my gorgeous boyfriend pt 3


as i was pumping up and down over and over again, i felt damians body start to quiver. Ididnt know what to do! i slowly sucked my way off him and he exploded all over my naked body covering me in a warm blanket of sweet cum. "oh fuck abbie, you make me so fucking horny!" i giggled. after he had finished i licked him clean, niice and sloww. . . . by the time my tongue dragged itself off his dick he was rock hard again. "Damian i cant take it no more! you have to fuck me! but take it slow coz im still a virgin and pass me a bloody pillow!" he passed the pillow and i put it over my mouth then i felt his dick start to rub up and down my opening, teasing me. i moaned and shouted "omfg! that is sooooo niice oohhh oh myyy pleeeeease fuck me ohhh godd!" then with a force he shoved down into me! i screeeeamed!! and i herd a pop i bit down on the pillow which then exploded into feathers "AAAAHHHHH!!! FUCK! FUCK!FUCKINGHELL!" "ssshhhh babe, baby its gonna be ok just hold on!!" then he sloowly started to move into me more the pain started to fade and the immense pleasure kicked in! i moaned with real pleasure louder.

and louder! he thrust his hips into me! again! and again! " ooohh oh myy goddd oohhh fuuuckkkkk!!! He howled and moaned then shrivelled up abit "fuck damiiaan!! ohh gooooddd ohhh myyy dogg!!! nooo dont stop! fuck me damiiiaaan!!
"AAABBBIIIEEE unnnggghhh i. . i. im gonna cuuummmmm!!" with that i felt a hot substance take over the inside of me as i cummed to we started pumping at eachother faster! and faster! until we both slapped onto eachother and fell asleep. . .

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