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Topic: my first timeMy first first time was when I was 18 I was 6’2 170 something pounds I had a 7” inch at the time. I had came home from school that Friday at the usual time at around 2:45 so I made myself something to eat and started watching TV on the couch it was now around 3:30. I got a little bored so I decided lets watch some porn so I got my laptop and started watching some porn and while on the couch I started to jack off. Close to my climax I saw something to the side of me in my neighbors yard spying on me from over  her fence (still in construction) so I got up snuck around back and saw the girl sitting there trying to figure out where I was. I then recognized the girl her name was georgette this hot girl at school who had a big crush on me. She was around 5’3 120 pounds and had C size breasts. She was wearing a yellow tank top which was really short and a white mini skirt and you could see the top of her thong it was black. I said “hi can I help you with something. ” “Oh so you could see me” she said. “Yea so would you like to come in” I replied. So I took her inside and she saw what was on the cpu and asked if we could watch some porn. So watched some porn for a good 18 minutes or so when she laid down with her head in my lap so I took my hand and started rubbing her thighs working my way up until I got to her panty went inside and started to slowly rubbing her clint. She said nothing and let out a little moan so I started to finger her for a little while and then she said “its your turn” she got up and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off while I took of my shirt.  
I was naked and she started to suck my dick like a porn star spitting on it and then started jerking the shaft while she put her mouth on and started to go up and down. I said “stop you little bitch im about to cum pull off your top so she took off her top and reveled her boobs she wasn’t wearing a bra so she started to suck my dick again I grabbed the back of her head pulled her forward and she started to deepthroat me then I cummed in her mouth and she swallowed most of it while a little dripped out.

I said “bitch you better lick that up while I smacked her softly in boobs with my dick.

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   She scooped up the rest of cum and swallowed it. I then started to play with her boobies sucking and squeezing her nipples. I then told her to take off her skirt I wanted to see her pussey. She pulled off her skirt and her thong which I took and put in my pants pocket. I said “so baby you ready to become a woman” I asked. She replied “yes give it to me baby. " she bent over and I smacked her ass a couple of times. Then I put my dick in her pussey. I could tell it was her first time as i broke through she started to scream and then I started to pound her, in and out in and out. Then she said "let me do some work lay down. I laid down on the couch and she put her pussey on my dick and started to go up down. She was facing me so I put my hands on her sides to direct. I then said why don't you call Kalie (one of her friends that I really liked. She was also 18 5'6 around 120 something pounds and had some nice B cup's. ) She said "That's not a bad idea.

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  " still riding me she got her phone out of her skirt and called her. I then heard "Hello Kalie come to Shaun's house" she said while giving out quiet moans. I couldn't hear what Kalie was saying but I heard Georgette say "Ok see you in a little bit". Georgette rode me a little longer then I said "I need to bust" so she got off me got on her knees and sucked my dick until I cummed in her mouth. She drank all of it this time. I then went to the bathroom she followed me in and said "I've tasted your cum now I want to taste your piss. So she got back on her knees and I pissed right in her mouth making sure not to miss I got all of it her mouth. So we went back to the couch and I sucked on her titties until we heard the doorbell. We both went to the door naked. I answered the and heard a loud gasp. She then came in she was wearing clothes like she normally wore. She wore a purple long sleeve shirt that showed the top of her cleavage and black skinny jeans. I told her "you know why your hear right". She nodded and walked towards me got on her knees and started to suck on my still hard cock. She was also like a porn star spitting on it and what not.

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   I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her forward making her gag on my cock. I cummed in her mouth, and she swallowed just a little most fell out. I smacked her in her face with my cock and said clean that up and swallow it and of course she did.  
Georgette locked the door and all of us went back into the room where me and Georgette were. I told Kalie "Get naked I want to see your titties". She took off her shirt first. reveling a a polka dot bra. The pattern looked familiar, she then took off her jeans showing a matching thong that I recognized right away it was the thong I saw on her the first time one day back in class. "Those look nice im keeping them" I said. Taking them off and putting them in my pocket too. I procedded to her bra unbuttoning it. I lifted her up and put her on my cock as i broke through she started to scream. I then started bouncing her up and down. Georgette went into the kitchen and got a  dough roller and stuck it up her ass. Kalie started to scream.

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   So I took her off my cock and got her on all fours and started to go at her again harder and faster taking my right hand and doing what Georgette did with the dough roller. Gerogette went to her skirt and pulled out a dildo and put it Kalies mouth so she couldn't even scream. Kalie was cumming as I pulled out. I ran over to her face pushed Georgette aside and put my dick in her mouth and cummed she made sure she swallowed all of it this time. I had to go pee again Georgette was coming but Kalie wasn't so Georgette had to force her as I got in I let out long piss this time not even being careful I got most of it on the 2 of them and spilled some. I stopped and said clean this up or else and smacked them each on there faces with my cock. as they started lick and wipe it up I turned on the shower. We took a shower together I made them rub me down as I did the same for them. We got out and got dressed. It was now 4:45. I told them to start making out and they did. I took some pictures and they made out until around 5:15 when Kalie's mom picked them up. I gave them one more parting gift smacking each of there asses I could tell they got a small tingle on there pantyless asses.