My Eighteenth Birthday


Almost twenty people showed up to witness Sandra enter into adulthood. She made her entrance walking down her mother's spiral stair case wearing a long pink dress which hung off her slender shoulders. Her hair was drawn up on top of her head with ringlets trickling down. Her dark hair shown in the sun light seeping through the hallway window. As she turned the finally curve of the stairs with the window behind her I could see the outline of her legs through her dress. I felt a twitch go through my pants picturing what she would look like totally nude. I couldn't wait to get this girl all to myself and give her the best present she would ever get. The party lasted five hours and it took about an hour after that for everyone else to leave except for me, her brother and her mom. We were the clean up crew. I went a grabbed the vacuum while the others picked up the paper plates and garbage. As I motored around the room Sandra kept coming up behind me and pinching my butt. Every time she touched me I felt an electric pulse run straight through my already half hardened love muscle. I could tell by the playful look in her eyes she was as excited about receiving my gift as I was to give it to her.

Year after year I told her 'Wait till you turn eighteen', well here it is and she wanted what I had promised her over and over again.
"Well I have to get going", I announced.
"Do you have to leave so early Frank, stay around and enjoy some dinner with us.

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  " Sandra's mother suggested in a loving tone.
"Sorry Mrs. Kellar, my mom wants me to pick up some stuff at the store for her. I'd love to stay though if I could", I looked toward Sandra as I responded to her mother, trying to hint for her to meet me at the store, I'd have to see if she actually picked up on it.
When I got to the store I took my time walking around, picking out a loaf of bread, a package of wieners and a box of condoms. As I made my way to the cashier I spotted Sandra peeking into the store then stepping back outside after throwing me one of her sexy, devious smiles. I paid for my goodies and made my way out to my car, where I seen Sandra tucked away in my back seat, hiding from any chance of being seen by one of her mother's friends. I was already thinking of the fun we were going to have back at my place. I was craving that tight, virginal cherry between her legs, and running my fingers through her dark hair while she licked my lolly pop.

    It only took me about fifteen minutes to drive home. We jumped out of the car and ran for my door. We entered the house in a frenzy of hormonal excitement. I gripped Sandra by the hand and lead her into my bedroom where we ripped at each other's clothes. She fell onto the bed behind her as I lowered myself down to my knees to get a birds eye view of her virginal mound. Her flavour danced on my tounge, as I moved it up and down sending her into a moaning frenzy.

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       I felt her fingers wrap into my hair tighter and tighter as her body tensed to my touch.
    Sandra took the condom out of its wrapper rolling it down over my eager muscle. Then placing her hand on my chest, pushed me down onto the bed and proceeded to craw up to straddle my waist. Slowly she brought her wetness down to accept my member with a wanting desire. Her face showed her intense yearning as I brought my hips up to fill her to the max. Her breasts were taut and her nipples stiff from the excitement as I ran my hands from her hips up to her neck pulling her down to kiss her firmly, shoving my tounge deep within mouth. Her tight grip on me sent me into early explosion.
    She was the sweetest and tightest thing I had ever shanked.