My Lucky Day part 2


Allie had the perfect body. Long shapely legs, large B cups, toned stomach, beautiful shoulder-length blond hair, and a cute face. Now she was sucking on one of my balls while jerking my cock off. She had just given me a blowjob and was rubbing her still covered pussy. "Can I see the rest of you now?" I asked hopefully. "Sure. " I sat on the bench running next to the lockers and watched as she pulled off her shorts to reveal a clearly damp set of silk blue panties. She turned her back to me and slowly pulled them down showing her tight little ass. She threw the wet panties at me and I sniffed them, sucking at her pussy juices. As she turned around I saw her cleanly shaven pussy for the first time and almost came right then and there. Allie took my hand and stood me up, bending over with a leg on the bench bracing herself for my 7 and a half inch cock. "I want you inside me. " she purred. I rubbed her ass cheeks and put my tip to her slit. "No, I want you to fuck my ass. " I looked at the perfect pale cheeks and spread them wide, licking the beautiful hole she had.

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   As my dick probed the hole Allie stuck two fingers in her clit and moaned, "Yes, jam it in me. " Thrusting my hips I got 4 inches into her tight ass as she screamed, "MORE! GIVE ME MORE!!!!!!" Continuing to thrust I eventually had my balls slamming her ass with ever stroke, "HARDER, FUCK ME HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!" Her screams got me gong and every thrust had her head only hairs from banging into the lockers. Slapping her cheeks I unloaded deep inside her after the best moments of my teenage life. Pulling out I streamed on her ass and back, and as she turned all over her breasts. "Wonderful. " I was exhausted now and sat down. To my joyous surprise Allie stood sucking her breasts to get every drop of my seed in her mouth, even licking the towel she wiped her back and ass with. When she was finished she sat on my lap, her newly defiled cheeks resting on my now hardening shaft. For the longest time we sat like that and just kissed, exchanging tongues as I savored her wondrously soft lips. I rubbed her nipples erecting a moan with which our kiss ended. Taking advantage I buried my mouth deep into her right breast sucking, kissing, and biting every centimeter of her glorious chest, during which time she began to grind her clit onto my cock after a little repositioning. The feeling of the pussy lips was amazingly wet and I regained full length.

"What the hell are you two doing?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" a voice screamed. We both stopped and turned to see Jenny, another 18 year old beauty standing, her mouth open in amazement. Tan, with even bigger boobs( 36C cup), strong sexy legs, a little shorter than Allie and the most beautiful face with short red hair imaginable, Jenny was hot.

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   "Um. . . . well, you see. . . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . Allie was sore," I stuttered. "What are you doing here?" Allie said sexily, standing up and walking, nude, towards Jenny. "I forgot to get my lax bag afte-" She was cut off as Allie kissed her in glorious french fasion, and pulled down her shorts, panties and all.
    "Why don't you join us?" Allie continued unhooking her bra and pulling off the tight white tank top. I joined in sinking to my knees to suck her sexy little pussy, which was as cleanly shaven as Allies. When my tongue penetrated the exterior, Jenny convulsed with a moan, cuming as her clit was touched for the first time. "Welllll, OK. I'll join," she said with a grin as I sucked up her warm juices.

    Allie closed her locker and revealed a strap on with a vibrator mode. "Put this on," she said to Jenny.

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       As Jenny did what she was told Allie laid me down and sat on my cock, screaming with the pain. I pulled her hips down, watching my entire cock engulfed by the tight virgin. She bled as her hymen broke, and came on my cock, sending her eyes into her head in ecstasy. "What do I do?" Jenny asked. "Well, me," Allie replied with a wicked grin. Jenny squatted digging the strap-on into the still lubricated ass. I allowed Jenny to get in a nice rhythm enjoying the feeling of Allie pressed up against me and Jenny's tan tits bouncing as she fucked Allie with malice. Then I joined in thrusting Allie's tight slit as Jenny pulled out, and as she pumped back in I dropped down to receive the warm cunt. In ecstasy Allie moaned as she was passed between us until I came inside the virgin pussy, pushing her over the edge mixing our juices inside her as she collapsed. Then Jenny surprised us both. She pulled the exhausted Allie up, removing her strap-on, and sat her ass on my cock, while sucking all of the juices out of Allies pussy. "FUCK ME!" she yelled as she savored the juices pouring into her awaiting mouth.

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