My Gorgeous 18 Year Old Neighbour


I headed into the shower feeling slightly guilty about letting her stay in my house while she should be at school, but hey, she was a sight and a half with a bikkini on. I finished my shower and wrapped a towel around me, but nothing else. I realised I would have to go out into the living room to get my work clothes, so out I went hoping that she wouldnt be too shocked or anything. I walked into the living room, where I expected her to be watching some TV program or something. I walked into scene that would make the rest of my day. There she was, groaning and moaning with her hand down her panties, wathcing the adult channel. At the time I couldnt believe it so I ran to the TV and pulled the plug out. "Hey, " I said, still shocked,"What the hell are you doing?". She pulled her hand out of her panties and said guiltily,"Look, I. . . I'm sorry, I just coulnt help myself, it's been so long, and seeing you this morning in you pyjamas made me, well. . . horny. .

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  . . ". I couldnt believe it. Here I was, In my late twenties, turning on an eighteen year old hottie. I had to make the most of this. I think she was thinking the same thing, happily. "I ah. . . well I. . . hadnt really expected this. .

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  . " I confessed. I noticed(and I think she did too) that there was a noteable bulk in my towel. She obviouslly saw it because she reached behind her back and undid her bikkini top. It fell to the floor exposing her golden, tanned, big, round breasts. My bulk grew noteably. She pressed herself against me and I took the chance to act. I brouhgt my hands up and started caressing her breasts. She clearly enjoyed this because she giggled in pleasure. As if by willpower, my towel dropped from my waist and exposed my whole body, stark naked. She clearly felt compelled to join me in my state of utter nakedness. By simply pulling on a string laying on her perfect brown skin, she caused the bikkini bottom to fall away to the ground below us. She could se now that I was aroused, because I had a huge erection. She dropped to her knees and put the head of my penis in her mouth. I felt a shoot of pure pleasure up the shaft of my penis as she began to engulf my whole penis in her mouth.

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   She started to move her head slowly back and forward, in and out. She got faster and faster and the pleasure grew and grew and I knew I would not be able to last very long. I orgasmed as she thrust my penis harder than ever into her mouth, and cum filled her sweet mouth, drizzling down her lips. She stood up while trying to swallow it all and spitting it hopelessly down her face. It almost made me cum again. She then dived onto the couch behind us and lay down beckoning for me do do the same. I climbed on top of her and sat myself on top of her so I could guide my penis into her pussy. I thrust my penis deep inside her and she yelped with delight. Her pussy was so tight and young, I felt like I was going to cum again right then. I slowly started thrusting in and out of her tight pussy and I was growing closer and closer to cumming. She screamed out "Oooooohhhhhhhhh! I'm cumming! Fuck! Oh Yes! Yes!""Me too, ooooohhhhhhhhh" I replied. At that moment we both simeltaneousely engaged in orgasm, while my fully erect cock was deep inside her tight young pussy. It was a feeling of utter delight. But I didnt stop there. We were to have many sexual adventures together.

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  I would love to hear ideas for the next installment, send me a message me with any. Also if any have fantasises you would like put in writing, let me know. . . .