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My name is Brenna Ghighi. I'm five foot four inches and I weigh 110 with dark hair and eyes. The first time I ever had sex was with my long time boyfriend, Matt Mettemeyer. Matt is five foot eleven and weighs around 135, with dark hair and eyes. When we first did it, we were both sixteen. It was the day of the prom, and of course we were going to go together. Our parents were both out of town, his with family and mine on business, so he rented a hotel room for the both of us. I guess I should have realized what he had in mind. We go to the dance and have a ton of fun. A lot of our friends have been having sex, and we always drew the line at making out. We get into the limo, and it drops us off at the hotel. He puts his hand around my waist and led me in. Matt came from a pretty wealthy family, so the room that we were in was very big with a king sized bed in the far corner. We made ourselves comfortable. I took the pins out of my bangs so that it fell into my face. I combed it back so that it just fell into dark elegant curls that I normally kept it in.

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   I changed out of my dress into tight jeans and a tan halter top that showed my curves. When I went back into the bedroom, Matt was laying on his back on the bed in just his tux pants and white shirt. He had taken off the black jacket and tie to relax. The tv was on just for some background noise. I laid next to him, and he kissed my forehead. "Do you want to watch a movie?" He asked. "Sure. " I said and smiled. He flipped the channel to a horror movie that was just starting. I played with his fingers for ten or so minutes, then felt him shift his position. I looked up, and he bent down and kissed me. Unlike the other times we kissed, he was a lot more aggresive this time. Using his tongue and lips to work me up to the bursting point. When he started kissing my neck so that I could breathe, I could feel his fingers touch the hem of my shirt. Before I knew it, he was lifting it over my head.

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   He put his hand on top of my bra to feel my boob and I let my hand slide down his flat stomach to rest on his croch. I could feel his hard cock pulsate through his pants. I unbuttoned his pants and he unsnapped my bra. We were kissing deeply and fondling each other as he pulled my pants off. Before I could slide his underwear off, he stopped me. "Are you sure you want to do this Brenna?" I looked at him for a minute. He looked back patiently, alowing me to think about it. After five seconds of consideration, I nodded, and he allowed me to slide his underwear off to reveal his long cock. He pulled my panties off, and slide down and put his head in between my legs. My hands gripped the head board as he licked and sucked my slit. He knew that I was building up to an orgasm so he stopped and leaned over me and started kissing me. He moved sideways and opened the bedside drawer where there was a stash of condoms. He opened one with his teeth and slid it on. When he bent over me again, I started getting nervous. I was still a virgin so there was going to be some pain involved.

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   We kissed, and I finally took a deep breath. "Put it in. " He looked down, and spread my legs with his hand. I felt the head touch my slit and I took a huge inhale in and held it. He looked at me. "I'm in position, are you ready?" I nodded. He took my hand in his, and he hesitated for a moment, then thrusted his hips. I sharp, hot stream of pain ran through my body. I arched my back and fought the urge to scream. Instead I just groaned. He kissed me. "Please don't move. " I groaned. He became a stone statue over me, and pretty soon the pain eased, and I started feeling more sensations of him being in me. "Okay, you can move now.

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  " I said. He started humping me, and it felt so good, even though there were still a few stabs of pain every now and then. As he moved, I could hear the bed creak along to his movements, and the headboard softly hit the wall. I looked at him. His eyes were closed, and he was moaning. My sensations were slowly building up, and by the time it rushed over the cliff, I moaned loudly and dug my fingernails into his back, which only seemed to make him cum faster. I could feel him moving and jerking inside me which only made me want him more. I sat up and took the full condom off. I put my mouth over his hard cock and he groaned. I moved my tongue around the head and then pushed him deep into my throat. He groaned and was breathing hard, and pretty soon he shot off a large load deep into my mouth which I swallowed without a problem. Even now it was the best sex i've ever had. .



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