My office girl


Ok she's not quite a teen but close. She is 20 and works in my office building. We met 2 months ago. Her name is Rachel. One day she comes to my office to say hello. We chat for a while and somehow the conversation subject turns to sex. She tells me that most times when she looks at a guy she wonders what his penis looks like. I almost fell out of my chair! Here is this young, very attractive, innocent looking girl telling me about her curiosity of penises! All I can say is "really".
 She has only been with one guy and the few times they had sex it was under the sheets in the dark. She hardly ever saw his penis. She always says penis, never cock or dick. We talk some more about this when she looks down at the floor, like she is embarrassed and says to me, " If you promise you wont get mad, I've also wondered what yours looks like". With a look of surprise on my face I think I say something like "wow", "really". "Yes I do" she says sheepishly.
I think for a moment. I am almost twice her age.

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   But she is really cute and I'm getting real turned on by the thought of this.
"Well do you want to see it now?"
"Yes. If you don't mind"
"Ok but remember Rachel, this was your idea"
I stand, lock the door and go to the couch in front of my desk where she is sitting.
I say, " I'll let you do it" and she sits up so that my crotch is in front of her face and she loosens my belt. " I can't believe I'm doing this" she says. She unzips my fly slowly and my pants fall to the floor. My cock is already half hard by this time so I think I'll make an good first impression. She pulls down my briefs and my cock springs up causing her to move away a little bit.
"oh my gosh!" she says loudly.
" Quiet Rachel! There's an office next door and the walls are kinda thin".
"I'm sorry". She just stares at my cock in amazement and as she looks on it just keeps getting more erect. She comments on how it is growing. I tell her it is very arousing for me to do this. My cock is just inches from her face and she is just studying it from every angle.

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   She comments on the size. I am 7. 5" long and 6. 5" in circumference( yea, she measured it one day).
By now I am fully erect and pointing up in a direction over her head. She wants to touch it. I say ok. She touches the head with her finger and then runs it along the shaft.
" It's just so hard " she says.
I'm wondering how long I will last before I come (about 18 minutes) , how long it will be before she sucks it( about 3 weeks), and how long before I can fuck her(about 8 weeks).
She's a petite girl, only 4' 11" and she has small hands that look really good on my cock. I sit down on the couch beside her and show her how to stroke it. She is fully clothed and my pants are around my ankles. Her inexperience shows. Finally she gets it going with that little hand.

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   Then I show her how to do it with both hands.
When have orgasms I produce quite a large amount of semen so I proceed to remove my shirt because the stuff spurts out of my cock and goes everywhere. She of course knows about semen but has never seen it spurt out of a penis, only in her exboyfriend's condom inside her.
As I'm getting close I instruct her to hold it so it is pointing straight up. "When I come, a lot is going to come out so don't be shocked, just keep stroking and whatever you do don't stop until I say so". I decide it might be better for her to aim it at my belly and chest because I don't want any to get on her. These spurts of mine can go several feet in distance.
" Here it comes baby". I remember saying just that. "Ok, don't worry" she says. I remember thinking what would I worry about? A pretty young girl is jacking me off in my office with her sweet little hands. I have'nt come in several days and this is such a turn on that this orgasm is going to be really good. She's really into it, pumping me good. She has a strong little right hand. Then it happens.

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   Spurt after spurt. It covers my chest and stomach. I remember hearing "oh my gosh!" and " oh man!" from her as I was coming. She's still pumping as the last drop oozes out. I let her release it and lay back totally spent. She notices that my cock is "moving". " Yea it's just throbbing a little. That was really intense. "
"That is a lot of come" she says. "I think you would shoot a hole in a condom! Its like a firehose!"
She got me a towel and cleaned me up. I asked her if she wanted to do it again sometime and she said yes she would like to do it a lot. " I really enjoyed making that happen to you" she said.
We got together in my office at least twice a week during lunch or after 5 for the next 3 weeks. Then one day as she was stroking my cock she asked me if she could kiss it. She had touched a penis before me and had intercourse but she had never put her mouth on one.

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   I said "sure, all you want" ans she leaned over and did just that. She kissed the head of my cock. I told her how good it felt and she kissed it gently some more. Then she licked it all over. This felt incredibly good. After a few minutes of this, she put the head of my cock in her mouth. Oh what a sensation. An oral sex virgin sucking cock for the first time. I gave her tips on how to do it to my liking. She would get better and better at this over the coming weeks. Each time I was about to come I would tell her and she would jack me off.
Then one day, after she had jacked me off she leand over and licked some come off my cock. She sat up and licked her lips with a puzzled look on her face and went back to my cock and put it in her mouth and sucked the rest of the come from my cock. Then she licked some of the semen that had sprayed on my stomach. "It tasted so different that anything.

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   It's kind of sweet and salty. I like it". I was glad she did. What was once our jackoff session was now our blowjob session. Sometimes I called her when I had some time, sometimes she called me. But it was always in my office. We have never gone to lunch or dinner or socialized together at all. We have only met in my office for sex. She had started to strip to her underwear during the first blowjob session and was now just down to her thong panties. She has an amazing body. Beautiful C-cup breasts, which look huge on her 4'11" frame. And she has the best looking ass. A nice firm, round, kind of small bubble butt.
She has now started to swallow my come. All of it.

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   The past 18 days she has sucked me off every day but one. I am really enjoying this. To have a pretty young thing come to my office every day and suck my cock is unbelievable to me. She tells me, " I look forward to this, I love sucking your penis, I love making it come, I love having it come in my mouth". She has learned to do it well too. Hearing her moan as she gulps down my loads is just awesome. And today it got a little more awesome.
My phone rings.
Me- "hello"
Rachel- "got some time?"
Me- "come on"
She comes in, locks my door, takes off her shoes, pulls up her hair(long blonde and down to her butt)  and turns around so I can unzip her dress, takes off her dress, puts it on the hanger, takes off her bra, hangs it up, puts her hair up with a clip or in a ponytail and walks over to me and proceeds to give me a wonderful deep french kiss.
    Until today, we have never kissed, never. She just always comes in and goes through the same routine. And every day after I unzip( when she wears those kind) her dress I get naked and go to the small couch and wait for her to join me. And then she services my cock with her mouth. Then we talk a little and get dressed and she leaves. This is how it's been for two months.

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       I get a daily blowjob from the sexy 20 year old from down the hall.
    After she kissed me she got on her knees in front of me like she does every day and puts my cock in her mouth. She sucks it so good now. Using her mouth and hands together, then just her mouth as her hands caress my thighs, my stomach and chest, then mouth and one hand as the other caresses my balls, then she licks up and down the shaft, licks my balls, puts my balls in her mouth, licks underneath my balls and then back to sucking my cock, sometimes just sucking up and down while looking up at me with those pretty eyes. But today something different happened. . . . . . . . . . .

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      . . . . . . . . . . After sucking me for about 18 minutes she stood up, took off her panties( this was a first also) straddled me as I sat and held my face as she deep kissed me again and rubbed her pussy back and forth on my cock. Our breathing got heavier. We kissed. I held ger as her wet crotch rubbed on my cock. I licked and sucked on those beautiful tits and she looked at me and;
    her- "Zack, I want it so bad, please.

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      . . . please!"
    me- "I don't have any condoms"
    her- "I went on the pill a while back because I thought this could happen"
    me- "ok baby you can have it all you want"
    She reaches down and inserts the head of my cock in her pussy. She is dripping wet. She moves slowly, until over half of my cock is in her. She moves up and down some more and then the full length of my swollen throbbing cock is in her. "Oh you feel so good" she whispers in my ear, " your penis is so hard and big". I hold on to her sweet, beautiful ass as she rides me, moving up and down slowly on my cock. Then on one of her down motions she stops and kind of grinds a little as the full length of me is inside her and she holds me tight and starts to shudder and sounds as though she is whimpering in my ear. I realize she is having an orgasm, as soon as she gets a breath I stand up with my cock still in her and fuck her in this standing position. She is so petite I can do this with ease and I love it. I couldn't do this with my last girlfriend because she was as tall as me. Now I get on top of her on the couch and fuck her slowly , then I speed up until I am pounding her pussy hard, thrusting, pounding as hard as I can as she comes again and again my sweat dripping on her as I fuck her as I have wanted to do since I met her. I then feel I can hold back no longer.


    me- " I'm gonna come in you baby"
    her- " Oh please come in me baby. . . please. . . . fill me with it"
    Thats exactly what she said, " fill me"
    Looking at her beautiful face, those big natural tits moving with each thrust, I came. . . spasm after spasm, my cock exploding into her wet pussy, I could feel each spurt coming out and into her as I continued to fuck her hard. It felt so good and was so intense. I finally collapsed on her. We were two soaking wet bodies trying to catch our breath. I was totally spent and so was she.

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       When she first stoop up her legs started shaking and she had to sit back down. "That was incredible! I had so many orgasms". Then she stood to get the gass of water and as she drank I sat on the couch and watched a lot of cum (hers and mine) run down her legs.
    I guess our jack off and blowjob sessions are going to turn into fucking sessions. I don't know how long it will last but I'm going to enjoy it while it does.



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