My first time


Topic: My First TimeI was 18 years old, and always horny.   It seemed that I was always finding a place to masturbate.   I have always been bi, and been turned on by both males and females, though males turn me on more.
Anyways, we were just pulling up to our new house, and as usual I was extremely horny after the long drive and couldn't wait to get inside and masturbate.   As we pulled into the driveway, I noticed that across the street was a group of boys my age playing basketball, some in just shorts and sneakers, and the others wearing shirts. Man, they made me hot!  I quickly got out of the car and went to the bathroom, which looked out across the street - I quickly stripped and began stroking while watching the boys play basketball - oh man it was hot and I came hard and fast, shooting cum all over.  
For the next couple of days, that bathroom and view became my favorite masturbation spot, and I would go to the bathroom quite a bit and jack off while looking at the guys across the street.   It was so hot, I must have jacked 5-6 times daily.
One day it was very hot outside, and I was working on my bike in the garage, thinking of the guys I watched across the street.   I was wearing only a pair of old cut-offs, and my Nikes.   I was starting to get hard, when I heard a voice say "hey, whats up?  You are the new kid, right?  My name is Jerry".
I looked up and saw Jerry, who lived in the house across the street.   I blushed, images of me masturbating watching him quickly going through my head.   Jerry was 18 like me, and was on the skinny side, black hair, stunning blue eyes, and a great tan.

He was wearing a pair of gym shorts, tank top, and sneakers, and he looked sooooo hot!  I mumbled a quick "Hi, nicetomeetcha, I'm Andy" as I felt my cock stiffen.
We talked for a little bit, and I had quickly put on my large t-shirt to cover my buldge He was sooooo cute, all I could think of was masturbation and thinking of him.

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    He then asked if I wanted to go to his house and watch a movie, and I quickly agreed.
We went to the basement rec room, where they had a bigscreen tv and all sorts of electronic equipment.   Jerry smiled and asked me if I wanted to see something cool, and I quickly agreed, getting hard just watching him bend over the collection of tapes.   He grabbed a tape, and popped it into the vcr, and then sat down on the couch, and I sat down also.
The movie began playing, and it turned out to be a porno - Jerry told me he found it in his parents room, and it was very cool.   I stared at the screen, watching the guys cock slide in and out of the womans pussy, and watched her sucking on it, wishing I was the one sucking.   I glanced over at Jerry, and he was intently watching the move, with a buldge showing very clearly in his shorts.  
I was so horny, I reached over and lightly brushed his buldge - I couldnt beleive I was doing it but couldnt help it!  He looked up startled, his deep blue eyes wide.   I smiled, and he asked me what I was doing.
"uh, sorry, just wanted to see if you got hard like I am watching the movie" I said
"yep, I am" he said, "sometimes I jack while watching the movie too"
"wow, that is HOT" I replied, my mind whirling thinking of him jacking.   "do you mind if I jack?" I asked.
"sure, we both can, just dont tell anyone and its cool" Jerry replied.   Then he slipped off is shirt, slid down his shorts and boxers, and kicked off his shoes, and was sitting there completely naked, his cock standing straight up from the light pubic hair he had.   I was shocked, but also quickly stripped, my eyes on his cock as he stroked it.
We both sat there stroking for a minute, Jerry watching the movie intently.

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        I reached over and touched his cock, and he gasped. "WHat are you doing Andy?" he said.
    "I just wanted to stroke it for you" I said, blushing but hard as a rock.  
    "Are you gay or something? " he asked.  
    "Sort-of, you dont mind do you?" I said
    "I will let you stroke me, but you cant ever ever tell anyone or I will tell everyone you are gay" Jerry said, and spread his legs a bit more.
    I quickly started to stroke him with one hand as I fondled his balls with my other hand. He tilted his head back and closed his eyes and moaned quietly as I stroked him.   I was so horny by now, I bent over and licked the head of his cock.   Jerry's eyes popped open very wide as I licked his cock again
    "Wow, that feels soooooooo good, do it again" he said.   That was all I needed to hear, I began licking his cock up and down as Jerry moaned, and then I took his cock into my mouth and began sucking. He groaned louder, arching his back and began humping my mouth.   Suddendly, his body stiffened, and he thrust his cock even further into my mouth and groaned as he shot a huge load into my mouth. I had Jerry's cum in my mouth!  It was so much it was running out of my mouth, and I was loving it.
    "WOW!" Jerry said "damn, that felt so GOOD"
    I leaned back, stroking my cock. smiling.

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        "would you stroke me now Jerry?" I asked, hoping he would, my cock was throbbing so much.
    "No, I am not gay" he said, "but you can jack off if you like".   I thought for a minute, and then asked him if I could lick his bare feet as I jacked, since I had always loved feet.
    "Thats weird!" Jerry said, but agreed. I asked him to lay on his stomach and put his fee over the arm of the couch, soles facing up.   I quickly knelt down and began licking his bare soles, hearing him giggle and feeling his toes curl and twitch. I started sucking on his toes, when I shot my load all over the side of the couch with a big groan, it felt like gallons of cum were coming out of my cock!
    THat was my first time ever, and there are other stories I can share if you like. . . .



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