My First sexual Experience Part 1 True story


(True story)

First, let me tell you a bit about myself now. I am a 43 year old happerly married mother of two teenage kids, 18 year old boy and a 18 year old girl, and I love them dearly.

Now who I was. When I was growing up we lived in a very religious household. I was the youngest of three girls my oldest sister is 18 months older then my twin sister and I. My twin is 20 min older then I and also prettier, she had straight teeth and slightly better features, don't get me wrong I'm not ugly but she was a bit prettier so she got a little more maleattention. When I was 12 we were made to go to Sunday School every week, It was run bya nice couple Jan and Ian who were very close friends with my parents so we could never muck around much with out my parents finding out.

One week the lesson was on sex, how we were to keep our selves pure until marriage and so forth. My sister and I were already maturing and curios about boys andhad let a few boys see and touch my boobs for a look at their cocks, more just mucking around more then any thing. This week in class I asked a question whether it was OK to kiss and touch boys without breaking our vow, Jan quickly jumped in and said NO it wasn't and then moved on to another subject. After class My twin said to me that it was a silly question because Jan and Ian would tell Mum and Dad and I would get in trouble. Oh No I thought.

I made a decision to talk to Jan before she meet my parents and beg her not to tell my parents so I watched them during church until they were alone. Just before the end they got up and walked out together, my chance so Ifollowed them, Jan went into the kitchen where other ladies were but Ian went out side by himself so I followed him. I pleaded with him not to tell my parents and he agreed and said that he would tell Jan as well. He then went on to say that the answer that Jan gave me was not entirely true and that if I was interested he could tell me more about it, I was so agreed to meet him in the park early the next morning on the way to school.



The next morning I got up early told my sisters and Mum that I wanted to study at school and left early, I walked to the park and found Ian in his car in a deserted part of the car park. I hoped in his carand he asked if I had told anyone I was coming, I said no because I was embarrassed for not knowing. He told me not to tell anyone because he was concerned that my parents would be upset with him, I owed him so agreed. He told me the bible only says that vaginal sex isn't allowed and that there are other ways to have sex that are allowed. This was great I thought and asked what they were. Ian said that they are oral and anal and they were very tricky to learn, "can you teach me" I asked, "I can try but it would be much easier to show you" a pause "how old are you" " 12 turning 18 in two months" I answered"you are still to young maybe in a few years". To me this was a challenge, I always wanted to have things my sisters didn't so I begged him. After a short time he gave in and agreed, " this takes a bit of time will you meet me regularly" , "yes yes yes' I replied.

"OK then I want you to undo my pants, reach in and take my dick out" "you want me to touch it" this made me excited having seen a few cocks but never getting to touch one, "yes, then i want you to take your dress off" I did as he said amazed at how much larger his dick was compared to the boys I had seen. I was now sitting there in my bra and panties, I was a skinny girl with only small tits which I was a bit conscious of. He reached across and ran his hand up my side stopping when he reached my boobs, slowly he slid his hand over my bra then slipped it behind the fabric so he was rubbing my tit. I got goose bumps, it felt so strange to have someone else touch me there. He flicked my bra done so my boobs were exposed, " you like how that feels" "Yes I do" I replied " then I want you to rub your hand up and down my dick" I reached across and wrapped my hand around it and moved it up and down. I felt his cock go hard in my hand what a feeling that was (still love it now). Without stopping rubbing my nipple with his other hand he grabbed my hand on his cock and tightened my grip and pumped it faster.

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   "Don't be shy grip it tight and move faster" I could feel his cock go rock hard and a funny tingle was going over my body.

" OK I want you to put your head in my lap and lick my dick" with that he lowed his seat back till he was Nealy laying. I put my face down to his cock, I could smell what I have learned is the distinctive smell of precum. I licked his cock, it didn't taste bad but was salty but I was feeling tingly and wanted to taste it so I kept going. "MMMM That feel good, I want you to take the whole thing in to your mouth now as much as you can get into your mouth" At this point I was keen, Ian was pinching my tits again and rubbing the side off my hip, it was an amazing feeling and i didn't want him to stop. I put my mouth over the head of his cock, It seemed so big then but I have come to learn it was about 5 and a half inches.

I took as much in my mouth as possible, " you need to go down further closer to my balls" Ian said, I tried but couldn't do it as he wanted. Ian was now sliding his free hand into my panties brushing over my crack, I was so worked up I wanted him to touch me more. I was sliding up and down his cock when he grabbed my head and forced it down on to his cock. He kept pushing my head down forcing his cock into the back of my throat, I started to gag and cough panicking at the same time. He released me and I came up coughing and crying, " sorry to do that but you have to learn to do it properly" I don't want to do it anymore i said " "OK OK I'm sorry but you need to learn the right way" Ian said. " He reached over me and dropped my seat so it was laying as well, "turn over and lay face down on the seat" I hesitated but did as he said when he threatened to stop teaching me. when I was in position he come in behind me and pulled my panties down and off one leg, I was nearly naked except for my shoes and sock. He rubbed my ass and slipped his hand between my legs which sent a shiver up my spine.

"OK I want you to push against me " Ian said as I felt his finger rub my ass hole, a bit of pressure,a bit more then pop it slipped in.

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   Ian had a finger up my ass and it hurt a lot. "Stop Stop It hurts" I said, but he didn't. It felt so uncomfortable and hurt but he kept going "relax Ann it wont hurt as much"I tried but It still hurt. After a couple of minutes he stopped and removed his finger, "You need to relax" Ian said then I felt the head of his cock at my ass. He pushed in trying to get it in but I was to tight. I screamed in pain but he kept pushing until the sound of my screams upset him. "maybe to much to soon"Ian said going back to his own seat. "I'm sorry I was a bit rough but you are so sexy I want you to be the best you can be" I turned over and looked at him, my eyes and cheeks wet from tears. "Give me your panties" he said. I didn't know why but I did then he took my hand again and made me pull his cock till he spurted his cum all over my panties. That was the funniest thing I had ever seen all the cum blow out, he wiped his cock with my panties then handed them back. "You better get you uniform on or you are going to late" I pulled my dress on then looked at my panties soaked with his cum, Not knowing what to do I put them in my school bag.

Ian drove me to school dropping me where no one could see us, " I'm going to be there every day will you come back", "I don't know "I replied got out of the car and went to school without panties the first of many times.



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