off of my penis and put my one hand in her hair and the other on her tight young ass.   i pulled her close to me, pracitcally stabbing her with my penis, and began to dance wit her toung with mine.   i was in pure ecstacy.   she then broke the kiss and pulled my pants off for me all the way.   alowing me to step out of them.   than she took my boxers off and again letting my penis hit her but this time in the face.   she was on her kneees now pulling my shoes and socks off and instructed me to sit on the bed so it would be easier. she finally helped me off with my shirt and we both sat there completly naked.  
what happened next was by far the best blowjob i had ever had in my life.   she went back to her knees and kissed the head of my now fully ierect cock.   she kissed down the shaft and all the way to the ball sletting my pubic hair braze her nose and chin.

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    she than put the head of my penis in her mouth and began to swirl her tounge around it.   she pulled back my foreskin down to the point where i felt as if i were going to cry and she bgan to lick the shaft.   than, as if she just thought about it, put the hall dick in her mouth and started to deep throat me.   i wasnt aware that maci was sexually active but after athis incredible blow job she was giving me there was no doubt in my mind.   she was like a woodpecker (pun intended) pecking at a tree with all her might.   i felt my balls swell up and tighten and then i couldnt hold it any longer so i came in her mouth.   letting what seemed to be gallons of cum fill her mouth.   but she took it all like a soilder and swallowed almost all of it untill it started to drip downt he corners of her mouth, which she just whiped with her fingers and licked.
      than she said the two most fantastic words i have ever heard in my life.   "me next"
    she lied on the bed so that her but was laying half on-half off of the side of the bed.   i began to kiss her milky htighs all around her cunt until i got a nice whiff of her now dripping wet puss and cuoldnt tease her any longer.   i pulled her womanhood right to her mouth and plunged my thick toung into her.   she let out a deep moan and wrapped her legs around my head and put her hand on the back of it too pushing me even farther into her.   at this point i couldnt even breathe but really i didnt care any more.   she was inesctacy having her cunt lapped by me and i was too being able to taste my little red headed neighbor.

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        i found her clit and began to suck and nibble and play with it until she tensed up and had her cunt muslces tighten around my tounge and shoot her juices all in my face.   it was like sexual heaven.  
    i licked every ounce of it up like she had done for me and than i began to kiss up her body.   even pulling at her belly button ring with my teeth.   i kissed up to her nipples and began to nibble on one while i played with the other.   my hand had now began to go down her stomach and i was playing with her cunt again.   i moved up her body and kissede her collar bone and then her cheek and then her forehead.   i gently and gingerly made my way down her face.   her eyebrows.   than her nose.   than her top lip.   than i gave her a big open mouth kiss lettins us share eachothers love juices.   now i was also finger fucking her frantically and i could feel her warming up again.   so i positioned my penis at t he top of her puss and slowly pushed in.   not knowing how many times she had sex yet.

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        even if she had at aall.   too my suprise again she took every single inch of it and than some.   it was like a dream come true.   it was so tight and wet and perfect.   i was finally fucking my little red headed neighbor.
    maci began moaning louder and she wrapped her legs around mine digging her heels of sher feet into the the back of my knee caps.   i started fucking her like i had never fucked another in  my life time.   she was screaming.   i was screaming.   we were both screaming our asses off.   i pulled her legs from around me and put th em up head.   here she was lying with her legs behind her head and me kneeing on her bed in front of her fucking the shit out of her.  
    i felt that i was on the verge of a climax so i hurried up and pulled out and she got the idea so she began giving me frantic head.   i was about to cum so i pulled out of her mouth and shot load after load of thick white roaps all over her milky white breasts and i shook all over. she than skooped it all up in her hands and began to lick all of it like she had before.

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        after she had cleaned herself up she gave me a kiss and told me that i better go before either of our parents got home.   i was finally dressed (she was now in a bright red thong and ina w hite cammy) when she walked up to me in the front door way and leaned in close to me.   she grabbed me by my penis through my jeans and told me that jesse and bridget were going to be over tomorrow and she was going to make sure she "accidentally" leaves the back door open when her parents go out for dinner.   we shared another quick kiss and i sprinted back to my house. . . .