My first time. a must read.


it was in the middle of June and i was playing football outside in the street, and alex wlked past me, going to her house. she said "hi" and i replied. i had fancied her for ages, she was beautiful. 34DD tits and an athletic body. FINE!! i had been told tht she too liked me. i walked towards her n asked if she was as bored as me. i quickly put my hand on the front of her pants. i could feel the heat frm her pussy. she smiled, n said she was but 1 of her girl friends were coming round, so she was goin to have a shower. i wanted her soo badly n i fink she wanted me, so i gently slapped her on the pussy through her pants, she moaned a little. she asked if i wanted to come inside her house. of course i agreed. we walked into the kitchen and she asked if i wanted a drink. i said yes, i was standing against the work top n she walked towards me, she stradled my legs and we locked lips, our tongues exploring each others mouths. i quickly picked her up by the hips and carried her over to the table still locked in a passionate kiss. i culd feel her tits pressing against my chest.

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   i was hard as a rock by this point, she was soo sexy. she bent back n pulled off her pants, revealing her glistening pussy. OMG watta sight! i knelt dwn n burried my face in her pussy. sucking and biting her clit. she strted to moan. i forced my tongue into her pussy. tht was it, she exploded al over my face, pussy juice going everywhere. it was soo sweet. yum! we realised tht her friend wuld be here in 18 mins, we didnt know wat to do, i wanted to fuck her soo badly n she wanted to feel my cock inside of her. i knelt dwn with my bak to her, so i culd carry her upstairs on my bak. as i walked up the stairs i culd feel her hot pussy juices on my bak. i put her down at the top of the stairs n we locked in a kiss. the door bell rang, her freind was erli. shit! she told me to hide in her mothers room, she put on a dressing gown n went to the door. her friend sed "hello and with a suprised expression looked her up and down.

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   " wat r u up2"she replied "er er nothing"her friend, jessica, was an absolute beauty, she had long blonde hair n the most perfect tits. jessica replied " I DNT FINK SO! i can smell pussy juices. let me in now" she stormed inalex replied " ok i have a lad in the house"the 2 of them walked up the stairs n came into her bedroom wher i was hiding. "ooo can i join in" sed jessicahow could i refuse. i was still desparate to slam my dick in alex. jessica wlked over to me n unzipped my jeans, my dik flopped out. she began to suck, omg watta feeling, i was instantly erect. i slowly took off her top n pulled down her jeans revealing her most amazing tits n her clean shaven pussy. Alex was getting jealous, she stradled my dick and sat straight down. her pussy was so tight. i was pushed dwn n before i culd do anyfin about it jessica sat on my face. i began to devour her sweet pussy.
    Alex was ridin me now, moving faster and faster, swaying back and forth. i licked jessica's pussy until she came all over my face. her juices were even nicer than alex's.

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       as this happened i felt alex's muscles deep in her pussy tighten and she exploded al over my dik. i culdnt much longer and i warned her i about to cum. she got off me and to my surpirse, jessica swivled on my face keeping her pussy in contact wiv my tongue and began sucking my dik. we were in a 69er whilse waiting fot alex to recover frm her orgasm. me n jessica both came at the sme time, she screamed out in extasy. jessica got up, and positioned herself in a doggy position. i pushed my dik deep into her alredi wel lubricated pussy. she moaned. alez then postioned herslef under my dik and jessicas pussy. she began to suck my balls and suck jessicas clit alternatly. "oh yes, harder FASTER" FUCK ME"i culdnt complain i began to ram into her pussy with great force. she blew once agen al over my dik n alexs face. god did time fly wen we were havin fun. jessica realised she had to be home and quickly got changed and left. leaving me with alex and we were still both horny fuckers.

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       i continued fucking her brains out, until we were both to exhausted to continue. omg watta day. we decided to meet agen sumtime. (this is my first story, if i get gd feedback i will continue).